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We are on a mission
doing a social experiment
to see if we can get around
downtown Taipei
without a word of Mandarin
is it possible to get a map?
for the subway
no sorry no
No? There's no map?
and is there ah~
map go to another station
this station no map
this station no map
maybe go to another station
maybe have maps
which station you wanna go?
um I just want to get to the city hall
city hall
Blue BL
Oh okay
the blue line
alright thank you so much
Hi sorry excuse me
where can I get the taxi?
the cab
So basement down
do I take the elevator?
or do I take the...
go straight and you can see the elevator
oh okay thank you
Hi excuse me
I'm just wondering
where the Howard Plaza Hotel is
is it this way?
Do you have Google map?
This is Google map,
but I wasn't sure which way I should go
So I think we are at the blue dot
It's ok I use mine
Thank you
so sorry
Yes, it's this way
and then
the big road
Okay the big intersection
Is it far though?
Is it five minutes walk?
or 20 minutes?
Yea about five to ten minutes
Ok thank you so much
Thank you! Have a great day!
Sorry excuse me
Do you happen to know where the subway is?
The metro?
The train?
She is looking for the MRT (Mandarin Chinese)
How do you say traffic light? (Mandarin Chinese)
traffic light (Mandarin Chinese)
red yellow green
Do I go straight here?
Yes that's the big
the intersection?
Okay turn left
So I go straight hit the road and turn left
yea yea yea
Head straight,
turn left,
and go around
and you will
you will see
Okay I will see the sign
thank you so much
Hello (Mandarin Chinese)
Are these all the...
Oh, ok
What would you like to drink?
I'm looking for
green tea?
Our #1 is milk tea
How about you try this
Oh smells really pungent
Green tea
Okay these are all green tea
and that one was
which one sorry?
That one was...
that tube
which one
was this
like on the menu
We just smell
oh we smell them!
oh that's really cool
okay um
are there other green tea?
you want green tea?
this #1
yea that was the one I smelled right?
you want this?
sure I will take that
can I have a pork bun?
yea of course
just one?
yea just one
sorry I just want to try it
if you like it
we have cabbage
and leek
and for sweet flavours
we have red bean
oh there are also sweet ones
I will just take the cabbage?
whatever that's signature here
one or two?
just one
yep thank you
NT$16 (= US$0.50)
talk about real life social experiment
are you impressed?
Because I was able to get
pork cabbage bun
and a cup of green tea
so delicious
without a word of Mandarin
I think this
calls for a toast
I know you will be heading to Taiwan in no time
now pack your bags
all these yummies
doesn't wait
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Do They Speak English In Taiwan? 台北人英文超強?

561816 Folder Collection
車車 published on October 17, 2017
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