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Next, next.
Back, back.
You number 42, next, next, next, next!
Next, next, next, next.
No wonder everyone is waiting here.
Hi guys! Today is day number 6, here in Korea, South Korea.
Our first, very first stop for day 6 is to go to this place called the...
Basically, it's a cliff. Beside the sea.
Suppose to be very nice, the view.
So we will go and see if it's really really that nice.
So how are we going there?
Actually, we are taking the bus, but then because I'm a f***ing s***.
I slept too much, so now I've no time already.
Have to take a cab there.
- So let's go! - Go!
We are here at Taejongdae.
Here, at Taejongdae park, and the taxi's gonna ram us already.
Apparently, this place has a very very very good view.
So let's just go in and not waste time already.
Because we have no time already, let's go!
- What do you wanna eat? I'll buy it. - Sandwiches.
So gonna buy him so food before we go.
Whoa, looks good.
Oh my god the honey butter chips again.
Whoa, a lot of chips here.
Popcorn, sausage, fish cake.
Whoa s***, I don't know what to buy.
So now we are like, waiting for the tram.
See, we have purchased two tickets for 4,000.
So it's like 2,000 won each.
I have three ice-creams and one sausage here.
And you have one sausage.
Total tram ride will be about an hour.
Are we able to get off stops?
I think so.
A lot of people, can see a lot of people here.
Faster, damn. Hold this, let me do it.
I'll show you how infantry opens this.
- I'm such a retard. - You only realized that now?
David is hungry so I'll feed him first.
- Is it good? - Not very good.
Not good? Can I try it?
Nevermind I'll try mine.
Cake layered ice-cream.
Bread layered ice-cream as well.
Then you have this cookies layered ice-cream so...
F*** that s***, I'm gonna eat that. I'm gonna eat everything.
Ice-creams can never never be sucks one you know?
It's always good one.
Can never suck. Everything is good.
Our tram is here.
It's coffee.
I think the ice cream is better. This? Nah...
I think I've tried this before already.
Not sure...
But I'll just eat this first because I definitely haven't tried this before.
Whoa, look at this.
Just want to give it a bite.
Which is what I'm gonna do.
Try it.
The outer layers are cookies.
We're not Korean.
- Wait. - Ah, okay.
Great. It's just a single word in English.
Right? Just use a single word in English is enough.
Why do we have to wait?
Why? We bought the same ticket.
I think you bought the wrong tickets.
It can't be. I said two tickets.
Actually, I couldn't give a...
Actually, I couldn't give a s***.
I just want to eat this awesome thing for breakfast.
It's so awesome.
So cold.
Whoa, this is good!
The next one I'm gonna eat is this...
Sausage over here.
David said it's not nice.
We're gonna see if it's nice.
So you see... They say to open from here.
Don't know some idiot go and open...
So we will see if it's nice.
Before that, let me stuff this back into the pocket.
Whoa... I know how it would taste just like this.
It's okay... might be better if I eat it with kimchi.
Seat in the front or back?
Next, next.
Back, back.
You number 42, next, next, next, next!
No wonder everyone is waiting here.
Cheated my feelings you know?
I thought maybe can go in earlier then...
Damn it, end up we actually bought the 42.
Number 42.
This is bull****, I don't even know we are tram 42.
So basically I thought we are...
We are supposed to queue.
And then when we reach our turn then we can go up.
Proceed up to the tram.
Apparently, it's not.
They have like a queue number, so we are like...42.
As you can see.
So right now it's like, tram 38.
So we've got like, 4 more trams to wait.
This is bull**** man!
You see, we waited 13 minutes for tram 37.
Tram 42? It will take us an hour.
You look, everyone is waiting here.
- Two. - Two?
Whoa, this is a lot.
Thank you!
Let's get a seat.
Oh my god, there are birds droppings here. Let's go.
There's a pigeon, I saw a pigeon on top of us.
Whoa, it's hot.
The fish soup is about the same everywhere.
This is quite standard, it's good.
Almost a good 30 minutes of wait, our tram is finally here.
Right now we have to wait for the passengers on board to alight before we can proceed up.
But then we're outside you know?
Outside you know?
You know this one not very tall you know?
Can cross you know?
You are right, you know?
The foreigner is good, he knows Korean.
If your wife is Korean and you don't speak Korean, you can die.
