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Hi Tanya! Come, have some breakfast.
Should I prepare it? - I will eat it later.
Tanya, the basin is not working.
Just do something. - I'll do it, baby, I'll fix it.
And uncle is coming today too. - Uncle! To hell with uncle.
Deepak sir has given us this house because he knew that..
..two girls would take good care of this house. Right.
Deepak sir is abroad.
What should we do of that scheming uncle?
I will handle him. I'll handle him, okay?- yeah.
Hello Sapna.
Sweet girl.
Uncle, please use words more than your hands.
Your rent is ready.
Ten thousand rent for such a huge place.
Call it maintenance.
Whatever it is, it has been decided..
..between Tanya and Deepak sir.
If I would get some tea and snacks. Should I have a seat?
Yeah Sure. - Hey, uncle!
Are you here too?
Here are your ten thousand rupees.
Will you have tea or something?
No, I was just leaving.
Please go then. - Yes.
He has started to touch me again. - The old hag!
I have repaired the basin.
Thank god.
Your plumber's fees are saved.
Why do you worry about money? I am there, isn't it?
Do you know? An ad agency Called me up today.
For a video test. For a commercial of toothpaste.
I am sure, you'll get it. - I hope so.
I will have a bath and get ready.
I am late for the office.
Be rest assured, sir.
I will send this consignment to London by tomorrow.
That's good.
You got some mail. Looking beautiful.
Thanks Sameer.
How about a date this evening?
I am busy, sorry.
Oh Come on. I know that you go to Scorpion's..
..you play pool and dance there too.
Yes, but all alone.
Why? Do you have some special Hatred towards men?
Why, Sameer?
Have I ever shown any Hatred towards you?
No, but you never Come on a date too.
Maybe, something such has happened with me..
..because of which I don't go on dates with men.
It seems that..
..your boyfriend has broken your heart.
Did I say so?
Maybe, in the childhood.
That's none of your business.
Wow! Hi baby.
"You are ready.."
Tanya. - Give me a kiss, baby! When I look at you..
We were just flirting with her.
Sorry babe.
We're no punks. We were just expressing love.
What is love, what is romance..
It has to be shown to you today.
"I know you will learn it too.."
"Everything is in control.."
"Just cool it and take your time.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Come a bit closer.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Come a bit closer.."
"What is love and what is romance.."
"It has to be shown to you today."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Come a bit closer.."
"Our satin fires.."
"Alights every color."
"We set a thirst in every color with the warmth of beauty."
"What is fire and what is thirst."
"It is to be shown to you today."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Come close to me.."
"'This is our intoxication."
"This makes one to forget all other intoxications."
"This attitude of ours.."
"..can seduce anyone within a moment."
"What is this intoxication and what is attitude.."
"It is to be shown to you today."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Come a bit closer.."
"What is love and what is romance.."
"It has to be shown to you today."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
"Listen, o beloved.."
You are going tomorrow.
That uncle will come again to ask for the rent.
Don't worry dear. I'll take care of it.
From where will you bring the money?
Go to sleep.
Has the taxi come?
Madam, the taxi is just about to come.
These ten thousand. Throw them on that uncle's face.
Where did these come from?
How does it matter, babes?
They fell from the sky.
Tanya, are you really going for fifteen days?
You take care, okay? - Okay.
Love you. - Bye. - Bye, see you.
Bye Tanya, take care.
I don't feel like going out at all.
Oh baby come on, otherwise that Tanya will scold me.
Why will Tanya scold you?
Before leaving, she had called me from the airport and..
..told me that you'd be feeling very lonely and depressed.
For the next 15 days.
I am already feeling that, without Tanya.
Therefore, I will take you out every evening.
And today there is a big party. There is a grand party..
..at the Singhania's..
But I don't feel like going to any party at all.
Oh come on baby, come on, let's go. You'll cheer up.
Come on, wear some nice dress and let's go.
Come on.
Okay. Go out, I will change.
Sapna, are you shying from me?
I am your girlfriend too.
You are safe with me, secured.
But you are a man.
Don't say that I am a man and insult me, okay?
Get out! Out!
We have to go to the party isn't it? - Yes.
Out! Out! - Will you chuck me out?
Don't insult me, I am going. Don't chuck me out like this. - Get out.
What happened to you, baby?
I am very scared. Come on, let's go home.
Come on baby, don't be silly, let's party, dear. - Jojo, please.
We will have fun, Come on baby, look at the crowd.
Wow! Wow!
Hi Rahul, my friend.
Bharadwaj, why do you keep on going to the bar?
This is your fifth drink.
You know it. I come to parties only to drink.
You won't mend your ways. - Then cheers.
Can I dance with you. - I'd love to.
I have started this drink right away. - Ok.
Wow! Rahul. What goods!
But she is crazy.
She doesn't know that neither will your peg be over..
..and nor will you dance with anyone.
Jojo. - Come on. Come on.
Isn't it Rahul? Hey, listen to me. At least listen to me.
Do you think that I am drunk? Am I just babbling something?
Wait, wait. I'll just get you a drink. - No, no, Jojo!
Jojo. - Hey, Mr. Rahul Chaudhary.
The.. girl.. who is with you, Jojo, who is she?
She isn't your type at all.
I can see that.
But, who is she. - Thank you.
She.. feels safe with me.
So, go and tell her, that I am safe too.
What are you saying?
Are you introducing me to her?
Meet him. This is Rahul.
Hi, Rahul, nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
My boyfriend.
Can I have a dance with you?
Okay, sure.
Naughty boy.
What happened?
Nothing, you will kill me. - No, please tell me.
I was just thinking..
Why does every good looking man have to be a gay?
Isn't it?
Even I don't know.
I think that Jojo is feeling jealous.
Yes, I know, I am sure, he must be jealous.
Isn't it?
Now he is going to kill me. Come on, let's go, come on.
