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Oh, it's you.
With vegetarian corn dogs!
Come on, Pheebs.
I just want to talk to you.
Oh? About what?
How few ova I have left?
Come on, I just want to apologize
for what happened yesterday.
I'm sorry, Phoebe.
That's okay, Ross.
( kissing noises )
So how did the date go?
Well, it was awful.
I barely got through dinner, okay?
Every time I thought about what you said,
I started crying.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
he spent most of the night
just staring at me in horror
But, you know, I couldn't know for sure cause my eyes were swollen shut.
Pheebs, you know I wasn't trying to make you cry.
I was really trying to say something nice.
I mean, I was basically saying,
even though you've never been
in a serious relationship...
Are we really going to do this again?
So he hasn't called?
Would you call this girl?
( sobbing ): Thanks for... a lovely... evening.
Now I feel terrible.
This is all my fault.
Well, you know what you should feel terrible about?
This could have been my serious guy.
He was... he was sweet and smart and funny.
Do you know how hard it is to meet a guy like that?
We are a rare breed.
( phone rings )
Hey, hey, maybe that's him.
Could you hold on one sec?
I need some privacy.
Is it Mike?
No. It's a heavy breather.
I take what I can get.
I'm listening.
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Friends The One With The Sharks - uncut scene

2063 Folder Collection
黃少寬 published on February 24, 2017
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