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Mother! - Did you have lunch, Arul?
I ate in flight, mother.
Okay, give the phone to driver.
Mother, he's going at 60 KMPH only, even if I ask to go faster, he won't go.
Okay dear, go home and take rest. - Mother!
Mother, I'm coming directly to factory. Before you step on dais, I'll be there.
I welcome all the workers of Bhuvaneshwari Spinning Mills.
I request our Managing Director madam Bhuvaneshwari to address you.
Greetings to all of you.
There's a reason for calling you all!
I could've celebrated this event amidst Auditors and Lawyers within a room.
But I like to share the celebration with you.
You know my son was studying in foreign till now.
He has finished his studies and returned to India.
So, I'm handing over my duty and responsibility in the factory to my son.
What's up, Mallibabu? Any special occasion in that lady's factory!
Loud noise is hurting my ears!
Yes sir, your younger brother's wife has given all the responsibility to her son.
Not only that, announced 16 percent bonus for Dasara, sir.
Why? - May be good profit!
Hit with slippers. Should we watch blindly whatever she does!
Don't shout, please come. - Is it because we're silent on her decisions?
If she does like this, business will go kaput. - Please come inside, hubby.
To squander wealth like this. She'll know pain if she works hard.
Please take rest for some time.
Keep quiet! What if our workers ask same bonus from us.
How can I get sleep now?
After being your wife for so many years, don't I know how to put you to sleep!
Who is that fool blocking the road with vehicle?
Who is that fool?
Hey, I'm giving you 10 minutes time, talk to anyone who can pay Rs.2 crores.
Why? - Asking why?
One more punch and your heart will break into pieces.
Did you come this far from Vizag?
Had you informed me earlier about your arrival,
I'd have deposited Rs.2 crores in your ICICI Bank account.
Then, boy...
Tomorrow morning between 10 to 10.30 AM, kidnap my two sons.
I'll wait for you by evening depositing Rs.5 crores in HDFC Bank.
Are you making fun of me?
Pick up and talk.
Just 5 minutes only, money must come here.
Pick up the phone.
Pick it tell them to get Rs.2 crores.
If you shoot here, I will die.
You won't get a penny.
Brother, shall I shoot the old man? He's non-paying asset.
It may affect our next settlement. Come.
What if the old man goes to police?
The old man is miser, he'll not go to police.
It’s waste coming to Nuzvid.
Oh no! Oh sir! Your finger!
Forget about that nasty thing, man.
While hitting Rs.10 coin fell from his pocket. Find it first.
Greetings! Are you fine, madam?
Greetings! Are you fine, madam?
Can you recognize her? - She's Meenakshi granny, right?
Arul, wait....Lalitha.
What's it, madam?
Your child is crying outside, check why it is crying?
Yes, madam. - Stop.
We struggle to make money for our children's welfare only.
No need to be here making it cry there, go.
There may be many Gods, can they replace you, O mother?
Even on paying billions of rupees, can I get your love?
Though I gave my blood, can it equal your sacrifice?
To repay my gratitude to you, is this one life enough, mother?
You're live temple to me...
She works without caring about rain or shine...
Her children are her world...
She melts like candle to give light...
She forgets about her pain in the smiles of her children...
Mother is living temple to me...
You treated her in hospital for 6 months.
Its 2 month since you brought her here.
But still she hasn't come out from coma
To tell you the truth, these are her last few days.
Better she spends it in the house she lived.
Get up, brother....Come here.
You want back your mother. - Yes.
What have you done till now for your mother to get well?
I told you.. will take her to foreign hospital...
You spent the money your mother earned.
What have you done?
I don't have anything.
If you have, will you give it? - Yes
Will you give whatever I ask?
I will give...whatever you may ask, I will give.
Your money...honour...identity!
Giving up everything for few days!
Can you give it up for the sake of your mother?
You grew up without knowing what hunger is!
From today...
Begging from every passerby...
Live life of a beggar...
Can you live like a beggar for a period of 48 days for your mother?
If I do it, would I get back my mother?
If you do like this...
Without asking would my mother get well if I beg!
You said if I do like that would my mother get well!
You didn't even utter the word beg.
How can you live like a beggar then?
It's not the question of would she get well,
Can you do it is the question?
It's a belief that if you do, it'll happen.
With the same belief.
Lakhs of mothers would be praying to beget children,
to make her child speak,
for good future of their children,
they would be begging for alms in streets,
but they never asked any question like you.
Why they didn't raise this question?
Because children are a part of her body, blood and soul.
But for us, she's just mother!
Our mothers carried us before this world.
Mother will do anything for her children's welfare.
If you want your mother, you must fulfill the vow utmost care.
This vow is not that easy to fulfill.
In these 48 days you mustn't use your name or fame anytime or for any situation
Under any circumstances nobody must know who you are.
Your every day must begin with empty hands.
I need to think.
Please help me to sit, son.
Will I die, son?
I wish to spend some more time with you, son.
Arul, will you save your mother?
Your paternal uncle is here.
See the production rating.
Your 2 mills have fallen to down to 6th place.
Though, your mother is in coma for many months now
I never came to see her, yet today I'm here because.
I came to warn your way of doing business is wrong.
Okay uncle, my mother is not well, I'm unable to concentrate on business.
