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Ok hi, so yesterday I was chatting on Skype with a friend from New York,
and I know there's a lot of differences in... every country has their own language, and even
like English-speaking languages have their own takes on particular words and phrases,
but it wasn't till my friend and I were discussing them, and
you know, comparing different words and stuff that I realized just how many there are.
Yes technically we speak the same language, but there are so many
differences, you could be forgiven for thinking it is another language.
So here are a few that we were talking about yesterday.
When it comes to cars, you pop the hood.
We don't call it a hood. We call it a bonnet.
And we don't pop the trunk at the back.
We don't call it a trunk. We call it a boot.
No idea why. What you call a truck, we call a ute, which is short for utility.
And with a baby, you know you put the diaper on a baby, Yeah, we don't
call them diapers here, we call them nappies. And what do you put in a baby's mouth?
A pacifier right? Yeah, I think if you said pacifier in Australia, most people would be like, "What the fuck is that?"
We actually call it a dummy, and I'm not kidding, that's what, that's what we call it.
You go to the gas station. We go to the service station, which is odd, because
because people don't really get their cars serviced there anymore anyway,
and then because Australians are so big on slang, we don't even call it a service station, we just
call it a servo.
You go to the grocery store. We go to the supermarket. You walk down the sidewalk. We walk down the
foot path.
You park in the parking lot. We park in a carpark. You wear a sweater. We call it a jumper.
You call it a soda. We call it a soft drink, which I think originated from like liquor being a
hard drink, and then your mixers being soft? I guess that's where that came from.
But we don't really call it soda. Oh, and then there's the shopping cart, which we call a trolley.
Oh there are so many! Oh, and what you call a cookie, we call a biscuit,
and that's even more confusing, because what you call a biscuit is what we call a
scone, except we don't pronounce it "scone," we pronounce it "scon,"
but we actually spell it the same, s c o n e,
but it sounds like s c o n, think Tron.
Hmm scones while watching Tron.
I'm sure there are millions of others, and then there's England, and they've got
a whole other set of words and phrases and stuff altogether, which I don't know about.
But it's fun, I like the differences and stuff, but what I think's funny is like, you know
in Australia, our media is all American
really, like we get a lot of American TV, and all the movies are here
and the music and everything, so
we fully understand the American English language, you know, what I was talking about before,
you talk about cookies and diapers and pacifiers
and all that stuff, and we know exactly what you're talking about, yet I think if we
went over to like New York and started talking our regular Australian
English language, talking about dummies in a baby wearing a nappy
after you put all the junk in the boot of the car, you'd be like looking at us like
"What planet are you from?!"
Oh and wouldn't you know it the camera died right there, but that's ok I was pretty much done anyway.
So what I want to do is I want to tag
a couple of people,
but I don't know how to do that
or what that really means. The first person is Roland in England, I want you
to make a video like this one
sort of like
giving as examples of
unique phrases or words from your region or what you find different about
the way that
people speak in your part of the world compared to like other parts of the English-speaking world.
(If that even makes any sense) And the other person is Charles, Tender Charles who is in Canada.
I'd be interested to hear the differences between like
your language... Wait, that sounds weird because Charles actually speaks French and English.
But I'm talking about the English part of
you know what I mean.
So I don't know how to tag you, but
if you want to make a video then make it a response to this one
and that will be a fun little game we can play so.
Yeah, ok, that will do.
Ok bye.
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Australian English

217821 Folder Collection
Rose Shen published on July 3, 2013    Joyce Wang translated    Charlene Tai reviewed
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