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Alright, it’s me Ed Sheeran innit… I’m just sitting here, trying to write another
hit song, just generally trying to be, y'know, creative and all that. Thought I’d draw my life for you
guys while I’m waiting for some inspiration... This is just kind of what I do mostly, sit
around and wait for something to write about. I’m always writing songs, I’ve got too
many songs in fact, sometimes I just give them away. Like that One Direction song Little Things,
that was me. I’ve written some songs for Taylor Swift, Christina Perri and loads of others
as well. I’m just a nice bloke like that, I guess... But I can’t really think of anything to
write about now... I usually just write about the stuff around me…. like right now...
eh... I see fire, photographs, a lego house... But nah... probably nothing in those, probably not a single song in
any of them, I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud here. WAIT…. Ed you’ve done it
Anyway, I was born in Halifax in the UK on February 17th 1991. My dad John was an
art curator and my mum Imogen? She was a jewelry designer. You can probably guess that music was a
big part of my childhood. I’ve got an older brother Matthew, growing up we both wanted
to be musicians. He’s a classical music composer now... and a bitter and resentful
Ed Sheeran tribute act. Just kidding, love you Bro! I started playing musical instruments
as soon as I could stand, piano, guitar, drums… I had plenty of time to get good at them too,
well I was a ginger kid with glasses who kept singing to himself... I didn’t exactly have friends
around me. One of the first concerts I went to was the Irish singer songwriter Damien
Rice when I was 11. I met him after the show and he told me I should start writing songs
of my own. The next day I did exactly that. Turned out to be good advice. I saw Damien recently…
on my way to one of my sell out tours, while I was driving my convertible, he was busking
on a street corner. I threw him a couple of quid, which he seemed pleased about, but he was kind
of angry when he realized what a success I had become. I said I didn't order the Sweet
and Sour Rice! Get it… Damien Rice. I’m just kidding, love you Damien! That’s just
one of my legendary Sheeran shenanigans… and people say I’m boring.
I recorded my first EP The Orange Room when I was 14, it featured all the songs I had
written over the previous two years and was about all the trials and tribulations I had
faced in my life up to that point… it was mostly about girls… and being ginger. A
couple years later I moved to London to join the live music circuit, I did over 300 gigs
in one year. I was attracted to the bright lights of the big city… but they turned
out to be pretty annoying while I was trying to sleep rough after gigs. I used to play
a show and if I couldn’t find a couch to crash on I’d try and sleep on public transport,
before getting up and doing it all over again the next night. I uploaded some of my videos
to YouTube and eventually I got noticed by the English rapper Example, he really kickstarted
my career by inviting me to tour with him. In 2010 I bought a ticket to LA and started
to play open mic nights in the windy apple. Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx heard me and
he invited me to stay at his house and use his recording studio. I kept releasing my
records independently and I was in the iTunes chart before I even had a label. You know,
like the way the music industry used to work before American Idol and X Factor and all that happened.
In 2011 I eventually signed with a record label and released my monster hit A Team which propelled
me into the music mainstream around the world. I’ve not looked back since, my albums ÷
and x have gone on to sell millions of copies. I’ve come a long way from sleeping rough in London,
now I’m kicking it with Elton John, Harry Styles, and you know you’ve
made it in America when you get the seal of approval from the most powerful person in
the free world… Taylor Swift. And no, before you ask, there’s nothing going on there.
Lonely old Ed… Probably for the best anyway, could you imagine if we broke up… she’d
write a sad breakup album, then I’d write a lonely breakup album. Then she’d write
a revengeful post post breakup album all about my breakup album…. We’d never be out of
the charts... I should really get on that actually.
When it comes to relationships it's been a pretty rocky road for poor old teddy bear.
I thought I found a special starry eyed someone, but it turned out she needed more than just
one D to satisfy her. He can have her, that's fine, I reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn anyway.
One of these days I’ll find somebody… but then what will I write songs about? I’ll
probably just stick to smoking and getting drunk for now, I’ve certainly enjoyed myself
so far. Sometimes maybe a little too much… which might explain why I’ve got a tattoo
of a Ketchup bottle. What else? Oh, I’ve won Brit Awards, an
MTV VMA award and two Ivor Novello Awards, but my prize possession?... my Nandos black
card. I also learnt how to play the violin in a day for the soundtrack to the Hobbit
movie. That was my Draw My Life, thanks for watching Sheerios, there's a whole lot of
good in those little O’s. Don’t forget to subscribe and click here to watch Taylor’s
Draw My Life which probably isn't as good...
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Ed Sheeran | Draw My Life

11048 Folder Collection
wigglerwiggler published on July 27, 2017    Gloria Ting translated    Kiara reviewed
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