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- Do I, or have I, ever disappointed you?
- My name is Deranged Pitt,
and he just happens to be my brother.
- I'm Chris, and we're related.
- People always think you're older than me.
- Do they? - Yeah.
- Woo. - I don't fuckin' know why.
- Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
Boom, alright.
Who's the better looking sibling?
- Next question.
- My hair's way better than yours.
- Woah hold on a second man.
- Like my shit is just like, just perfectly, just--
- Looks like some butt plugs man.
- Who is the better looking sibling?
- Take a shot. - I don't have--
- Actually I'll pour it.
- Looks like some anal toy you'd
pick up at the White Center adult store.
- I was like, is this, yeah okay, I can say it too.
- Your shit looks like Sasquatch's pubic hairs.
- Didn't you get dropped when you were a baby?
- No I, what? - Yeah, you dropped her.
- Yeah I was holding you and I dropped you.
- Is that why you're the fuck up?
- Maybe.
- How many sexual partners have you had?
- Oh fuck me (laughter)
- Why don't you just go ahead and throw
that number out there bruh, just tell them,
one you know what I'm saying, I mean shit.
- Who is the sluttier sibling?
- I was a huge slut, but I owned it, I was like, yeah.
- Yeah, I got that shit.
- I get that dick, in my pussy.
- Get that dick put that deep. - All the time.
- But you used protection?
- Yeah.
- Who is the sluttier sibling?
I would like to say Deranged Pitt without a doubt.
- I'm a nasty bastard, I'm a deranged nympho.
- Which parent do you like better, why?
- Ooo, I don't know, like better,
I guess I'll take a shot because I can't really decide.
- Which parent do you like better?
- Oh my God, are we showing this to our parents?
- They don't even know what YouTube is.
- They don't know what the internet is.
- So, dad. (laughter)
- Do your friends think I'm hot?
- No. - Fair enough.
- Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
- Why didn't you tell me that man?
- I thought I did?
- No you never tell me that shit, I need to hear that.
- Do your friends think I'm hot?
- Yeah. - Which ones?
- For sure, Ryan.
- But have you actually had physical contact, sexually with
one of my friends or exes? - Yeah.
- Who?
- You dirty dog. - I'm not gonna say who.
- What is my biggest flaw?
- You give chances, you give people more chances than they deserve.
- If you could change one thing about me what would it be?
- Your fuckin' face man. - Too similar to yours?
- Have you ever had sex in my bed?
- Ew no. - No, my God.
You've had sex in your bed and that's enough reason not to.
- Have you ever had sex in my bed?
- Thought about it, did not though.
I know you don't wash your blankets.
- How dare you.
- Have you ever had sex in my bed?
- Yeah. - Are you serious?
What do you mean? When?
- Talk about it later.
- No, I don't want to talk about it later.
- I've had sex in your bed. - I know you have.
- Yeah, I avoid pillow areas on your bed.
- That's nice of you, yeah, I hit every area on your bed.
- Oh, what's my favorite sex position?
- Is it cowgirl, you like to be on top? No? Oh.
- I had to think about it, I hadn't thought about you
having sex before. - I know, it's horrific.
- Can I guess again or do I just automatically.
- Missionary? - 69?
- Reverse cowgirl? - Doggy?
- Doggy? - Doggy?
- Doggy seems to be the consensus for everyone.
- I think a lot of people like doggy.
- When it happens you go bow wow wow, yipee ki yipee yay.
- Whatever the prone style is where you're just smashing.
- Do the doggy fresh you know. - Oh my God.
- You already know what mine is.
- Doggy, you said it to dad, weirdo.
- Yeah, I'm classic, I'm classic bitch.
- So just for the fuck of it, shots,
you know what I'm sayin'?
- This is my brother man - I mean why not?
This is what we're here for.
- Cheers. - Cheers buddy.
- No. - Nope.
- We don't have a handshake. - Nah you know like--
- Every time we see each other we just kind of like
I'll just punch him in the face like that.
- Yeah, I'll see him and just be like hey bro what's good.
- I won't hear a door open, and all
of a sudden I'll just see a knuckle.
- That's why you're my wingman,
you are my caramelized onion.
- No you're the onion, I'm the oil, I make you taste good.
- You're the caramel to my onion.
- No because there's no caramel in caramelized.
- Louis. - Yeah Shawn?
- Do you love me? - Absolutely bro.
- Thank you.
- Do you love me? - I love you.
- I love you too.
- Do you guys love me? - Yeah, I love you.
- Do you love me? - Yeah.
- What? - I said yeah.
- Fuck you. - I said yeah.
- You're supposed to say I love you.
- Oh I love you.
- Am I a good brother? - Good brother?
Fuck yeah he's a good brother.
- Boom motherfucker.
- Hey guys I'm Chris, thank you so much for watching
Truth or Drink, I actually played it with my family.
Didn't go so well though, we don't
talk to each other anymore.
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I think that's it, back to you Phil.
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Truth or Drink - Siblings

129809 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on March 18, 2017    Megan translated    Mii Wei reviewed
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