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- Hi ladies and oh...
- You should do a real reaction first.
- What real reaction? This is the real one. - Guys...
- We just woke up, yeah, and now we are at this breakfast stall.
- Nothing special, gonna have some pancakes then we will depart.
- And there's Vietnam coffee.
- Come, come. Let's do a fake one, fake one.
- It's fake reaction, fake.
- Hey Ladies and Gentlemen ~~~
- Welcome to Gongliao district and behind me is the East-West breakfast.
- Now we are here. Today is day 7, week 1!
- Oh yeah! - There's only two weeks.
- Day...
- Day number 7, and the first meal we're gonna have is a breakfast.
- Obviously. - Vietnam coffee!
- And we're gonna eat here, in Gongliao district. It is East-West breakfast.
- Let's go!
- Sometimes when you drink from straws like this, you have to check.
- For like, spiders inside, or what.
- Serious [BLEEP]?
- Serious, I'm not lying. [BLEEP] hell, been there done that, understand or not?
- You're so dumb. You're dumb.
- Take the transparent ones.
- Oh my god we're going to the beach now!
- We are now heading to...
- Fulong beach!
- Talk, talk, talk, talk...
- Oh yeah! Hi guys, now we are here on Fulong Beach and...
- Hey brother... - Okay, okay!
- Restart!
- We are now here on Fulong Beach in...
- Which district?
- Gongliao district. - In Fulong.
- Okay, the view is really quite amazing. But the fact that we have to pay 40NT to come in is like what the [BLEEP].
- This is the first time ever in my life, that I pay money to go to a freaking beach you know?
- But then anyway...
- Let's just go check it out lah.
- The water is quite dirty here. - Yeah that's why.
- Later when we go to Yilan, the water there will be clean already.
- Say only.
- You told me this beach is [BLEEP] beautiful.
- [BLEEP] I didn't say that. - What did you say during breakfast?!
- I said this beach is one of the popular ones. Understand or not?
- Wow so popular! - You see the camera died, because of you.
- As you can see, the clouds.
- [BLEEP] dirty, this beach. You can see there's rubbish all around.
- What, what happened, what's that?
- I'm sorry bro.
- Wasted $2, of my Singapore $2 man.
- Totally, so angry.
- Dumb beach!
- Oh you see, the beach! It's very beautiful!
- You must see it! There's a bridge at the beach!
- Bridge? [BLEEP] your stupid bridge!
- Bridge?!
- Why aren't the stores opened? And it still cost 40NT to enter?
- There are tons of rubbish!
- We just finished a countdown event.
- And there are people fishing here too.
- It's normal for them to fish.
- You talk too much, should have just asked for a refund.
- So yup, that's it guys. Fulong beach. There's nothing much.
- There's nothing, actually. The view is okay, but I don't think it's worth 40NT. - Stop lying to yourself.
- No, the view is nice! The far view, not the close up ones.
- You go to any beach, you go to Sentosa you see far far away, it's still empty, can't see anything.
- [BLEEP] there are mountains here.
- [BLEEP] we have Bukit Timah hill in Singapore.
- How can you see Bukit Timah hill from Sentosa?
- We have Mount Faber.
- See Mount Faber from Sentosa?
- Okay...
- Hello everyone, we are at... - Are you looking for the name?
- No, I suddenly forget what's the name of the waterfall already.
- Wu...
- Feng. - Wu Feng Ci - Chi.
- Wu Feng Ci. - Chi!
- Just say it's a waterfall.
- Basically, this is the second waterfall lah.
- In, Yilan.
- Yeah man, wow, clever.
- But then, the weather freaking hot now.
- Doesn't feel like it's winter huh?
- Huh?
- Oh yeah, oh yeah. Correct, correct.
- Are you okay or not? - It's winter.
- The waterfall is at the end.
- This one, they called it the scenic, scenic park.
- So now we are at the bottom of the waterfall.
- Where's the waterfall?
- How long to get there?
- 10 minutes.
- Ahhh... 10 minutes?!
- Camera mode on, baby!
- Why am I shouting like a sheep?
- Finally.
- We have reached...
- The waterfall.
- Please look.
- Nice or not, waterfall.
- Still can wash hand.
- You sure or not, maybe this one, they pee it in or what?
- Waterfall is here.
- Be good, be good, little blackie. - Where is the waterfall?
- Be good little blackie.
- It's it far? - No, it's 3 minutes from here.
- Oh, we're almost there.
- What flavors of ice-cream do they have?
- What flavors do you have here?
- Yam, Pineapple and Red Bean.
- But, but, but then...
- Don't waste this.
- This guy, cheapskate.
- No parsley please.
- Hey, dropped on the floor. How? - Don't waste this.
- These are privileges for the ants.
- Whoa, power.
- There's more.
- Thank you. - This guy, last warning.
- Look at this man, all peanuts. Understand or not?
- Next time if you want to open a food business in Taiwan, make sure you don't let this guy in.
- No, I patronize.
- Patronize, is a good thing right?
- Yeah, did you pay money?
- Of course.
- Check this out!
- It's the most amazing! We have finally reached it!
- It's the, Waterfall!
- You've got scammed! Dumb [BLEEP]!
- Hey! Hello!
- Hey, you're also here?
- You three came together? - Yes, yes.
- Oh, I came alone.
- I came to countdown alone too.
- I like it alone. Backpacker style.
- Alone everywhere.
- My friends are nonexistent.
- This is the lonely style.
- Suddenly silent, then he paranoid.
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Where to go in Taiwan? Wufengchi Waterfalls in Yilan County | Taiwan #22

2053 Folder Collection
toni published on June 7, 2017
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