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  • its 2015

  • we all have a smartphone

  • its cool

  • It's convenient

  • But at times it gets full

  • another times you need to send someone a big file

  • something most of us do via USB

  • just one problem

  • smartphones don't have USB

  • so what are your options

  • Facebook

  • E-mail

  • Sure you could use a cloud or Google Drive

  • but

  • come on

  • we're talking about smartphones here

  • Not PCs

  • None of these solutions are convenient when you are out and about

  • So

  • weve built a better solution

  • the NextDrive Plug

  • A super smart micro IoT computer

  • that can easily make any USB device wireless

  • and connected to your smartphone

  • especially devices like USB

  • Webcams

  • Hard d rives

  • and CD-ROMs

  • With the NextDrive Plug

  • You can build your own secure cloud by simply plugging in a hard drive

  • backing up photos and sharing photos and files with your friends and family

  • has never been easier

  • Store as many files as you like with no monthly fees

  • What about a webcam?

  • check this out

  • connect your NextDrive Plug to a webcam

  • and suddenly

  • You can use your smartphone to keep an eye on your home

  • Pet

  • or even significant other from anywhere on the planet

  • even the North Pole

  • What about CD-ROMs and Audio CDs?

  • Connect a CD-ROM drive to your Next Drive Plug

  • and you can either stream your audio CD to your phone

  • or

  • directly rip it to mp3 format wirelessly

  • Looks like It’s time to bust out that CD collection again!

  • see what I mean

  • It's easy

  • and

  • It works

  • this is the NextDrive plug

its 2015

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