Hey Jojo.
You must have missed me so much, isn't it?
No, I didn't miss you at all.
I will just go to the washroom. - Yes, go.
Go. He is there, isn't it?
Get lost. - What? - Get lost.
Oh no. I have to drop her home.
Yes, I will drop her, darling.
You can't drop her. She has to go with me.
Why not? She's safe with me now, isn't it?
Hey no. This isn't done. I will go to drop her.
How can you go? This isn't done.
How much will you take to go away from here?
No.. no. This isn't done. Can anyone go to drop her?
How much will you take?
What is this?
Keep all of this. And don't be seen near her for some days. Go.
Boys, I am back.
I am in a hurry, can I go home?
Hey, don't worry. He is there, isn't it?
He'll drop you. He's a good boy. Bye.
Jojo! - I'll drop you darling.
Come on. Let's dance. Come on.
1, 2, 3, 4..
1, 2, 3, 4.. What do you mean?
I love you.
This is a very strange to express your love.
But, to whom are you saying it?
Can I take your phone number?
I'll call you.
Of course.
Take it.
494.. 76.. 32..
Thank you sweety.
Right here. - Here? - Enough.
Oh, hi Sapna, how are you? - I am fine.
How are you? - I am not fine at all.
Hey, what happened?
Jojo. He has disappeared somewhere.
And I think that he has some new boyfriend.
Poor you, dear.
Yes, he is cheating on me.
I am all alone.
Like that, what are you doing in the evening today?
Actually.. - That means you aren't doing anything, right?
I will come there.
And after that, we will go to the disco.
No.. But.. - I know that you won't ditch me.
You are not like Jojo.
But.. please listen..
Are you crying?
See, please don't cry. Okay.. Okay. Please, pick me up.
Okay, 8 o'clock, okay bye.
She is so.. she is so sweet, dear.
Go, don't you dare.
What are you thinking about? - Nothing.
Do you miss Jojo?
Oh really? You poor baby.
Everything will be all right.
Don't worry at all, I am here.
Don't worry about anything. Everything will be fine.
What has happened to you? Aren't you ashamed?
Sapna, please listen to me.
Boys love girls, and girls love boys.
And.. since I have seen you..
..I have fallen in love with you.
That means, you were fooling me all the time?
There was no other way to come close to you.
You fooled me? - No. - But I don't love you.
But, at least listen to me.
Sapna, listen to me. Where are you going?
Taxi. Please stop. - Where are you going, damn it?
Sapna, listen to me.
Please take me away quickly. - Sapna, come on.
Hey Sapna, listen to me.
Hey. How will I take the taxi out? - Hey, wait a minute.
Sapna, please wait. Sapna, listen to me.
She has closed the door. I will take my car out..
..you take your taxi out. - Why are you getting angry on me?
Shut up! - The fool!
Keep the milk outside.
I will show him.
I have told you so many times to keep the milk outside.
What? What is the matter?
Why are you showing me this hundred rupee note?
What has happened? What are you showing me?
"We can't take our sights away from your face.."
"Tell me, what should I do?"
`We can't take our sights away from your face..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We can't take our sights away from your face..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We have become crazy, o beloved.'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We can't take our sights away from your face..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`Looking at your eyes..
..I have written so many poems of love.'
`Please call me a lover with your lips.'
`This thirst of the heart doesn't quench..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We have become crazy, o beloved.'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We can't take our sights away from your face..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
`We can't take our sights away from your face..'
`Tell me, what should I do?'
Rahul! Rahul! Stop it! Rahul! - What?
You have brought me to your house all alone.
Don't think you can do what you want, okay? - Baby..
..don't get me wrong. I love you.
Till the time that I didn't meet you, I never liked boys at all.
So what? Did you like girls? - Shut up.
Do you know?
I and Tanya used to go out and beat these ruffian boys.
Your wrists must really be paining. Poor wrists!
You want to see? Come on, let's pick a fight. - No! - Come on, come on.
How are you?
I am top of this world, Tanya.
I am happy, I mean I am very happy.
Yes? - Yes.
I was very worried about you. You were all alone.
Didn't you miss me? - I missed you a lot.
But something has happened due to which..
..I didn't even understand how the days passed.
What happened?
1, 2, 3, 4. - What? - I'm in love Tanya! I'm madly in love!
With whom? Who is he?
You will like him a lot too.
He is a very sweet guy.
He is not like other boys, okay?
He has his own shipping company.
He has shifted from London since two years.
His whole family is in London still.
Family - He is from some good family.
Therefore, he is good too, isn't it? - Yes?
Tanya, I want you two to meet today in the evening itself.
I have told so much about you to him.
I'll just go and call him, okay.
Hi Tanya! Oh Tanya, this Rahul.
Rahul, this is Tanya. - Hi Tanya, nice to meet you.
Because I am happy to meet Rahul, all these chips..
..when is your birthday? - Mine is 10th December.
Okay 10. Number 10. - Hey Tanya, don't be silly.
Oh come on, 10, 10.
It seems that my birthday wasn't lucky for you.
I feel something like that too.
Anyway, winning and losing is a way of life.
I don't have a habit of losing.
Like that, even I have a habit of winning.
So let's see who wins and who loses.
What is the game? - Life is a game too.
It seems that we will enjoy each other's company.
How come? - Because, even I think life to be a game.
That means, that you think love to be a game too!?
Why should I? Sapna is my love.
Let's drink to that?
Shall we move? - Come on.
Cheers. - Cheers.
Did you see that?
Didn't I tell you..
..that you would like Rahul too?
I did see. I haven't come to know him yet.
As it is.. one meeting isn't enough to know a person.
Like that, even fifteen to twenty meetings..
..are not enough to know a person.
This means that Sapna doesn't know you yet.
You must've met only fifteen to twenty times, isn't it?
Knowing isn't necessary, recognizing is.
