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[2nd of June, night time]
[BiiRu has acted up]
[My brain blanked out and stopped all work I was afraid yet also expectant for this moment to arrive] (This video contains footage with blood)
Hello, everyone. BiiRu has begun acting up.
The first one has just been born.
Now I'm going up to the volunteer's place.
I've already bought the isopropyl alcohol.
I need to walk up ten floors,
so I'm going to stop talking.
BiiRu, work hard!
[Finally saw her]
Push the other ones out, yes.
Put some energy into it. [Preparing for the second one]
Why do you look so cute?
Come on. Yes, work hard.
You can do it, baby.
You need to born the babies out.
Come on, harder. Come on, BiiRu. [Softly pushing on the belly helps with the birthing]
VOLUNTEER: Is she willing to born the second one yet? HANA: I don't think so.
HANA: It's normal, right?
VOLUNTEER: It's normal. Usually after two, they'll need chicken essence, in fear that they would lose energy.
HANA: Sometimes, I suspect this is not the second pregnancy.
VOLUNTEER: It must not be.
V: I've told you yesterday that when you hold her neck, she has poses ready for mating.
V: She has basically become a birthing machine.
V: She is ready at all times. The moment her neck is squeezed, she lifts her bottom.
HANA: Then that means, she might...
V: Those that has never given birth or have once or twice won't be like that.
One boy and one girl.
Sake, Soju,
Now BiiRu has given birth to two,
one older and one younger.
BiiRu is now resting.
Next to her, there's chicken essence and also canned food,
they're for if she runs out of energy.
She's now breathing very heavily.
It must hurt.
I hope she births the third and fourth one soon,
also hope they will be healthy.
Due to consuming a large amount of medication, the eldest and the second eldest
their back legs are a bit out of shape.
So we'll see if we can correct it while they grow.
But the interesting thing is, their father's race is unknown,
so two Exotic Shorthairs has been born (suspecting).
We'll continue to cheer BiiRu on.
[She's so tired she only eats/drinks when fed]
[The third one is out!]
[But only one leg is out first]
[Moreover, BiiRu doesn't have enough strength]
[So she needs help]
[Otherwise it will take too long and the child will die]
[Cutting the umbilical cord]
Why are you curling your tongue?
[Continuing to brush, a fourth one could still be felt inside. The fourth one is on the way]
[Heng Zai becomes helplessly nervous]
[The last one is like the previous one]
[One of the leg came first]
[The other leg keeps pushing on the inside]
[At this time, BiiRu is in a lot of pain]
[The voluntary lady is carefully helping her give birth]
[Emergency help for the baby]
They've all been healthily born into this world.
They're all white.
Their ears are a bit folded, like a doll.
They also curl their tongue and have a flat face. I don't know what kind they are.
- They aren't any babies anymore, right? - No.
Good job, BiiRu! Hurry and eat!
Wow, she was so quick too.
I think she only used one hour? And a bit? Two hours?
She breathing a sigh of relief. Wasn't it difficult?
[BiiRu doesn't have the nature of a mother] BiiRu, breast milk is very healthy, why don't you try feed them?
If you feed them,
the babies will become stronger and smarter. [Ignores]
Look at you, you broke the mat while birthing...
BiiRu, you were so brilliant. Everyone is so proud of you.
Good job, BiiRu.
V: She's a very lazy mother.
H: She's usually very lazy too.
V: She's not planning to feed them at all.
V: She's only using them for cushioning.
H: She's using her children as cushions.
H: Try it, feed them milk.
[In the end, BiiRu didn't feed them at all] H: BiiRu doesn't look happy at all.
Thanks for everyone's concern,
the four kittens have already been born.
Good job, all of you.
Thank you for everyone's help and advice,
and also for the volunteer's constant help.
It might be due to close relative breeding or medication,
all four of BiiRu's children have out-of-shaped hind legs.
But we will try our best to let all five of them live on healthily.
The road is going to be long.
Whether they can walk with their legs or if they can jump around healthily like other cats?
Will close relatives breeding give them FIP?
There are a lot of unknowns,
but these worries can actually be avoided.
BiiRu is only one of the cats that have been through a breeding factory.
There are currently still a lot of familial breeding factories or private breeding that keeps torturing them.
Human's momentary desires lead to their lifetime of suffering.
why do we need to confine love to their breeds?
There are actually a lot of cats and dogs waiting to be adopted.
If you're able, try looking through a variety of platforms. Give them a home. [Details in info box]
Adoption over purchasing. (Subtitles by Jamiey)
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285 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on February 5, 2017
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