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- [Narrator] Authoritarian societies
tend to be tyrannical, but there are some
authoritarian societies that have gone to
extreme lengths to control every aspect
of life within their borders.
In North Korea's case, this means
brainwashing and sheer insanity.
These are 10 things
that North Koreans actually believe.
North Korean central t.v. is always
claiming that the country is creating
new and innovative, indigenous technologies.
Of course, these declarations cause a
great deal of speculation considering that
North Korea is internationally renowned
for their relative backwardness and isolation.
The phone that North Korea claims
to have invented was called the Pyongyang Touch
and it turned out to be a total flop.
Not to mention it wasn't an indigenous
technology at all.
The Pyongyang Touch was proven to be
a cheap ripoff of another smart phone model
that is manufactured in China.
Kim Jong-il was famous for a number
of apparent accomplishments,
but one of his many great achievements
was his supposed cure for dwarfism.
While westerners realize that
this claim is ridiculous,
North Koreans found it entirely believable.
They've accepted the belief that Kim Jong-il
discovered a miracle drug that would rid
short genes from the population of North Korea.
Today we know that at least a third of
North Koreans suffer from stunted growth.
This is largely due to malnourishment.
And as a result, the average height of
North Koreans is significantly
less than that of South Koreans.
North Koreans have been told that Kim Jong-il
was one of the most important leaders
in all of human history.
Those that live in the country have been
convinced that they have the highest
quality of life and that they only have
Kim Jong-il to thank for it.
This, of course, is untrue considering that
the country is lagging behind the
rest of the world by nearly every economic
and technological metric.
Propagandas have spread the idea that
Kim Jon-il's birth was a magical event.
According to legend, he was born on their
holiest mountain, Mt. Baekdu.
North Koreans reports even claim that the season changed
from winter to spring and a new star was born
as soon as he came into the world.
However, Soviet records that were released after
the fall of the Berlin Wall show that
he was actually born in a refugee camp
in Vyatskoye, Siberia.
North Korea did surprisingly well
at the 2012 Olympics, placing twentieth
among 205 different countries.
However, the country did not leave
with a clean slate
North Korean gold medalist, Om Yun-chol,
claimed that Kim Jong-il's spirit
helped him lift three times his body weight
during the competition
This declaration was mocked in the
western media but it cannot be denied that
the image of Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il
can be a very powerful inspiration
to many North Koreans.
Because of the country's food crisis,
many North Koreans are starving.
In order to combat this national famine,
the government of North Korea has
encouraged its people to substitute meals
with saw dust and to scavenge what food
they can from the country side.
These edicts are often accompanied
with explanations that saw dust isn't harmful.
Unsurprisingly it has been estimated
that a third of the population
of North Korea is malnourished.
The state issue biography given to
the North Korean people makes very wild claims
about Kim Jong-il's bodily functions
or lack thereof.
According to the biography, Kim Jong-il
never urinated or defecated.
It is difficult to understand why
they would make such a bizarre claim,
but it is supposed to reassert the belief
that he was a supernatural being.
Either way this obviously ridiculous myth
was ridiculed in the now infamous movie The Interview.
As most people know,
hamburgers are classic American fare.
The North Korean people however
have been told differently.
According to the North Korean belief,
Kim Jong-il wanted to efficiently feed
university students so he invented
a brand new sandwich
He gave it the catchy name double bread with meat.
While we do not know the actual origin
of the hamburger, we do know that it was
created in the west far before Kim Jong-il's reign.
According to North Korean school books,
Kim Jong-un could drive as a small toddler.
Supposedly he learned how to drive
behind the controls of a military tank.
While this claim is preposterous,
it is widely believed by the North Korean people.
North Korean source also claim that
their current leader won a boating race
when he was only nine
This story is also likely false.
North Korea has been known for rewriting history.
But one of their most bizarre rewrites
has to do with the Korean war.
Their claims that the war was started
by the U.S., and is one of the most
serious changes to North Korean textbooks.
The North Korean explanation for the war
is that the U.S. occupied South Korea
after the second World War.
From there the western country supposedly
invaded the north.
It is recorded that Kim Il-sung
saved the country from being taken over
by western forces
Though North Koreans believe that the
U.S. troops still occupy South Korea,
and that they will shoot any North Koreans
that attempt to cross the DMZ.
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10 Things North Koreans Actually Believe

12991 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on May 27, 2017    Jade Weng translated    Kiara reviewed
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