I think Sapna and I have recognized each other's love.
Boys do so many things in the name of love!
I am not one of those boys.
I feel all the boys to be one and the same.
It's good that I don't feel all the girls to be the same.
I can differentiate. I love Sapna, not Tanya.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Tanya, how was he?
He's nice. Nice.
Only nice?
What do you want to hear, Sapna? - Whatever you want to say.
Sapna, I can't see you in tears.
In tears?
Why will Rahul make me cry?
Will Rahul make you cry? Yes. Sapna, all boys do this.
First they show love and then they sweet talk.
After that, they behave as if you are their father's property.
Not my Rahul. - All guys are unfaithful.
As soon as they see a beauty, they slip.
Just chill out, Tanya.
Rahul isn't like this.
Do you have so much faith in Rahul?
Are you afraid to place a bet?
Hey Lady, what's up? Tanya?
You? - You?
It doesn't seem that you wish to commit suicide. - Yes?
I mean, how did you come In front of my car?
I was a bit desperate. I wasn't getting any taxi.
Where are you going? - Majorda beach.
No taxi is ready to drop me there.
Who will go so far?
You will. - No, no.
Tanya, I have to go to an important meeting.
Please, please.
I have an important meeting with a big client.
I have to reach his bungalow at seven.
But so far..
I am your girlfriend's best friend.
Can't you do this much for her?
You are very smart. - Majorda Beach?
What do you work as?
Diamond. My boss imports diamonds from South Africa.
I look after the sales.
And the client whom you are going to meet?
He is a big client for us. He buys diamonds from us.
You're looking handsome.
Yes? - I just said it.
But you are.
You are flirting with your best friend's boyfriend.
See, please don't misunderstand me.
You are so handsome that any girl will praise you.
Thank you. - You are welcome.
Is Mr. Mittal there? - Are you Miss Tanya? - Yes.
He is expected. Please sit. I have to go too.
You have to go? Where?
It's my wife's delivery. A child.
That's all right but.. What will we do alone here?
Everything has been arranged inside. To eat and to drink.
Please, madam, you people sit inside.
It seems that your client wants to meet you all alone.
Therefore.. his servant.. instructions..
How can I wait for that client alone here?
Nice, right?
I am very scared. Please wait. - No.
No, I have to..
But.. - After all, I am..
My girlfriend's best friend.
I know.
Hey, there's a hammock out there.
I love hammocks.
I love hammocks.
I remember my mother's lap. - Where are your parents?
Mummy died, when I was very young.
Papa used to beat her up. She went..
..and he started beating me up.
What are you talking about? - Yes, really!
When I was eighteen years of age..
..I ran away from home. I worked and I studied.
Now, I don't have anyone in this world. Nobody.
Only one friend.
You need a life partner now.
What.. is this? - Mischief.
Your client seems to be very colorful.
And too chilled.
I don't think that he has good intentions.
Therefore, I told you to stay.
I am sorry.
We are having bottles and bottles over here.
Where is that client of yours?
It seems that he forgot his residence address.
It seems..
..that your client got some new friend.
He forgot you.
Sorry, sorry, let's go.
Will we leave this bungalow unlocked?
What if someone loots it? - So?
What do you mean?
We will have champagne and spend the night here itself.
You are mad.
I have an idea. You guard this bungalow. I will move.
"You started creating mischief."
"I started creating mischief."
"This yearning heart with make both of us yearn."
"What about the body, even our soul is afire."
"What about the body, even our soul is afire."
"If you meet me, I will have some peace."
"You started creating mischief."
"I started creating mischief."
"I have a thirst on my lips and a pain in my breast."
"There is some problem in living today."
"My heart is wandering and my heart beats are something."
"And you don't understand these subtle nuances."
"I started complaining to you."
"I started complaining to myself."
"This wait will make both of us yearn now."
"What about the body, even our soul is afire."
"What about the body, even our soul is afire."
"If you meet me, I will have some peace."
"You started creating mischief."
"I started creating mischief."
"My intoxications are speaking to me now."
"I should break my silence today."
"Be close to me like this all through the night."
"I will die if you leave me now."
"You started betraying a bit."
"I started betraying a bit."
"This atmosphere will make both of us yearn now."
Stop it Tanya! I said stop it!
After all, what has happened to you?
This means that this Mr. Mittal, client, champagne..
..all this was staged, just to seduce me.
You are drunk. You are so much drunk..
..that you have lost yourself in your dreams.
What were you thinking? That you'd be in my arms?
I am watching you since so long, standing here.
You should be ashamed. After all your friend is..
..is your girlfriend. Therefore, I did all this.
What do you mean?
I was just testing you.
Because, I didn't want Sapna to have relations with such a..
..boy who'd be seduced by a beautiful body.
Oh my god. Let me get this right.
You were strengthening our relation, mine and Sapna's?
And I felt that you were breaking it.
The two of us had bet.
That you were like the other boys too.
I lost.
Please, don't tell this to Sapna. She will tease me, please.
Please don't tell her, this.
You're so sweet.
Don't worry. I won't tell anything.
This secret will remain a secret.
But I have to tell you something. You are a great friend.
But, it is too late now. Let's go now.
1 to 10
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Tanya! Tanya!
Tanya! Tanya!
Come on, come on.
Come on, Tanya, get him!
Tanya, yes.
Come on, come on!
Yes Tanya.
I don't need these ten thousand today.
But what the hell.
No, I don't want to hear anything. - Look, I'm sorry.
So what, will you just keep working?
I run a whole shipping company. - So go, look after it.
Hey bossy. Give me two margaritas, she needs to cool down.
Quickly. - Yes sir.
Hey sweety.
You know that you are my life now.
When I get up in the morning, I think about you.
When I work, I think about you. - Really?
Really, I love you darling.
Hey, yes. - What? - This weekend is very long.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 1, 2, 3, 4.
