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  • Hello and welcome to Keespeek.

  • We'd like to take a minute and share with you what Keespeek is all about.

  • Keespeek is an English language education web site.

  • We specialize in helping you pronounce English correctly and how to converse in English fluently.

  • Keespeek uses proven educational methodology

  • and cutting-edge voice technology to help people achieve their goal of better English pronunciation.

  • Keespeek's team of professional linguists and English as a Second Language instructors

  • has developed an efficient and effective plan to improve your English pronunciation.

  • We understand that new English speakers are hesitan to use their newly acquired language skill;

  • because of their fear of mispronunciation or pronouncing a word or phrase with a heavy accent.

  • And THAT is exactly why we developed Keespeek.

  • Using our program will build your English-speaking skill, and just as important, it will build your confidence.

  • Keespeek provides the same comprehensive program that ordinary class rooms offers.

  • However, we're completely on the World Wide Web.

  • That means you can study at the pace and place of your choice.

  • Any where you have Internet access, you can have a virtual Keespeek classroom.

  • Keespeek's cutting-edge voice analysis technology will access your pronunciation

  • and give you immediate feedback on how well you are pronouncing your English words, phrases, and sentences.

  • All you need is to speak into a microphone connected to your computer.

  • Our system analyzes your pronunciation and gives you a rating. It・s that simple.

  • Specialized English language programs can cost up to hundreds of dollars per month,

  • but since Keespeek is dedicated to bring this to anyone who wants to learn,

  • we are offering our high quality program for substantially less than specialized language programs.

  • Go to to sign up now. And you'll be on your way to better English pronunciation.

  • We hope you'll choose Keespeek to be your key to learning excellent speaking skills,

  • so we encourage you to sign-up now.

  • Let Keespeek help you become both fluent and flawless with your English.

Hello and welcome to Keespeek.

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