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(playful music)
Featuring good ol'
- Charlie Brown.
- By Schulz.
(twangy banjo music)
Pig-Pen, you're amazing.
- True.
- It's only eight o'clock in the morning
and already you're a muddy mess.
- Uh huh, it looks like it's going to be a good day.
- Pig-Pen, you're a mess.
Why don't you try to be more neat?
- Being dirty is much more practical.
I'm never bothered by girls or mosquitoes.
(upbeat music)
- You're slowing down Pig-Pen.
We're going to be late for school.
- Wait a minute I think there's some sand in my shoe.
(twangy banjo music)
That's better.
(upbeat music)
I just can't go fast if I have something in my shoe.
- Good grief.
(doo-wop humming)
(upbeat music)
(twangy banjo music)
- Yes ma'am, my name is Pig-Pen.
Oh yes, I've been in your class all year.
You just haven't noticed me.
It's just cause the janitor keeps sweeping me out.
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Gone with the Sweep | Peanuts | Cartoon Network

36633 Folder Collection
Rita Lai published on May 6, 2017    Kat translated    Kiara reviewed
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