So? Let's go to Tio islands.
Let's have some fun. That's a great idea Rahul.
But is it only the two of us?
Should we take the whole marriage procession?
Do you have to marry? Okay, after some time.
You don't understand. - We'll stay in two different rooms.
That is a very good idea.
And you, won't come in my room.
Okay. You come in my room.
I'll kill you.
Tanya - Yes.
I am here.
Tanya, guess what? - What happened?
Rahul and I are going for a holiday for four days. - What?
Four days. - Yes.
Yes, it is a long weekend. I have got a holiday too.
Oh, I would love that.
I've been thinking about it since such a long time.
To go to an island or somewhere in the mountains.
You know I love to hike. I'm so excited.
I hope I'm invited. - Of course, of course.
You are coming with us, aren't you?
I am so happy. I am going to pack right away.
I'm really looking forward to this holiday.
You forgot two tee shirts outside.
I put them in the bag.
Hi Rahul. - Hi.
What is she doing here? - Rahul, just relax.
I will tell you later.
I couldn't refuse her.
Queen, should I keep this bag too? Come.
Come Rahul, please. Come on.
Stop, stop Rahul! This is so beautiful!
Wow! Such a lovely place!
Sapna, do you remember? - Yes?
We had come here with Vipul and Paresh?
We'd worn masks and scared them?
The two didn't understand that it was us, isn't it?
We ran to our rooms, and they were behind us. Scared!
Please let us sleep in your room.
There is a ghost outside our room!
You remember that?
Rahul! It's so romantic, it's so beautiful!
I will just come back. - Okay.
You look around, me too... - You too?
Got you.
These guys have great fun..
..they piss wherever they feel like.
Yes, but we girls.. oh god, Rahul, even I have to go.
How far is the resort from here?
About an hour. There is a forest nearby..
..I'll come along with you. - I'll go and come.
No, no, you'll take Sapna and go off from here. I know you.
I am not so manner less.
Seeing you, I don't think you like me being here, Rahul.
Why not?
If you had not come, we'd die of loneliness.
You nag nicely. - I nag nicely to Tanya.
Okay, okay. Stop fighting guys. It is enough now.
Is the resort really too far?
About an hour. Unfortunately.
I will be back.
My love! - Stop it.
Hey Sapna, come here.
I'll love you. - Stop it.
Hey Tanya, Tanya.
Just bring the sun block from my room.
It is too warm out here, and Sapna's feeling it too.
Please bring the sun block too. The key is right there.
At the reception.
Thank you.
Where, Rahul?
Where are you going Rahul?
Rahul. - She is gone. Run, run, run!
Rahul, we should have brought Tanya with us too.
We have escaped from her after so much difficulty!
Where did these two go?
There it is. - Wow!
We didn't know how the day passed.
We had a blast, isn't it, Sapna?
The sea, the open sky, love.
Its perfect combination.
What happened, Tanya?
What happened, Tanya? You seem depressed.
No, not at all.
Were you bored all alone all through the day? - Not at all.
I like to spend time with myself.
I thought that you didn't like it without Sapna.
And you took her with you for that reason, isn't it?
No. I wanted to spend some time with my Sapna.
After all, I do have a right on her time now.
You can spend time with her now.
No, Tanya, please have a seat.
I have to sleep early. I have to go for a jog in the morning.
Have fun, okay, bye.
Hey you, 1, 2, 3, 4.
What happened, Rahul?
Why are you standing here all alone?
Nothing, just like that. - So Come on we will go for a swim.
No, I am not in the mood. You go.
Why? Has something happened to you?
Nothing has happened to me. I'm fine.
Then, why? - Didn't I tell you that nothing has happened to me?..
..Just leave me alone! - Rahul, 1, 2, 3, 4. - What 1, 2, 3, 4?..
..Please, go. I don't want to hear anything.
I will do his 1-2-3-4.
"Give me my heart."
"Don't keep us awake in the night."
"Love is trouble, save us from his trouble."
"Give me my heart."
"Don't keep us awake in the night."
"Love is trouble, save us from his trouble."
"On this attitude of yours.."
"I gave my life on that.."
'I gave my heart to you.'
"Give me my heart."
"Don't keep us awake in the night."
"Love is trouble, save us from his trouble."
"This is just yesterday's matter."
"I was at peace with myself."
"Since the time I have seen you, I've been yearning."
"Please don't make this lover crazy with your smiles."
"You have stolen my heart and you're complaining with me."
"On this attitude of yours.."
'I gave my life on that..'
"I gave my heart to you."
"After stealing my heart, you blame me.."
"I know that you love me very much.."
"Stop complaining and come close to me.."
"Love is trouble, save us from his trouble."
"On this attitude of yours. I gave my life on that.."
"I gave my heart to you."
Sapna, I am not feeling well.
I have an aspirin. - Okay, give it to me. - Come.
Okay, come quickly.
I have a splitting headache, apply some balm too.
Rahul, we will meet tomorrow.
But it's 8 O' clock, we can't retire. - Can we go?
Bye Rahul. - God damn it!
What is going between the two of you?
What do you mean?
Whatever it is, there is only friendship between you.
Tanya is just my friend. - This friendship is abnormal.
This friendship is standing like a wall.
Such a wall, which I am not able to break.
I can't reach you! - This is your misconception, Rahul.
Whatever I saw in the night, wasn't a misconception.
It was the bloody truth!
I sleep soundly in the night.
You are still sleeping soundly, Sapna.
I am talking about the night, Rahul.
Whenever I sleep, I lose consciousness.
That means, whatever was happening..
..in the night, was happening in sleep?
What are you saying, Rahul?
I am saying that the two of you..
..make love to each other at nights.
What do you mean?
I mean, that I was just suspecting it till now.
But now, I am sure that you are lovers!
Please tell me, Sapna. Please tell me.
