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Hi, it’s Gabrielle Aplin and this is my travel diary of my first trip to Brazil
I really didn’t realise how big Brazil really was
I did lots of travelling between Rio and Sao Paulo
And I was really taken back by how different the cities were
I also found myself doing many, many fun interviews on my trip
I got to meet lots of really great people and journalists
That’s one of my favourite things about travelling, meeting the people, really understanding the culture
And how people listen to music in different countries too.
I find it really really interesting.
I had the amazing opportunity to cameo in Totalmente Demais
After they featured my song ‘Home’ to tell the story of Jonatas and Eliza.
I was really lucky to have a bit of time to explore in Rio
First on my list was ‘Christ The Redeemer.’ We spent the day travelling up and exploring the city.
The best part of my trip was to play the first show in Sao Paolo, Brazil
It was the first time I could meet the people in Brazil who have been supporting my music all this time
Really helping me as an artist, to get me out there
They are the reason that I was able to go and do all these amazing things.
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Gabrielle Aplin – Brazilian Promo Trip – ‘Behind The Camera’

370 Folder Collection
William published on March 24, 2017
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