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(playful music)
-Featuring Good 'ol--
- Charlie Brown.
-By Schulz.
(bouncy, playful music)
- Stupid dog.
What are you following me around for?
Am I supposed to be honored by your presence?
(orchestral music)
Go on!
Get out of here!
What makes you think everybody
wants you around all the time?
- Oh Snoopy.
There you are.
I'm so happy I found you.
I was just going to--
- I've taken enough of your insults.
Come on, you and I are gonna fight.
(rock music)
- I was saying your supper's ready, Snoopy.
I set it right over there if you want it.
- Come on.
Forget about eating.
Fight like a man.
No, I'm not gonna shake hands.
If you want to get out of this fight,
you're going to have to apologize by kissing my hand.
(stomach grumbling)
(sad horn playing)
(kissing sound)
I accept your apology.
(bouncy, playful music)
- What's a little pride when your stomach is concerned?
(playful song)
(bouncy, silly music)
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Fight For Food | Peanuts | Cartoon Network

68049 Folder Collection
nini published on March 11, 2017    Kat translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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