Tell me, otherwise.. otherwise, I will leave you and go away.
No, Rahul. Whatever happened, happened only one night.
This happened in the third year of college.
The two of us were returning from a party one day.
We were drunk.
Tanya took me to a friend's house..
..instead of the hostel, which was empty.
Whatever happened yesterday.. - I don't know.
Sapna, whatever happened yesterday, we were drunk.
And on top of that, Rani gave us so much of hash..
..we weren't in our senses.
But I..
Hey, we are friends. We are best friends.
What has happened to you, Sapna?
Will you ruin our three year old friendship for one night?
And I don't even remember anything. Do you remember?
I don't remember anything too. - Enough.
This won't happen ever again, isn't it?
We won't drink this much ever again.
Promise. - Promise.
By the way, we were drunk..
..do you know, in other hostels.. in our hostel..
..too many things happen without drinking.
You mean, girls and girls?
Yes, girls and girls. - No. - Yes. - Girls and girls. Yes.
I don't quite remember what happened, Rahul.
Please don't give me such a harsh punishment for just that one night.
Please don't leave me.
Don't leave me, Rahul.
I love you.
I love only you Rahul.
Rahul please.
Please Rahul.
Hey stud! - Chaudhary!
Rahul Chaudhary!
Randeep, how are you? - I'm fine, man.
So many years after college, huh?
What are you doing here, dude? - I'm here on holiday, pal.
Alone? - No, I was with a friend.
Yes, a girl!
After waking up she says to me, 'Let's get married'.
I asked her to get lost.
You'll never mend your ways. - What can I say?
Never! For whom should I mend my ways?
What about you? - I'm just here with two girls.
With two girls! You are happening, dude and a stud.
It was you in the college. One is my girlfriend.
The other is her friend.
Okay! Do I have a chance with the other?
With her.. you have a chance with her, pal.
There's definitely a chance.
Is she hot? - She's very hot! You go for her, pal.
It will be fun.
You're on. - Definitely. - Give me 5 dude!
He's Randeep, we met on the beach while jogging.
He was alone so I thought I should invite..
..him to have dinner with us.
Hi, how are you?
She's my girlfriend.
Hi, how are you? - I'm fine, thanks.
Randeep, are you Rahul's friend?
No, actually we met on the beach and..
..we were three so I thought we should have one more.
And Tanya would also have a company.
The thing is that, Sapna and I go out, at times..
..and you stay alone. He's alone and so are you.
So I thought you two should meet.
I had told you earlier too, I like my own company.
Or is it that you don't like to be accompanied by men?
I never said that. - So let's have a date tomorrow?
Come on, Tanya, say yes.
Baby, tonight we'll have loads of fun.
Cheers, baby. - Cheers.
You know, since college days girls were not able to resist me.
Really? - And if they would then I won't leave them alone.
By the ways, I have bedded so many girls in my life..
..that you must have not eated as many mangoes in your life.
Any ways I'm allergic to mangoes.
Poor thing! Anyway, you must have understood what I meant.
Of course!
So tonight, we'll drink all night and stay awake.
So you'll keep me awake the whole night?
My intentions are similar.
You are some man!
Come baby, come closer.
Just say that once more. Come on, baby.
But why? Randeep, tell me what happened to you.
Nothing, buddy! - It looks like all your bones are broken.
It's fine, don't worry. - But what happened?
I fell from the lobby.. I fell from upstairs. - From upstairs?
You, please go away. - But where are you going with your bags?
I'm going away. My vacation is over.
But Tanya is waiting for you. - Let her. I don't like Tanya.
No! - No, who's Tanya. I don't want Tanya.
I had made such a good plan. Only two days are left.
I'm going, pal. My vacation is over.
What do you mean it's over? I won't let you go.
Go away from me! Why are you after me?
How can you behave like this, dear?
Didn't you go out with her last night? Did she beat you up?
Lower the window pane. - Come on, driver, let's go.
Come on driver, let's hurry up.
But you were a stud. - To hell with the stud.
I got rid of your friend. He is your friend, isn't it?
And the vacations are also over.
Back to place, let's go.
Rahul, we had gone for a 4-day weekend holiday.
Why are we returning in 3 days? - 3 days were enough.
Vacations are over and we are back to our city.
Let's drink to that.
Tanya, we had promised that we wouldn't drink.
Just for tonight.
I must do something.
I have to get Sapna separated from Tanya.
I have to get her out of that house.
Rahul, where are you taking me?
It's a surprise. - Surprise? - And a very pleasant surprise.
Tell me, where are you taking me, please?
I can't tell you. It's a surprise.
Surprise, surprise, surprise and you will see what the surprise is..
..Come on in. Come on in.
But why have you brought me home?
I told you it's a surprise. Come.
But what's the surprise, Rahul?
If I tell you everything then how will it remain a surprise?
Why did you bring me home?
If you don't come how will mother..
That is my gorgeous mother. - Mother?
Mom, this is Sapna.
Greetings, auntie! - Greetings, my child.
Greetings, auntie! - Greetings, my child.
How are you, child? - I'm fine.
Come we'll sit here. Come! - Come, mom!
Why didn't you tell me earlier? I wouldn't have worn these clothes.
Sit comfortably, child. - Yes! - It will tear up.
What do you do? - Something in fashion designing..
She also models.
You are a model? That's why you are so thin.
No! - She eats very much, even more than I do.
Come, child, sit next to me. - Yes, go, child.. Sapna.
Rahul has told me about your birth date, year..
..and about everything. Back in London I got your..
..horoscope made from our priest.
You two want to get married, don't you?
Mom, she's dying to get married.
Child, I have decided on an auspicious day after 3 months.
3 months.. will pass in a jiffy.
But there's a condition. - What?
You won't stay alone but stay with us for these 3 months.
This is very necessary. I mean you can stay..
..in mother's room and I'll stay in my room.
