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  • New Rules:

  • Donald Trump is the grown-up version

  • of every pain-in-the-ass kid

  • whoever sat behind you on a plane

  • kicking the back of your seat

  • while the parents did nothing.

  • "Little Logan is just exploring."

  • No, little Logan is being a dick,

  • and if you won't shove him in the overhead bin, I will.

  • Stop trying to pin the rise of Donald Trump

  • on easy targets like

  • racism, xenophobia, and fetal alcohol syndrome,

  • and put the blame where it belongs

  • - on the self-esteem movement.

  • Have you noticed that nobody,

  • nobody ever does anything better than Donald Trump?

  • "Nobody builds walls better than me...

  • I will be the greatest job president...

  • Nobody knows the system better...

  • Nobody would be tougher on ISIS...

  • Nobody loves the Bible more...

  • There's nobody better at the military...

  • I could be more presidential than anybody."

  • He really said all those things.

  • Trump is the perfect candidate for the country

  • that scores low in math and science,

  • but off the charts in self esteem.

  • A study of eight developed countries

  • found that U.S. students were dead last in math skills,

  • but No. 1 in confidence in math skill.s

  • Yes, we're No.1 in thinking we're No.1.

  • And when the numbers don't validate that confidence?

  • We change the numbers!

  • In the '60s, at Yale, 10% of all grades were A's.

  • Now, it's 62%.

  • Donald Trump is the epitome

  • of what they say on reality shows.

  • "Hey, the most important thins is just 'you doing you'."

  • Yah, but what if "you" is a big asshole?

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New Rules:

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Bill Maher Animated Narration of Donald Trump

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    Kristi Yang posted on 2017/02/03
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