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We thoght we could hardly believe them as a sign that there was very surprising
so when the results came in house like my
when I saw the data and I couldn't believe it this was
completely unexpected
February 2012 researchers at the prestigious North Carolina Research
human performance laboratory make a startling discovery
one that answer some important questions and opens the door
to even more the path to this discovery
actually began ten thousand miles away in Salt Lake City Utah
with the company and a product called ASEA
we've always known that is here there's something pretty significant in the body
and we've been on a constant journey have discovery
to try to find out how as he is working in the body
we understand the power redox signaling
over the last three years we have seen the dynamic impact to the ASEA
and redox a clean on people's lives a/c is committed to understanding
every aspect the redox signaling and how it empowers the human body
ASEA is the world's first and only redox signaling supplement
redox signaling works on a cellular level
and its primary functions ensure the ongoing by Talia parcells
including proper cell metabolism metabolism
is the name we give to the chemical reactions that take place inside our
in order to sustain life when these chemical reactions happen
they leave behind traces almost like fingerprints
we call these fingerprints metabolites one of the premier institutions for
studying metabolites
and their importance to human health is at the prestigious North Carolina
Research Campus
human performance laboratory and so ASEA contacted doctor David C Neiman
director of the human performance laboratory at Appalachian State
doctor Neiman the vice president of the American College of Sports Medicine
is the author of nine books dealing with physiology and exercise testing
more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and more than 300 articles
in health and wellness magazines we have our national reputation
protest in various sports nutrition products and their
effects on performance and exercise-induced physiologic stress
so this campus to the North Carolina Research Campus
we have several universities are
they're here including Duke UNC Chapel Hill
are NC State University and we're working together with various companies
foods our General Mills and we're all working here together
really under one mission which is the connection
between nutrition and health and performance
North Carolina Research Campus with established to bring together
on from writing different universities from a variety of different companies
also too focused on health and nutrition agriculture based research
so in that sense it's a very unique
unique structures but the reality is we wanted the best
and everyone we talked to you to a person said
if you want the best go with doctor Nieman his team
and the North Carolina Research Institute that's what we did
and so in late 2011
doctor Neiman and several other PHD's carefully crafted a scientific study
a study designed to measure the effectiveness ASEA metabolites
the fingerprints left behind as a result of cell metabolism
so the way that we conducted the trial was
to randomly assign half the subjects 21 treatment happen the subject to the
other treatment it's a double-blinded
study meaning that we as the investigators had no idea
who we're assigning to what condition a condition to be condition but we didn't
know what those were
so the subject to resign to either A or B
they come in and they do the first trial and they write as hard as they possibly
and then the crossover meaning if they were on condition a to start with
they wouldn't transition to to treatment be or
condition be for the second trial and vice versa b-day
and so in that way were really testing were taking everything out
up the equation as best we can by just leaving it to the athlete the bike
running as hard as they possibly can to pass
the the possible benefit of ASEA
we drew blood samples on the athletes
after they had taken ASEA or are placebo for a week
as just be poor they cycled
75 kilometers and then we took another but sample
after that and then an hour later the rigorous protocol so the double-blind
crossover study
took several weeks and the analysis of the blood draws took even longer
back in Salt Lake City ASEA executives were
anxeous for news we knew that they would cycling trails
North Carolina testing ASEA and we waited results
and we waited and we waited
Then we heard from doctor Nieman again and he said what we want to talk
to you about is too important to talk about over the phone
we'd like you to come down here and meet with us here in North Carolina
the ASEA corporate team immediately flew to North Carolina
where they learn that the results of the study surprise the entire group of PHD's
they were expecting to see something when ASEA was combined with exercise
instead they found chronic results that is
results that happen before exercise simply from drinking ASEA
we didn't think that drinking ASEA
which shipped metabolites chronically we thought it would do something during
exercise but not
after week of drinking it after
working with the bioinformatics statistical division
we were able to determine that drinking ASEA
over one week caused a shift in 43
metabolites not a little ship there was a large
shipped that caught us by surprise when a metabolize came back from ASEA
I we were just like WoW or something really interesting going on that we were
picking up from our
traditional market and and the last day to set that we had come in was
metabolized mix and there is huge differences
I'm and free fatty acid mobilization and those kind of shocked to ask if you're
expecting see anything at that point but
on there certainly something going on there is really interesting we have
rarely seen such a drastic difference
in the compounds that we look at we're looking at probably about a 150 to 200
compound for 43 and no signal to change with the quarter the metabolite profile
that we're monitoring so it's a huge
but in metabolite ships due to just ingestion ever
one product with its a drastic difference I didn't believe it
so I saw this you know that that for forty-three metabolites
differentially there at different levels
II will I didn't believe it and I've done studies with with microarray
analysis we're looking at thousands and thousands of genes