I won't keep you as a daughter-in-law but as my own daughter.
And what about me, mom? - You? You are now a step son to me.
I have met my daughter now.
Mom! - Shut up! Always acting!
Tanya! Tanya, guess what?
Tanya! - What?
Today, I met Rahul's mom.
What is her mother doing here?
Yes, she came all the way from London only to meet me.
Tanya, I'm getting married.
So early? - Yes!
The date has been decided of after 3 months.
But Rahul's mom, insisted that I should stay with her..
..for these three months.
You mean, you'll shift right away?
She is Rahul's mom. How will I say no to her?
After all she's going to be my mother-in-law.
I'll come often.
And you know what, I'll introduce you to his mom.
So you can also stay with us on weekends.
Like one big happy family.
But you are not going today, are you? - No!
Come, let's call up some friends and have a farewell party.
Anyway, from tomorrow this house will become very lonely.
Thank you Tanya, I love you.
Tanya! What happened to her?
You are very sick. - Let me die.
What will I do all alone, without you?
Tanya, are you crazy? Can I leave you like this?
You won't go. - No, Tanya.
Give me some time. A little.
You'll go away after 3 months.
Tanya, okay. I won't leave you and go anywhere.
Don't leave me.
You'll stay with Tanya for 3 months?
Rahul, try to understand.
What should I understand? That you are disagreeing..
..to Mom and that due to that Tanya.
Rahul, Tanya is not well.
What do you mean, she is not well?
She has fever, isn't it? She'll be fine in 2 days.
Tanya and I are staying together since the past 5 years.
And to leave her all of a sudden like this..
..I really don't know, it doesn't feels good.
Sapna, friendship doesn't mean that..
..you will stay together for the whole life.
We are going to stay together for the rest of our lives.
It's just a matter of 3 months.
You have given 3 months to her. So what do you want from me?
Rahul, please don't be angry.
I have seen lots of friendship in this world.
But your friendship, I just don't seem to understand.
Okay, let's make a deal.
We will meet each other every day.
As soon as you finish your office I'll be with you.
And you'll sleep with her in the night.
We both sleep at night, together.
I hope so.
Rahul, you are getting jealous as if Tanya is my boyfriend.
Her behavior is just like that, Sapna.
Don't talk rubbish, please. - Remember this..
..suspicion once aroused remains for the entire life.
Rahul, we'll stay together very happily like this..
..for the rest of our lives. You explain it to mom, please.
Come on now, give me a hug. Give me a hug. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Rahul, my son, when Sapna is not staying here then..
..what's the need of me to stay here for 3 months.
I'll go back to London. And whatever you decide..
..just inform us about it. If you want to get married..
..in India then we'll come in August.
And if you want it to be in London then..
..your father will make all the arrangements.
Rahul, my child, I came here from London..
..only after you called me here, isn't it.
But, if Sapna doesn't want to stay here then..
Don't be disappointed, son.
Okay listen, get my ticket for me.
You are a great friend, Sapna.
Rahul, it's very difficult to get such good friends.
It's also very difficult to Get a girlfriend like Sapna. Chapati.
And very soon Ms. Sapna is going to be Mrs. Sapna Chaudhary.
Isn't it, sweetie? - So did Sapna tell you as to..
..what will she give you as dowry?
What is there to say? I can understand it well.
I don't think you like This dowry very much.
Why not? But this is different that we'll meet less after..
..marriage because we'll shift to London after marriage.
Maybe then we'll meet regularly.
Meaning? - I mean to say two days ago my boss was just..
..telling me that they are shifting me to London.
What is this, Sapna?
You know Rahul, when we both are at home she freaks out naked. - Tanya.
Sometimes even when she goes to have sun bath at..
..that time too, she is like this only.
I always tease her telling that..
.. somebody may click a photograph of yours..
..by the way, you are a model. Naughty girl.
Let's go Sapna.
Let's go Sapna. Where are you going? - Rahul, where are we going?
Where are you two going?
Alibaug! - When are you coming back?
Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe never.
"These winds are very moist."
"Then too my body is burning."
"This body doesn't agree to my heart."
"This heartbeat won't listen to its heart."
"These winds are very moist."
"Then too my body is burning."
"This body won't agree to my heart."
"This heart beat won't listen to its heart."
"A thumping and uncontrollable heart."
"A storm is rising on both sides."
"I've been pulled by an unknown thread."
"Only towards you."
"Only towards you, my beloved."
"A thumping and uncontrollable heart."
"A storm is rising on both sides."
"I've been pulled by an unknown thread.. beloved.."
"When your soft aroma touches my body."
"A thousand thirsts rises, what can I say about this suffering."
"Towards monsoon, towards rains."
"Sometimes I go towards the sea."
"Even the sea can't quench my thirst."
"What is this thirst?"
"Towards monsoon, towards rains."
"Sometimes I go towards the sea."
"Even the sea can't quench my thirst."
"What is this thirst, my beloved?"
"The moon has risen very slowly."
"It's light is hidden in the clouds."
"These moments are saying something."
"Come, we'll both listen to it, my darling."
"Impatience, restlessness. Then why anymore silence."
"This are the ways of love."
"Impatience, restlessness. Then why any more silence."
"This are the ways of love."
"Intoxicating, my beloved!"
Your hair look like.. - I look good, isn't it?
Yes, but.. - How was your night?
Now it's his right. If he takes you away for a day or a week.
Tanya, I love him.
And anyway we are getting married.
And I don't want him to be angry with me.
At least you must have seen the attacker's face.
I have already told you, I couldn't see him at all.
Or else I would.. - Do you have any enemies?
Sir, what does he need enemies for?
He only knows to love.
Even love can cause enmity.
Rahul, what happened to you? Who did this to you?
Nothing happened. - Someone tried to kill him.
And he says nothing happened. - Let it be, pal.
