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Hey, everyone! It's Dr. Sandra McStuffins here with my little baby patient Adam, and
we are going to do his first newborn toy checkup today, using this really cool Doctor Playset,
and you can check out his heart, take a look at his ears, give him a shot. Uh-oh, you do
not like the idea of a shot, do you? He's like “No, no shots!” That's okay. It's
just pretend. So, um, let's open it up and we'll give him his first little newborn checkup.
Okay. Here's our Doctor Playset all assembled. Actually, it wasn't too bad to assemble, and
now we can do Adam's first little checkup. Now, the first thing I have to do as a doctor
is wash my hands, 'cause we got to worry about germs here especially with babies. So, I wash
my hands. There we go. Scrub both sides. There we go. I feel like that is good, and now,
we'll start his checkup. The first thing that you do is check his heart rate, so I got a
stethoscope right here, and I'll use this. And you put it right on his chest here and
we'll listen to his heart rate. Heheheh. He's like “I'm at the doctor!” But you got
a good, healthy, heart rate. Next, we're going to weigh him. This is an international set,
so it's in grams, and I don't know if Baby Adam is going to fit here, so let's weigh
his cute little baby foot instead. There we go. Two point eight grams! Now, I'll check
his temperature with this thermometer. And then for babies too, they usually have thermometers
that can either go in your mouth, or armpit, or, uh-oh! We won't mention the other part.
So, let's do the thermometer in his armpit. Oh, you're nice and calm now. You like that?
And it says thirty-six degrees Celsius, so hopefully, that's normal, but the cool thing
is if you press this, it changes. So, it kind of moves so it looks like you're giving him
his temperature. Nice and healthy, though and now that he is happy and calm, we have
this. This is for his ears. Let's check his ears. Here we go, buddy! Nice and good! No
ear infection in this side. Nice and healthy. And we have some more things. Let's see. What
is this? “Medical Centre” it says, and it's some pills, so we don't need pills babies
yet. He's a little too little for that, but one thing babies get is shots when they're
little. And, um, they usually put shots in their thigh right up here, 'cause that's the
most fatty part of their body, and you might not like the shot, so let's put you down.
Here we go. And right here, who like “Brings back memories”, so you do this. Joop! And
now you have your shot! Hey, good job! You were brave. You didn't cry. You actually look
more sleepy than anything else right now. Okay. Now let's check out these. So we have
a box of calcium pills. He's got a bottle, so he doesn't really need calcium right now.
But, we have some more pills, and a kind of interesting looking nurse with a shot. She
looks a little scary, actually. So we'll avoid those, but Band-Aids are okay for babies.
Let's see if we have any band-aids in here. One. Oop! One Band-Aid. Here, little Adam.
Oh, he's falling asleep. He says “Night-night, everybody!” Oh. Yeah. Babies get tired really
easily, so let's give him a little Band-Aid. Um, my kids like to use Band-Aids kind of
more as stickers, so they'll like barely scratch themselves and go “I need a Band-Aid!”
So, we'll give him this little Darth Vader one. Super scary. So, we'll put it on his
arm. Here we go. It's like a little tattoo sticker kind of thing. Very cute. Oh, he has
no idea of what's going on! Let's see. And then, we have another box here for a thermometer,
and this is just where our thermometer came from. And the last thing we have is a burp
rag which is actually really useful. Oh, Doc McStuffins outfit is really slippery. And
then, we burp him over here like this, and then he won't spit up on my uniform. Well,
little Baby Adam passed his newborn checkup with flying colors, and he did so well he
fell asleep! He's the cutest little thing ever, so please make sure to like this video.
Subscribe to the Disney CarToys Channel. And I have a really good question for you guys.
In the comments, let me know what you think little Adam dreams about, 'cause he's snoring
all day long, and I'm wondering if he's dreaming about toys or cookies or maybe just running
around. Who knows? Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video and click on the question
mark to watch a mystery video. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!
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Baby Doctor Check Up Playset Dr Sandra McStuffins Newborn Hospital Visit + Shots by DisneyCarToys

154 Folder Collection
Sally Ko published on January 20, 2017
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