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I've travelled all around Europe but in fact I prefer Greece
For me Greece it's a little bit paradise on earth
It's a wonderful country
You know I've travelled before but I've never seen something like this you know it's beautiful it's island it's crazy
This is the perfect summer holiday destination to come to
One of the most beautiful places I've been in my entire life
This is the best vacation spot that you can ever dream of
Sea is lovely, the beach is lovely
Il mare the sea of course
I adore the sea
I love it uhm it's very peaceful and restful and very blue
The sea is gorgeous
If you want to get a tan you should come here
The sea is very clear
Clean, very very clean
There's nothing that compares these beaches
There are some beautiful coasts in the area with sort of quite water it's fantastic
The beaches, the nightlife everything is fantastic
The nightlife in Greece makes NY City look like a sleepy town
So very loud and very lifey
You guys definitely know how to enjoy yourselves
It's just very luxurious I think just being here
The pools, the beach, the spa, the shopping everything looks lovely
The Spa is amazing, it gives you all the facilities and all the treatments would you need to relax and to really really enjoy the wellness
For the money that we paid, we received everything and even more than we expected
The facilities here are amongst the best in Europe
You can go hiking, you can go biking, you can go horseback riding
For the Diving in Greece what we have here is usually fantastic conditions
The kids have everything to do She learned waterski
even my wife (I did) learned mono-ski
We like to go canoeing, Yeah!
Greece is a good place for a family
And they have really good food
The Greek food ah! It's yummy, it's gorgeous
I think there is a fine art to eating in Greece
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
Better prepared than in many other countries
The country has been very beautiful and the people are very very friendly
The Greek people are probably the friendliest in Europe
Most people can speak English so its good for us
They've been really welcoming
We live the Culture in Greece and we live the History
I like visiting old Ancient Sites
Its cool to just be able to go so far back in time in places like this
This is the birth of Western Civilisation
His middle name is Pericles what more do you want?
You can't beat the culture and the landscape
We haven't missed our home at all
I don't want go home
I will come back here
Oh yeah, definitely come back
I'll definitely come back
I don't want to leave
It was worth coming
I've had the time of my life in Greece
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You in Greece (English)

15717 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 9, 2013
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