Just lie down and let me talk. - It is nothing.
Who are you? - She's Sapna, my girlfriend.
Is it like this that your father or your relative..
..is unhappy with your relationship.
And maybe they are responsible for the attack.
Inspector, I don't have any relative in this city.
Just a friend is there. That's me.
Sapna told me that you are here, injured.
What happened to you?
So sweet, you brought flowers.
For him. To get well soon.
By the way, did you find out who attacked you?
You can tell at least something about him.
That man definitely knew kick boxing. I am sure about that.
A man who knows kick-boxing.
Inspector, I don't think it'd be very difficult to find him.
But life threatening attack can only mean personal enmity.
But Rahul, you have no enemies in this city.
I don't have any special friends too.
According to your theory it can be..
..some old personal enmity, right? - What do you mean?
If Rahul had an ex-girlfriend who.. - What the hell do you mean.
Who must be responsible for the attack on you..
I was just trying to help out.
How many girlfriends do you have?
I have only one, inspector. She is Sapna.
Then what is she saying?
I don't know.
I was just saying that the kick-boxer..
..should be caught very soon.
Are you hiding something from us, Mr. Rahul Chaudhary?
I wanted to ask you something since the last night. - Sure.
That day, at the hospital you mentioned something..
..about Rahul's ex-girlfriend in front of the inspector.
You couldn't gather the courage to ask this, the whole of night?
Tanya, you know I love him.
I didn't find it out. Someone who knows Rahul said this to me.
What does he know?
That Rahul had an ex-girlfriend named Kajal.
Whom he left for you. - He had a girlfriend before..
..I don't get it, Tanya.
Kajal's brothers are ruffians.
That's why I was hinting the inspector that..
..maybe Rahul was attacked by them.
But if it was Kajal or any other of his girlfriend..
..then he would have told me earlier.
Rahul doesn't hide anything from me, Tanya.
He is not as simple as you.. - He's a very honest guy.
You don't know these men. You don't know.
What happened to you, Tanya? What's wrong? - Sorry.
The character that I know about men is.. - What?
Forget it, you won't understand. - Tell me, Tanya.
That was in my childhood, Sapna. - Yes, tell me.
I was very young. - What happened?
There was a guy residing in my neighborhood.
He was of Rahul's age. - Then?
I was around seven to eight years. - Yes, tell me, Tanya.
He used to give me a chocolate daily. He had a wife.
One day, my mother expired..
Father used to go to work..
..I used to come back from school and used to go to his house.
I used to wait for my father there. Then one day..
..when his wife wasn't there at home..
..he lovingly made me sit on his laps..
..he started playing with me.
Then he started touching my private parts.
Then he made me do such a thing that I started crying.
Then, he gave me a chocolate.
He lovingly made me understand that I shouldn't tell this to anyone.
Otherwise, he would throw me down from the terrace.
After that.. whenever he felt like..
..he used to do dirty things with me.
I hate these men! That is the reason, I say, stay away from Rahul!
Stay away from him!
Hello. - Hi baby.
Let's go for a movie today.
These two and a half months are not going to be easy.
Come on pal, Rahul.
Where is your boyfriend?
Okay! Girlfriend!
Okay, let's meet at 6.30, at Bay Waters.
We'll go for a movie from there.
Okay, bye.
Sapna, I hope you remember that..
..we have to go to Sonia's birthday party.
Oh yes! But I have made plans with Rahul for a movie.
You are in love, still..
Okay, we'll invite him too.
Wow, I'll just call him okay.
Let me invite him. - Sure.
Number? - 494 3546. - 4943546.
Hello. Is Mr. Rahul there?
What? He has already left.
Mobile. He is not in office. - Oh. 98213.. - 98213.. - 76 621. - 76621.
Hello, hi Rahul, voice mail.
Hi Rahul, this is Tanya here.
I am calling to invite you at a party in the evening at 8.30..
..this is at Bagha beach, bungalow no. 16..
..if you could please make it then Sapna and me both are..
..going to be there and spend the evening together.
And if you could please cancel your program for the movie.
Thank you very much. Bye.
Okay dear? Happy? - Yes.
Excuse me, my cell phone is not working.
Is there no network here? - Even mine is not working.
It wouldn't catch the network here.
Come on Sapna, let's dance baby.
Can we play some better music.
Sapna is not enjoying.
It's the result of being in love. - Being in love?
That too with a boy.
Tensions, problems.. not worth it.
Sir, there's no one at home. - Where're they? - At Bagha beach.
What is the matter with you babe?
Rahul didn't come and even my phone is not working.
He'll be here. I have left a message.
At his office, on his voice mail.
Till then enjoy the evening with me.
Come, come on baby, let's enjoy.
Come on.
I want to end this relationship. - What?
I don't think we two can stay together, happily.
But why, Rahul? - Why!
You are asking why? Don't you have a little sense?
Can't you see what's happening with us?
What has happened to you, Rahul?
You were invited at the party. But did you come?
I was invited at the party! And who invited me?
Tanya had left a message in front of me.
Don't take Tanya's name.
Why do you hate Tanya so much? - Because she..
She is my friend. - She is not your friend.
She's your husband. One, who controls you.
She's your lover who has a hold on you..
..as if she owns your life.
You are crazy! - I've been made crazy.
And that too by your girlfriend.
She is not your girlfriend, she is a guy.
That is enough, Rahul! - Yeah, enough.
That's what I'm trying to say. But remember this..
..she will never allow you to love anyone.
Tanya only wants our happiness. - It's not possible.
Because she only wants you.
I'm just a villain for her.
You have really gone mad, isn't it? - Anyone would have.
Anyone would have because..
..a love triangle like this has never happened before.
And we both are trapped in it. Trapped, totally.
You are trapped. Because you're jealous of our friendship.
This friend will never let you get married.
Why not, Rahul?
Because she won't let you live peacefully even after marriage.
