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  • She's asleep.

  • Chandler?

  • What are you doing?

  • Emma was doing it.

  • She's asleep.

  • Ooh, she's asleep, that means we can...

  • Yes, but we have to be fast!

  • Ok, I'll try.

  • And you can't make any noise.

  • Ok, I'll try.

  • Hello?

  • Emma, hey, hi!

  • How are you? How are you?

  • Where are your babysitters, huh?

  • Why's the bedroom door closed?

  • You can't have S-E-X, when you're taking care of the B-A-B-I-E!

  • That was weird. You were loud and I was fast.

  • I think we may have really done it this time.

  • Oh, I wish I didn't have to wait to take a pregnancy test.

  • You may wanna get some more of those too.

  • Where's Emma?

  • Oh my god, where is Emma? where is Emma?

  • Don't ask me. I was in there canoodling you!

  • Okay, okay, I'm sure that Rachel came home early and picked up Emma.

  • You go look across the hall, and I'll call her cell. -Okay.

  • Hey, you better hope that we're pregnant, because one way or another, we're giving a baby back to Rachel.

  • Why the hell did you take her?

  • Because you two were having sex!

  • No, we weren't!

  • Don't you lie to me! I could tell by Chandler's hair.

  • You are so lazy. Can't you get on top for once?

  • Alright, alright, we were.

  • We were trying to make a baby. Monica's ovulating.

  • Hey! It is unacceptable that you two would have sex with Emma in the next room.

  • I'm gonna have to tell Rachel about this.

  • No, no, no.

  • No, please don't. Please, Joey. She will kill us!

  • Hey, I gotta! Unless...

  • Unless what?

  • Unless you name your firstborn child Joey.

  • What? Why?

  • Hey, I may never have kids, and somebody's gotta carry on my family name.

  • Your family name is Tribbiani.

  • You almost had me.

  • Now, wait a minute. So, they're gonna name their first child Joey?

  • Uh-huh.

  • How - how do I get them to name the next one after me?

  • It's easy, you just walk in on them having sex.

  • Oh, so they owe me like, three Phoebes.

  • Oh my god! Look, it's Ross and Rachel. Oh, the plan is working.

  • Don't, don't do the plan.

  • The first date we've had in months, and they were both such disasters.

  • Oh. Huh. You know, it is weird that Phoebe would set me up on a date that was awful

  • on the same night that Joey set you up on a date that didn't even show.

  • Wait a minute; you don't think it was intentional? I mean, that's just stupid.

  • We're geniuses! Yeah, look at them, look at them, they're really bonding.

  • Oh, yeah, they're falling in love all over again.

  • Oh, they see us! Oh, they, they look mad. Oh, they figured it out. They're coming this way. Run!

  • Where?

  • Mexico.

  • Can you believe they're still not here?

  • I know. A double blind date, and we both get stood up. What are the chances?

  • I know, I'm so bummed. Can we have our free crab cakes now?

  • What?

  • We've been stood up. And we want our free crab cakes.

  • Guys, give it a rest. Nobody's betting on you tonight.

  • Although we do have a pool going to see how long it takes that guy to cry.

  • I have such fat hands!

She's asleep.

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