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  • Over the last two weeks we asked you guys to send us questions...

  • ...for each of the characters to answer...

  • Some of them were good.

  • And some of them were a little strange.

  • We couldn't answer them all so we picked out some of the best ones and answered them.

  • What are you talking about? We have women! Look, this is my wife.

  • It is?!... One second...

  • ...There I fixed it!

  • aHaha...ha..uh.

  • eurh...mumble...bumble...aye dunno!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Nooooooooo!

  • Would you like to trade?

  • Only when I'm angry.

  • The real question is, 'How much would you pay me' to persuade him otherwise

  • whoah.....whoah......whoah!.....

  • Try rebooting the system without the harddrive and optical drive connected.

  • Also, remove all but one RAM chip.

  • - Dude! You're meant to be dumb!

  • Ohhhh...Err....I don't know!

  • Err....seventeen!

  • Yeah!...I have long eyelashes.

  • (TING!)

  • Errm...yes...Yes it is!

  • What?! You mean you don't have a phone?...

  • else are you gonna get Element Animation's Official App?

  • Huh?!

  • Non pajou tu!

  • (VERY DEEP VOICE) I sound like this.

  • Yes! I remember it well...

  • (CRACK)


  • What?

  • It's horrible, why won't it stop!?

  • Err... like this...

  • Hello.

  • Hello.

  • Aaaarrrgh!

  • Well, that's it guys!

  • If you want to be in the next Ask Element Anything...

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and get your question shown in our video

  • And also download our app. If you lick it, it tastes like strawberries!

  • BYE!

  • Copyright © Element Animation 2014

Over the last two weeks we asked you guys to send us questions...

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