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so far this ginger and his guitar has played to three sold-out crowds
at Madison Square Garden
dropped two albums, 14 ep's and 24 singles
what can we say we found love when we first heard the stunning voice and
beautiful lyrics of Ed Sheeran
but a lot happened before he took his guitar and lyrics international
it's time to take it back now because this is the
evolution of Ed Sheeran
Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in Hebden Bridge a market town in Calderdale
near halifax west yorkshire baby Ed moved with his older brother Matthew and
parents John and Imogen to Framlingham in Suffolk
art ran in Eds blood, his father a lecturer and art curator and Mom a jewelry designer
after working as a culture publicist
by 4 Ed was singing his heart out in a local church choir
and also learned how to play guitar at a young age
yeah he was an impressive kid but also pretty weird, that is according to him
I was a weird kid one of the things well now what if that works for you and I was
really strange i didn't have many friends from school
stop it but the popular kids in private school and now i'm not really doing that
well it's not funny how that turns out like that
yeah it's good it's good it's good I think if you're a weird kid you grow up
to be an interesting adult
by the time he was attending Thomas mills high school
Ed was writing songs, he released his first collection of tunes Spinning Man in 2004
it could have been the influence of friend michael david rosenberg
or as you may know him now, Passenger
who he's been buddies with since she was 15
to think what the friendship would one day amount to
I like the way you work it
no diggity
I've got bag it up - bag it up now
I like the way you work it
No Diggity, Ive got to bag it up
she's got class and style and balanced by the pound
shorty never act wild, very low key on the profile
catching feelings is a no let me tell you how it go
herb's the word, spin's the verb lovers in curves so freak what ya heard
at 16, Ed dropped out and moved to London
it was an interesting time for Ed
I moved out of home at 16 and I've been on the road
for almost 10 years now I've sampled everything you need to sample
like, I'm good
while in London, he played small venues in attempts to chase a music career
do you let me be
as if I wasn't there
perfect the concept from any regrets
not another couple based on teen sex I was just like you we couldn't be torn
apart you see we were just like glue
and its you
according to Ed it was this time in London that he want to turn back time to
the first year of living in London and doing a gig doing gigs there just
because I just got out of school and the girl that most the songs are about on the record
i was with her at the time and that was just like probably one of the best years
on his route to making it big in music he even tried his hand at acting
auditioning for ITV's Britannia High
40 of you standing here
from all the best drama schools and stage school throughout the country
what we need the people that can be stars on the television stars in the pop
charts and stars in arenas
in 2010 Ed went on sbtv
down break it down thinking of making a new sound playing for sbtv for the new
crowd that's you know child seems the thumb is great now you see me do is
focus as I sing to you loud, no i cant
no I wont hush, I say the words and make you blush
which got him the attention of rapper example
you know its finger lickin and I'm gonna pass it over to example
he's gonna freestyle and he's gonna show you how he do
chicken wings they're my favorite things and I love to sing
I say chicken
chicken wing
if you give me them I will eat them tings, yo
he dropped his EP Loose Change in the same month
which ended up paying off in ways he couldn't have imagined
considering it was the EP that featured that little single we like to call the eighteen
cool girl, no phone
they say, she's in the class eighteen
stuck in her daydream
been this way since eighteen, but lately her
face seems slowly sinking, wasting
crumbling like pastries
they scream, the worst things in life come free to us
cause we're just, under the upper hand
I'll go mad for a couple grams
but she don't wanna go outside, tonight
by April that year Sheeran had bought a ticket to LA with zero contacts
and ended up staying on Jamie Foxx's couch
I didn't get off the plane and get a cab to his house though like it was, it
was a bit of a different situation I'd already lived on different people's couches
for about a month before that
and how did you guys cross paths?
