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sometimes everyone isn't really everyone
like when people say everyone's on the internet
because the truth is
for each person can get online
there are two that can't
and when you look closer, that everyone looks even less like anyone
in some places, it's more like one in a thousand
in others, it's one in ten thousand
and in some places
no one's online at all
but what if there was a way to light up the entire globe
and finally make all the world's information accessible to all of the world's people?
well, even though today
one in three kids can't get to a real secondary school
everyone could have secondary school come to them
in places where they bring enough doctors
everyone could be helped by doctors in other places
farmers everywhere could start using better weather data
so everyone could enjoy a better harvest
and because small businesses that are on the internet grow twice as fast,
everyone could create
new opportunities for everyone
but how do we bring affordable internet to everyone?
maybe finding an answer starts with looking somewhere new
like up
and trying something different
like balloons
that's right, balloons
because it turns out, that if you use balloons
it's faster and easier and cheaper to give everyone the internet
than it is to give some people the internet.
that's why they're giving it a try
and why there's hope
that someday soon
everyone really will mean everyone.
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Introducing Project Loon

2939 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on June 18, 2013
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