You can go to any corner of this world. Anywhere!
She'll follow you. She won't let you live.
She would only pray that your marriage is a disaster.
In fact, she'll pray that your husband dies.
That's why I think only she attacked me.
Rahul this is the limit. This is really the limit.
You want to hide something else.
I don't need to hide anything but she does.
You want to hide your ex-girlfriend Kajal.
Kajal wasn't my ex-girlfriend.
But Tanya is definitely your girlfriend. - What?
Yes! And I perfectly understand everything, Sapna.
When you both were dancing last night.
It was not like any college games. This game is still on.
You shut up, you sick man.
Yes, you two love each other, don't you?
Just shut up!
You need me, I know. But you also need her.
You can't sleep alone in the night.
That's why you sleep with your girlfriend.
Just shut up! Just shut up!
That's why you didn't come home.
Even when mother was here. Because had you come..
..then your relationship with Tanya would have ended.
Because how much she needs you..
..I'm sure you too need her as much.
I have told you so many times that Tanya is only a friend.
Then you have to decide today between your friend and love.
No! Because after loving you I will never break that friendship.
Because whatever you are saying about Tanya is wrong.
And I'll never break that friendship. - Okay!
One day you will realize the truth..
..but it'll be too late by then.
Because I have decided to leave.
I'm returning to London after selling everything off.
My cars, my house, everything.
That's why I told you that it's necessary to meet.
For the last time.
So good luck and good bye. Have fun with your girlfriend.
What happened?
Rahul.. - What did Rahul do? - Rahul broke our relationship.
It was bound to happen.
I had told you I couldn't see you crying.
Isn't it? And it happened?
Don't worry, baby. I'm here.
I'm here for you.
Can I tell you something, Rahul?
These girls are all traitors. You tell me, why am I ruined?
To hell with both of them. Let them live together.
I'm going to London. I will forget that there..
..was any Sapna in my life.
Let's sit here.
Come on Sapna, cheer up.
That's why I have brought you out from the house.
I am fine, Tanya.
It is a small world.
Let's go somewhere else. - No!
Give me a paper. - Paper? - A blank paper!
Cheers Sapna. - Cheers.
Hi Tanya. - Hi.
It's good that I found both of you here.
Actually, tomorrow night I'm going to London. Forever!
All the best - All the best to you too.
Bye, Sapna.
Sapna, your mascara is running down.
Stop crying, Sapna.
Excuse me.
Happy days are here again. He has gone.
Sapna, Sapna, I love you baby.
Look, we both are alone.
Me for you and you for me.
Didn't I say that all men are alike?
Do you love me?
Leave me alone, Tanya.
Hey, what's there to cry now?
By the way, that man has left.
Come into my arms.
Tonight, we'll sleep together freely.
By the way, I have not slept for many nights. - Why?
Why? How could I sleep when I knew that..
..he was taking you away from me forever.
Would this thought ever let me sleep?
Not even for a second.
That's why we had to be separated. - Separated?
Why would we separate?
You have seen a man's love. Isn't it, Sapna?
You won't do it again.
I am here to love you.
Kiss me baby, kiss me.
There are no such needs that one girl..
..cannot fulfill of another girl.
We don't need men.
We will have a great life together, dear.
That means.. that means you were trying to..
..separate me from Rahul from the beginning.
Of course.
He was not the one for you. - That's why you always created..
..misunderstandings between Rahul and me.
That night when we went to the disco..
..you didn't call him, did you?
Yes, I called him. - Lies! You are lying.
You always gave him the impression..
..that we were having something between us.
Yes! I admit that I did it. Okay.
Aren't you happy? Tell me.
The eyes and the lips on which only I had the right..
..he was trying to get that.
I wished that I would kill him.
I would kill him.
You are very delicate, Sapna.
I should have told you before how much I loved you.
Then all this wouldn't have happened.
Leave me. Let me go from here.
How much will you fight? Where will you go?
This is love.
He already left. - He's not going today.
He'll leave tomorrow.
Rahul secretly gave a letter to me at the restaurant.
He was so right about you.
You are a bloody les..
My lover! My husband! What do you think of yourself?
I had received so many warning signals.
I'm going to him now. I'm going to him.
You can't go anywhere. I can't live without you, Sapna.
Let me go, Tanya. Let me go.
I love him. I love him!
Henceforth you will never see him again.
Can I come in. - Yeah.
I am sorry.
What is this new game, now?
It's not a game. I separated Sapna from you.
I have realized my mistake today.
And why did you do that?
I loved Sapna. You came between us.
So it was true. - Yes!
I am a lesbian.
I boy trapped in a body of a girl.
I wanted that you and Sapna should be together.
But I lost.
I'm sorry for that mistake.
Can I have some water, please.
Some water.
You are here. I was bringing water..
That night I had attacked you.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Are you out of your senses?
Bloody crazy!
Enough! Enough of all this.
She is my girlfriend!
I won't leave you.
I will kill you.
You are crazy! Crazy!
I'll kill you.
Men had tortured me from my childhood.
I hate this gender!
These winds ..
.. are moist!
You had touched Sapna by these hands, hadn't you?
Hadn't you touched my delicate Sapna by these hands?
Is Mr. Rahul at home? - Yes, he is. - He is?
Let him die.
Rahul! - What do men know about love?
They don't know how to love.
Stop this Rahul business.
Stop this!
I hate you! I hate you!
Kill me.
I did all of this for you, dear.
And you say you hate me?
I hate you, you are a bloody witch.
I hate you!
Did you get hurt, dear?
Damn you Tanya, I hate you!
Now I'll show you how death looks in his eyes.
I am so sorry.
You were right.
Enough, Sapna! Enough!
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Girlfriend {HD} - Isha Koppikar - Amrita Arora - Aashish Chaudhary - Hindi Full Movie

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pet published on March 15, 2017
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