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Hello everyone welcome back to English
with Lucy today I've got a video that
will show you how you can ask native
speakers anything maybe want to know what
a word or phrase means or the difference
between two similar words maybe you
want to ask a question about culture or
maybe you want to help out other people
that are trying to learn about your
language and culture the team behind the
HiNative got in contact with me and asked
me if I would be interested in trying out
their app and seeing if I liked it well
I did that and I didn't just like it I
loved it, it is such a good idea
it's fantastic for those burning questions
that a dictionary just can't answer
sometimes you have questions that you
need to ask a native person so today I'm
going to show you with the help of Hi
Native how you can ask native speakers
anything so firstly, what is HiNative
well it's a culture and language Q&A
question-and-answer application you can
ask native people questions about their
language or their culture the app
supports over 110 languages so if you're
interested in languages
apart from English this will work for
you as well it works on both android and
iphone's but you can also use it in your
web browser on your computer it's great
for advanced users but it's also really
good for beginners because it has
special forms that help you ask the
question in a precise way I'll show you
that in a minute
the best thing about it, it's free
I know, unbelievable it does have a
premium version which includes a few
extra features but the majority of it is
absolutely free and it's completely usable
so it's perfect for anybody on a budget
you can even upload voice recordings of
you speaking and get real feedback from
real native speakers and they can even
reply to you with audio messages
So really is amazing now I've used this app a couple
of times before but I am going to create
a new account with you guys so you see
exactly how to do it and how easy it is so
let's get started with that
ok so I just downloaded the HiNative app
obviously I've already had a look at it
but I want to go from the beginning to
show you guys exactly how you can do it
and how easy it is so let's open the app so you can
sign up with twitter facebook or Lang-8
and you can also sign up with your email
account so I'm going to sign up with my
email account then so my username will
be EnglishLucy my email [email protected]
and my password
ok I'm going to choose my native
language I'm going to pretend that I'm a
foreign person here so I'm going to choose
Umm Spanish I think from Spain and I want to learn
British English there we are okay next
yes of course I want the newsletter right
I'm going to have a go asking some more
so there are lots of different options
you can ask does this sound natural
so the does this sound natural part means
that I can write something and a native
person will respond to me and tell me
whether it sounds like natural English
or not
ok let's test this out then let's see if
I can make a small mistake
what will I say
I went to the shop for to buy potatoes ok so I
will post that then and then people
will vote whether it sounds natural
a little natural unnatural or I don't
ok now there's something really special
about the does this sound natural option
because you can record yourself reading
out the sentence and people will tell
you if your English sounds natural or
not and I know a lot of you will love
that feature because I receive a lot of
voice messages in my facebook inbox so
let's try the rain in Spain falls mainly
on the plain it's sentenced to practice the 'ei'
sound so the rain in Spain falls
mainly on the plain right so I will
post that right let's have another go
what does this mean what does ok let's
say to have cold feet
let's see what people say about that one
ok what's the difference then ok what
about "can" and "jar" that's one I had the other
what's the difference between "can" and
"jar" great
ok right you can also have a free
question you can ask things about
okay well let's ask when do...
when do people from the UK normally eat lunch
ok right posted that right so I've left it a
little while no longer than 15 minutes
and I'm now going to check all the
responses I've had for my questions so
Oh! I've had a lot! right so what is the difference
between "jar" and "can" look this amazing person
has responded with pictures
So we've got can these examples of cans can of
coke can of beans and an example of a jar
fantastic so people can respond with
pictures now explains better than any words
ok then we've got people are saying
It sounds a little natural or unnatural
yap someone has said that I went to the shop
to buy potatoes so that for that incorrect
for was taken out fabulous
what does cold feet to have cold feet
mean. Oh look that this fantastic person has
responded again they say not literally to feel
like you're about to change your mind
before it happens people often say about
wedding when someone nervous and
starting to reconsider perfect! I'm so
excited about this app it's amazing
okay what about this one the rain in
Spain falls mainly on the plain six people
said I sound natural one person said I
sound a little bit unnatural who was
that Spanish 'será hijo de puta!?'
so we have when do English people
normally eat lunch
oh we've got someone English so one
person could Nathan said for myself
between 12 noon and 2pm that another
person who hasn't understood the
question says most people do but I don't
I said when and the other person that
lovely English puppy says 12pm to 2pm so I
got my questions answered
I'm so so impressed with that app if you're
interested in downloading this
application all the information is in the
description box do you know I'm really really
impressed with that app I can't believe I got so
many answers so quickly I'm genuinely
going to use that my Italian actually
what a fantastic idea why has nobody
done that before that's genius so yes that's
it for today's lesson I hope you enjoyed
it I hope you learnt something obviously
you learnt something you learnt how to
use this fabulous app and get your
questions answered by real native speakers so
I will see you very soon for another
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黃浩瑋 published on February 6, 2017
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