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When I applied, I applied for every course that I possibly could within
Interior Design in Melbourne.
And made sure I checked VTAC. I read everything I could on VTAC.
I checked it pretty much daily.
With VTAC, when you're applying, the deadlines are so important
so check the requirements.
To prepare for my course, I ... my school didn't offer photography as an option
so I knew I had to study outside of school. I looked at a lot of YouTube videos and
anything that I could find that would help me boost my skills. So by the time
I got to the end of Year 12 I was pretty prepared for what I needed to
do at university.
For my Preselection kit, I checked VTAC to make sure that I knew exactly what I
needed for my course and interview. I had to answer a few questions, too,
for the teachers to get to know me and enter a certain amount of images
of my work.
It's really critical to understand there are many ways to get to where you
want to be. If you don't get into the program you want the first time around,
if you've applied broadly, you've got choice.
I would really also advise you to attend the Open Day.
So that's a really important moment where different programs
open their doors up to prospective students and that's a
really great way to get a sense of what each course is really like.
So design courses, for instance, are really different across different
organisations, so by attending each Open Day you will really start to understand those differences.
Yeah, I think the common mistakes with the students presenting their work
through folio, is that they rely on the subjects they might have just done in school.
Now, those subjects are important but we also want to see work that's
particular to you, so your own hobbies, your own interests, you know, let
them shine through the work because that's what's really going to set you apart
from the others and that's what really makes you interesting to us, that we see
you're already engaged with the design community.
When you're putting your folio together, I think it's really good to think about
who you are what you're passionate about, what you're interested
in and then use that to assemble the kind of folio that best represents you.
I think the best way to present a folio is to really communicate your own
work and that doesn't mean an expensive folder or any of those kind of formats
just present your own work in a really good way. Keep it simple and to the point.
We want to see your work, we want to see what you're interested in. We want to see
your creative ability.
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Applying for Art and Design courses | RMIT University

387 Folder Collection
ben published on May 29, 2017
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