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I'm Katherine, and today I'm going to help you learn some vocabulary in English in the world of Business and Finance.
Increase means to go up, or to get bigger in value.
Last quarter, sales increased by 34 percent.
Increase can be a noun or a verb.
We hope to see an increase in sales.
This is an example of the word "increase" used as a noun.
The opposite of "increase" is "decrease".
Obviously, it means to go down, and it, too, can be a noun or a verb.
If you want to talk about an increase that happened a little bit over a long period of time,
we call this in English a "steady increase" or a "gradual increase".
You can think of it as walking.
To describe an increase or decrease that happened quickly over a short period of time, we call this a "sharp increase" or a "sharp decrease".
There are several way to say these ideas: drop, go down, fall, decrease, or the opposite: increase, rise or go up.
Here are the name of some common charts you see in business.
One is a graph, sometimes called a line chart.
Next, a pie chart.
And finally a bar graph.
Let's practice some sentences you might hear in business English.
1. The bar graph shows a sharp drop in sales.
2. The graph shows a gradual drop in traffic.
3. The pie chart shows an increase in sales.
Okay, so now you know some basic English terms.
So go out there and make some moolah!
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English Vocabulary: Business and Finance

517 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on January 23, 2017    Angel Cheng translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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