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So it turns out that your
dog might well be judging you.
But in a particular way.
When I first saw the headline I
thought it was going to be,
that they are watching you go about
your day, and
they see how you spend your nights,
and your dog's like- >> See what
you eat and they're just like,
reel it in girlfriend, reel it in.
>> He's been sitting there all day.
>> [LAUGH] >> But don't worry,
it's not that.
It's how you interact with other
people, which for me doesn't apply,
but for you it might.
So take a look at this video.
You're gonna see researchers at
Kyoto University Showing,
that dogs have a preference for
people that are helpful.
>> [LAUGH] >> Okay so in that video
you saw me doing this test, where
a women is trying to open it up.
And some people are helpful,
some aren't.
And the dogs can apparently tell,
what do you think about this?
>> Well so the dogs goes for, and
in the original thing he goes for
the person that helped her.
>> Yeah. >> And then in the second
one he goes for- >> He goes for
the passive- >> The passive person.
>> Cuz nobody was helping there.
>> Yeah, I mean I think dogs
are a lot more perceptive than we
even think, right.
I think we recognize that they're
very perceptive, but
I think they're more perceptive
than we even realize.
And they know good behavior versus
bad behavior.
And you can see when there's a bad
guy or something like that, dogs
start barking and they go crazy or
something like that,
because they can recognize, I think
to some extent, threats right?
I mean that that's
a very primal thing, and
they can see that somebody is not
helping their owner,
whomever they're like attached to.
>> Yeah. >> And
they might see that as a threat.
>> Yeah, if they had just done
the first part,
I would have been suspicious.
Because it's easy to think
that the dog is not going,
because that person is helpful, but
just because its attention has been
drawn to that person perhaps.
>> Mm-hm yeah, yeah, yeah. >> But
the passive thing, I mean assuming
they did this enough time and
everything, it does seem legit.
I mean you have to wonder,
how a dog can look at a person and
really know much about that person?
The classic example is,
this is like a bad guy.
>> Yeah. >> And we've
all seen this.
But we also know that that can also
be sort of short-circuited.
Like we all know the dog who hates
every man,
which is every guy who comes in,
he's barking at him- >> Bad guys.
>> They're all bad.
>> They're all bad. >> Calm
down Beyonce.
>> [LAUGH] >> So
that can go wrong too, but
the dogs are definitely watching.
>> My guess is in those situations,
they've experienced a man doing
something bad.
>> I know but I'm saying that-
>> And then can attribute it to
>> Exactly.
>> They're just, they're saving
times- >> Hashtag not all men dog.
>> Stereotype,
we have stereotypes for a reason.
>> Dogs are,
I was gonna say misogynist,
I guess guy-nologists.
I know that sounds [INAUDIBLE].
But yeah, I never actually heard of
a dog that hates women.
>> Are you gonna change your?
Because women are great.
Are you gonna change your behavior?
>> Based on this? >> Based
on this, yeah.
>> I'm a helpful person.
I think that I'm gonna
be just fine.
I do worry that my dog,
I mean my dog hangs around, and
generally he sits on the couch
while I'm doing on the computer,
watching TV or whatever.
>> Sounds like a thrilling life
But that's like two hours a day.
He spends the rest of the day
running around outside with
an adult.
But I do worry,
I'll look over occasionally and
he's just looking at me.
Especially because he won't
go to sleep until I go to sleep.
>> Mm-hm.
>> And so I do worry
what he's learning.
And he does have kind of a judgy
look in his eyes sometimes.
>> Yeah, well don't watch that porn
in front of your dog. >> My dog is
pretty perceptive and judgy.
Well where else am I gonna do it?
Fucking dog.
[LAUGH] >> [SOUND] >> Anyway,
I already got to
avoid the girlfriend,
now I got to avoid the dog too.
Okay, but these are just a few more
things to consider about your dog,
and might affect your relationship
with them going forward.
Now I want you to think
back to your interactions with
people in front of your pet, dog or
otherwise, is it possible that
they've picked up the wrong thing?
Let's know in
the comments down below.
I'll see you in the next video.
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Your Dog Is Definitely Judging You...

999 Folder Collection
Emily published on March 10, 2017
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