Let's seat at the back, seat at the back.
Wanna seat over here? There will be more people coming in later.
F***ing s***, okay bro!
- Look there are still people on board. - They don't wanna come down.
But the tram will go off.
This is the observation platform then after that is the lighthouse.
No one's checking the tickets now, people can just go up.
So now we just got off the observatory.
And gonna go see some awesome view!
There are people fishing on the rock. You can see here.
The boat just goes over and pick them up over there.
I saw the stairs, thought maybe we can go up but it's blocked.
I think this place is wrecked.
Looks beat up.
F***ing beat up.
Suppose to have a cafe on top, but then...
I don't know what's going on, do you know what's going on?
I think it's supposed to be...
You don't pay, I pay.
No, no, I pay, I pay.
No, no, I will pay, I pay.
I think should be this kind of thing.
So our next stop is the lighthouse.
And how do you feel about this observatory?
Nothing much, because it's very foggy and you can't see s***.
Yeah it's nothing much but the view is quite okay.
The next stop is to head on to the lighthouse, this is the next station.
As you can see, that's the Yeongdo lighthouse.
You can see on top.
Yeap right now we're gonna head down.
Wait, wait, wait, where the hell are we?
Oh, we're here.
So we're gonna head down...
It's really beautiful here! Check out the view.
Oh, I almost hit my head against this.
- Whoa, you can get on top of the rocks. - Yeah you now then know we can climb to the rock?
- I didn't see the stairs, only the rock. - But you saw people right?
People are there means we can go too.
How's the place?
The place is very scenic.
It's so scenic right, you see the girl is crying already whoa...
- Too scenic. - You're such a badass, badass!
We are now here at the pointing stuff place at Taejongdae.
And right in front is the lighthouse.
And you see this crazy bugger.
Taking selfie.
There's a staircase over there, where you can...
Go, go, go, go...
Then head on to this huge rock, this huge ass rock.
There's a boat over there.
Hello ~
Oh yeah, they don't see me. Never mind.
So now we're gonna go down.
Looks so much better from here, it looks so much better from here huh?
What's below?
Oh, just another group of humans.
Oh ****, this is a mini-fish market.
People are eating there you know?
People open up, sit there and watch the sea huh?
Whoa, ****. Koreans really know how to enjoy life you know?
Here, come come come.
Welcome to...
If I'm not wrong it's supposed to be...
Something fish, something market one. Confirm.
Because I saw fish. And there's a market, so...
Okay never mind.
Don't care what I say. Let's go, let's go.
Imagine my studio is here. I can edit my videos here.
Damn the stairs are steep.
We're dead, we will suffer when we go back up.
Where the hell are we?
What the hell, why am I here?
This place huh, is really a place where you buy...
Seafood, live seafood.
Then, you eat here. In the tents.
Check it out.
Oh ****.
People came here for the boats.
Oh my god...
Look, that's the penis, penis. Saw that?
It's f***ing disgusting, the penis.
Right now, we don't even know where the hell are we.
- And... - We just now that we're on some rocks.
In front of us is the huge, huge, what do you call that?
Cliff. We climbed down from.
Right now...
Right now, I have to talk louder because...
- Of the wind... - And also the guy on the boat.
So right now we're gonna head to the other cliff.
We have no more time. Let's go, let's go.
Now we are at the cliff.
And this is what they called the Taejongdae cliff.
The cliff!
So now we're running out of time, so we're heading over to the Gamcheon?
Gam, gam, gam...
We gonna teleport there...
Actually, I'm thinking of taking bus or taxi.
So cold, so cold.
- So I'm gonna play Kendama here. - F***.
Reverse, reverse.
You only practiced reverse right?
Right now we're gonna head to Gamcheon Culture Village because we're running out of time.
We will see you there.
And me and my David...
- My David... - Me and my David...
Gonna teleport there now.
Teleport from here?
- Where are we going to? - Gamcheon Culture Village!
Yeah, Gamcheon Culture Village!
3, 2, 1 and...
- Right now we are ready to go... are you ready? - Always ready!
- You should say "Yeah..." - Yeah!
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Where to go in Busan? Taejongdae Cliff and Yeongdo Lighthouse! | South Korea #12

841 Folder Collection
To Christal published on April 7, 2017
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