and you might find two or three genes that are different differentially
expressed but here we are in metallics
you find forty three things that are different it was astounding the data
revealed shifts in forty three metabolites
something these PHD's had never seen before something that cause the
to use words like astounding and massive
but what exactly did these metabolites shifts mean
many other metabolites were related to
plasma free fatty acid so the athletes actually started the exercise
after drinking ASEA with a lot
more these have free fatty acids in their blood
the reason that's important is then a muscles were actually used that as fuel
sparing the muscle glycogen and the use amino acids which is what we found:
I as we analyze the data in the free fatty acids are
very important because during exercise will
oxidized those to make energy in the former ATP
though what we found in this study was that there is increased fatty acids that
were available
and fatty acid archaeal source for exercise
so if there are available then what could be happening is we might be able
to go a bit longer
with ASEA we might be able to recover quicker between bouts so there's a lot
of things that are coming out there quite exciting
my thought on their the study is its bull my first of one was
sorted by Gary D can you this with this to my own
experience with the product so but at the same time it's great to have that
that solid evidence that laboratory tests the makes it official
gets the official stamp of approval from the scientists and
and to go along with the stamp of approval from elite athletes with ASEA
I noticed my training and may my time's man meets
have improved significantly
and burning about the research behind ASEA I know
that it that disputes my confidence and and reinforces what aired now
gives me even more confidence and more understand into why this is due in
what this is doing to my body when I can be able to build a train at this level
51 years old
they compete with the 25-year-old ample the mouth water
time after time it is the science behind it
this totally blows me away this is exciting news in again this research
that we've seen
that can prime the body to actually put you in a better position pre exercise
with this particular product this is exciting news
no surprise to me I'm already been using it
I have already experienced at so I am not surprised at all
and it's just nice to know that my own personal experience is backed by
a scientific study that validates what ever experienced
I've experienced all of these tremendous benefits over the past few years when
doing these World Records and maybe didn't understand it
but was fearful to go off of the product and with these new studies it's really
help me to understand
why I don't get sore and why am able to just
lock in this this strong
case and hold it for so long now you have the elite scientists confirming
what dealey athletes have already known
and really makes ASEA impossible to ignore
with ASEA I know that think taken some passer
and it's nice to know that PHD's agree with me but the implications of these
fatty acid metabolite shifts
go far beyond the world of elite athletes the impact
everyone who drinks ASEA because the metabolite shifts occurred before
the athleticism of the test group was a non-factor
the results came simply from drinking ASEA
the study show that merely drinking four ounces overseer for seven days
cause the body to release fat stores and make them available for fuel
so you have regardless of the exercise intervention
in this particular study the the chronic effects that we saw
after 1 week supplementation ever see a that that would apply to more than just
drinking ASEA for a week cause this increase
and free fatty acids every I
understanding from the literature is that these probably came from
the fat stores in the abdominal area
and will be taken all closer look at that therapy during cassia we found at
the bats go up in a plot if you're not exercising
post bats will still be used to support the body's
metabolism for life metabolite mix
the ideal tool for measuring the effect of supplementation on the human body
revealed astonishing properties of ASEA. Simply drinking ASEA for seven
mobilized fuel stores in the body fuel stores that almost certainly come from a
abdominal fat
for those who want to burn more fat during exercise
ASEA is ideal even without exercise
the freed up fat stores will be used by the body as fuel
since this fuel sources available at the start of exercise
it's likely that muscle glycogen is spared giving athletes who drink ASEA
a huge advantage and additional screening show that ASEA does
all this with no negative effects on inflammation
oxidative stress immunology and diagnostic chemistries for liver and
kidney function
drinking ASEA brings positive benefits to everyone
regardless of athletic ability the what appeared to think about the idea that we
are all athletes
truth is we are our bodies crave
physical activity we were meant to be active
so regardless of what you're doing whether it be picking up your child
washing your car up throwing a ball with your children
were expressing the capacity for body
to fulfill its desire to be physically active
And ASEA is the key to activating that efficiency
this breakthrough discovery gives clarity and insight into one aspect of
ASEA and its benefits
and it's just the beginning these are extremely important data
and we look forward to doing further research
we saw story emerged with the ASEA
study that looks like we're a change
in fuel usage or availability so there's something
there and we need to do more research to get into that further these data we peel
are very important and fascinating and we intend to better understand what
in the drink and this shift
in the metabolism that occurred we want to understand what that means for every
redox signaling as a body of Sciences large for sure
probably larger than any of us even imagine but the irony for me is when I
think of ASEA
I don't think about science I think about people
I think about the humanity if you will of our product
the impact that I have seen that it has on individuals
and lives it's that humanity and the impact on humanity
that underscores our full commitment to pushing the boundaries understand
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686 Folder Collection
Joyce Zhou published on April 21, 2017
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