through the sirius XM radio show i met his manager when i played his venue the fox hole
his manager was like come on the show
so I did the show and then he gave me his email and yeah
there was some dodgyness as well
involving some other people so i had to escape that which is why i went to his house
it was with his 2011 EP number 5 collaborations project that caught the eye
of his future manager Elton John the EP gained him massive mainstream success
without any promotion or label selling over seven thousand copies in its first
reaching number two on itunes three months after the EP's release over 1,000
fans turned up to ed's free show at the bar fly in camden town
he signed with Asylum Records a month later
in September of that year
Ed dropped his debut album Plus, which debuted at number one on the UK albums
chart and sold over 100,000 copies
Ed also dropped his tune off the record The A Team as a single
it's since been certified platinum six times in the UK and landed him the
Ivor Novello Award for Best Song musically and lyrically
it was also 2011's best-selling debut single with over 800,000 copies
a year later he accepted the brit award for best british male solo artist and
british breakthrough act
I didn't think I'd get this one so i just want to thank you
let me see if I remember my family who are here tonight my friends my fans every single
promoter that's ever booked me
every single label
I know every single radio DJ that's ever played me and my label
I'm really bad at this thank you
it was all uphill for him since then going on
to appear on taylor swift's red tour after recording everything has changed
with the pop star for the album
in 2014 Ed dropped his sophomore Multiply
we're sensing a math theme here
which nabbed the number one spot in the UK and the US
how did he do it all?
I've always had an ethos of just working at harder
than anyone else that I admire and respect and trying to portray
and be nice
my dad always told me to choose someone you admire and work harder than them
and be nicer and so when I signed to atlantic records
I saw that James Blunt had sold 10 million records of Back to Bedlam and so I said to
Atlantic Records i want his diary of that year and so I took the diary of
everything he'd done that year and we doubled it so we took did everything he
did plus twice as much work as hard
yeah and we ended up selling half as much but then on this record we sold more
it was in 2015 that multiply earned Ed the honor of brit award for
album of the year
the same year he accepted the Ivor Novello Award for songwriter of the year
thank you so much for this
I was really worried about this album and making it took a long time to make
and to be happy with it and I didn't expect this
of course he also has a few grammys under his belt winning 2 for his single thinking out loud
you know that song makes you cry every single time
so honey now
take me into your lovin arms
kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
place your hand on my beating heart
thinking out loud
maybe we found love right where we are
the best part about all the success? the independence
really excited about it, like the best thing about having successful albums off your own
back is you start to get less and less people giving you an input of what you
have to do like on my first record
there was a lot of people telling me what they thought i should do
and I would listen to them because it's my first record and I don't know what to do
but now I've got to a point where I've done so many things off my own back that
I'm now allowed to do whatever I want to do which is nice because there's no
there's no one telling you what songs to put on your album
Ed is also a known songwriter for other acts most notably he's written a handful
of songs for boy band One Direction including their ballad Moments
so we asked the band when we interviewed them a month ago just out of the blue
who would be the sixth member of One Direction and they were adamant about
having you as a member of One Direction - I'm thinking red-haired man - so am I
let's go with him
do you guys know Ed Sheeran? he's a big artists in in the
UK at the moment
Ginger guy just stands there him and a guitar and he's got one of the best voices you'll ever hear
there's also that little ditty Love Yourself he wrote for Justin Bieber
that being said no one can cover songs quite like Ed
give all you got
just hit the spot, get my girls
get your boys, gonna make some noise
gonna get rowdy, gonna get a little unruly
get it fired up and, hurry
want to get dirty it's about time, but I came to start the party, sweat drippin over my body
dancing, getting just a little, naughty
want to get dirty, it's about time for my arrival
he's performed with Beyonce, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, and more
what can we say he's the whole package which is why it makes sense that he set
up his own label gingerbread man records in 2015
so far he signed Jamie Lawson and Foy Vance you know you know you know what
you know what it's like you have a playlist given to you that is full of music that is good
in it's own right but you are not necessarily a fan of
if someone said to you you can choose these people are on radio it's quite a cool
thing so for me to be able to take an act that I love take it in here and then
you play it and I hear it on radio
that's awesome because i'm hearing stuff that im a fan of on the radio
the same year Ed famously performed three sold-out concerts at wembley
stadium in london while on his world tour
the concert was filmed an aired as an hour special on NBC and was released as
a concert movie
Ed is also extremely charitable he's raised money for give it up for 125
raised funds to help street sex workers and regularly gives bags of cloths to local
charities in Suffolk his home county
it's no wonder why everyone wants to live in a lego house with the ginger
Jesus charitable wise beyond his years and always blessing us with tear
inducing relatable music ed Sheeran is one of a kind honors topping charts and
selling out massive stadiums armed with his guitar
there's nothing that Ed can't do
let us know in the comments below who you'd like us to cover next please like share and subscribe for more of your favorite
celebrities life stories
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Ed Sheeran: His Life Story

746 Folder Collection
Akane published on July 2, 2017
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