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What is machine learning?
You probably use it dozens of times a day without even knowing it.
Each time you do a web search on Google or Bing, that works so well
because their machine learning software has figured out how to rank what pages.
When Facebook or Apple's photo application recognizes your friends in your pictures,
that's also machine learning.
Each time you read your email and
a spam filter saves you from having to wade through tons of spam, again,
that's because your computer has learned to distinguish spam from non-spam email.
So, that's machine learning.
is a science of getting computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.
One of the research projects that I'm working on is getting robots to tidy
up the house.
How do you go about doing that?
Well what you can do is have the robot watch you demonstrate the task and
learn from that.
The robot can then watch what objects you pick up and where to put them and
try to do the same thing even when you aren't there.
For me, one of the reasons I'm excited about this is the AI, or
artificial intelligence problem.
Building truly intelligent machines,
we can do just about anything that you or I can do.
Many scientists think the best way to make progress on this is through learning
algorithms called neural networks, which mimic how the human brain works, and
I'll teach you about that, too.
In this class, you learn about machine learning and
get to implement them yourself.
I hope you sign up on our website and join us.
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Professor Andrew Ng

414 Folder Collection
alex published on April 15, 2017
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