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Excuse me, Ms. Peterson. May I ask you a question about the Larsen account?
Sure, Mr. Powell. How can I help?
Well, do you know if the boss wants us to finish the proposal with a lot of details, or does he want a sketch of a basic plan of action for their marketing campaign?
Well, I know the Larsen company is still looking at other advertising agencies.
So I think we should put our best foot forward and give a lot of details. Show them what we do.
Right, ok, we want to be in the running for future business with them.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Make a good proposal and sell it.
Yes, you're right. I need to focus on first things first.
Would it be okay if I run my proposal by you when I finish?
Sure, I would be glad to give you my two cents.
Great! Thank you, I look forward to your help.
You're welcome, no problem at all!
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Business English: Talking with a co-worker

15837 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on March 13, 2019    Sabrina Hsu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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