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  • Hello, my name is Christopher Seidl. I’m here with my colleague Matthias Hertel. He will tell us about

  • template projects that show the usage of CMSIS and Middleware. The projects and related application notes are available via our

  • Cortex-M Learning Platform on What can you tell me about the applications, Matthias?

  • Hello Christopherwe have created four applications using CMSIS-Driver and multiple components of the

  • MDK-Professional Middleware. All applications are based on the real-time operating system CMSIS-RTOS RTX and

  • run on modern Cortex-M4 microcontrollers.

  • Can you explain me the details of the applications?

  • The Touch Screen Display application shows the content of a text file stored on an attached USB memory stick.

  • Can you show me the project? The application accesses a FAT File system via the USB Host component and CMSIS-Drivers.

  • The graphical user interface with touch screen is implemented using the Graphics component.

  • Most of the source code is created from user code templates to which I have added code for the application specific behavior.

  • The files GUI_Single_Thread.c and LogViewerDLG.c implement the graphical user interface and I have used the

  • GUIBuilder tool to create it.

  • Impressive! What about the other projects?

  • The data acquisition application reads data from the on-board accelerometer and shows the information via a web server.

  • By opening a browser you can watch the live data.

  • How does this project look like?

  • The project uses the Network component with its Compact Web server.

  • The board support provides ready-to-run drivers for the Mems sensor.

  • The application logic was added to CMSIS-RTOS thread and web server CGI user code templates.

  • The Web group contains the HTML web page which is compiled into the ROM image of the application.

  • What is the audio recorder application?

  • The audio recorder uses and on-board audio codec to play and record audio to and from MicroSD card.

  • The application is controlled using a modern JavaScript based web user interface.

  • And what about the project files?

  • The project runs on a dual-core platform and actually consists of two projects. One for each core.

  • The M4 project uses a driver from the board support to access the audio codec.

  • The webserver and file system access is fully handled by the M0 core.

  • It uses the Compact Web server component, FAT File System and an open source software component to process JSON data.

  • CMSIS-RTOS thread and web server CGI user code templates are used to implement the application.

  • The Web group contains the files for the UI web page which is compiled into the ROM image of the application.

  • And what is the Data Logger application?

  • Using this application, you can start and stop logging of analog and digital data samples from the

  • on-board analog-digital converter and pushbuttons.

  • Interesting! How is this project designed?

  • Human Interface Device and Mass Storage USB component are combined to a USB composite device.

  • The log files are saved to a MicroSD card using a FAT File System.

  • The project uses various user code templates from the CMSIS-RTOS and USB component.

  • Board support provides drivers for ADC and push buttons.

  • Matthias, thank you! Youre welcome, Christopher.

Hello, my name is Christopher Seidl. I’m here with my colleague Matthias Hertel. He will tell us about

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Template Applications Using CMSIS and Middleware

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