Then, don't run it, sell it off, at least you'll be left with principle.
Okay uncle, both big and small factories I will sell it off.
Please co-ordinate with uncle, Rajesh.
If we find a good buyer and I'll sell it off.
I will not be here for 48 days, Rajesh. - Why?
Don't ask me. I will call you on phone.
Signing authority letter is on my office table.
Take care of everything. - How can I...
For all others I'm on foreign trip, okay?
Mother, bye.
Excuse me...forgot your jacket.
Hello sir...Come here.
Why are you leaving your bag?
Sorry sir...I want to go to rest room.
This is offence, take it.
Sir, Rs.340.
Keep the change. Okay? - Thank you, sir.
This vow is not that easy to fulfill
In these 48 days
You mustn't use your name or fame under any circumstances.
Nobody mustn't know who you are!
Sir...madam... Sir...madam...Charity please.
Sir...madam, please show mercy!
Hey, give me.
Share it.
Give I say
Sir gave it to everyone. - Give me.
Rs.8200! - Rs.8200?
He's Kalidas in day and Devadas at night!
Got it?
Sir. - Tell me, where do you want to go, sir?
Paper. - Paper? Okay, take it.
You refused to utter the word beg also
How can you live the life of a beggar?
Madam, please give alms.
Lord, please give alms.
Lord, please give alms.
Madam, please give alms.
Sir...alms please!
Dying with hunger, sir. Give me some money, sir.
Hold this.
Bloody! You're strong like a bull, are you begging?
Go away!
Why are you staring at me? Get me that stick, boy!
Go away, I'm telling you...get out.
These are the guys who snatch chains.
If I see you in this area again, I'll kill you.
Go away...go away...
Sir, please give me alms!
I'm dying with hunger, sir.
Sir, please give me alms!
Yearning for a meal...
Beg to live a day...
Where's humanity?
If rich shower little mercy on poor... There won't be any poor...
God, open your eyes and see... All are your children...
Every life born in this world searches for something though one has everything...
Everyone is a beggar...
Gathering wealth for unborn future generation...
God is the only protector for the poor dying in hunger...
Whether you get or whether you don't get what you search...
It's insult and disappointment... every day...
What's there for you in life to live all these years?
Before you depart from world, you'll see God...
Sir, I'm hungry.
I can offer only free tea. Can I offer paper cup also?
Get your glass.
Come this side, man. Give way to customer.
Sir, you please come in.
Come in and sit, sir. Come in, sir.
Catch him...catch him...
Hey, come quickly man.
Remove...remove... do it fast....come...
I want to see MD.
Cotton division, sir.
Please use the second gate, sir. - Okay.
Welcome sir, please come. - Come, Seth.
Is Arul there?
Would you like to have tea, sir?
No thanks. Need to attend SIIMA meeting.
Are you ready with valuation papers?
One minute, sir. - Get it quickly.
Arul loves Italian cuisine.
He has won best chef award also.
Take it.
Seth, talk to Arul yourself. - Okay, sir.
I wanted to ask this but forgot. Arul's phone is switched off for 2 days.
That is...
I'm his paternal uncle. Shouldn't you tell me also?
Not like that, sir.
Did he go away to Bangkok or Malaysia again?
Yes, sir.
Okay, give me his number. Seth wants to talk to him.
No number, said he will call me. Didn't give his number.
Don't you've his number? - No sir.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, is Arul in there?
Passport renewal has come. - Give me that.
Why did he lie to me?
How could he board flight without passport?
They're hiding something.
Value of both factories together is 487 crores.
Are just mills having that much value?
Then, both together will come to 1000 crores.
Our property is very less compared to them, sir.
Boss, please leave me, I beg you. - I'll kill you.
I've more property than him.
But my wife gave birth to two sons. My property will get divided into two.
But he's the lone heir to 1000 crores.
Uncle, red sari will offer 2 rupees, 5 rupee bet.
Will give 5 rupee, 2 rupee bet. - Bet? Bet! please.
Hey, 2 rupees, take out 5 rupees.
Why should I? Red sari will offer 5 rupees, she gave 2 rupee only.
I said she'll offer 2 rupee and 5 rupee as bet.
You're cheating me.
Come on, pay up. - You heard it, right?
Don't play cheating game. God. Benevolent lord!
Why did you come away so quickly?
Once you something as charity, you mustn't come back for it.
Isn't it, uncle?
I want to join with you and... - Really, sir? You too? Why?
Every man coming into this profession has a flashback story.
If we hear his flashback, we'll weep.
We may have to return the money he gave us, is it okay?
Sir, please sit.
Welcome...sit down.
Why are you sitting like in cash counter?
Sir sincerely like a beggar. Get up!
Get up...sit down!
Turn this side.
You entered our profession but your face is shining with health drinks.
Even Mother Teresa may not feel pity on seeing your face.
Koti! - Ready uncle!
Your skin is healthy like bun.
Look is okay.
Do I've to use it every day? - No need, just for 2 or 3 days only,
Heroes are rusty in earlier films.
Couple of films later audience accept him as their hero.
Does it mean hero got handsome?
It's nothing but setting up audience mind.
Likewise make our clients too accept you as quickly as beggar.
Okay, sir.
One more important thing, never disturb devotees entering temple.
We must first let them beg from God inside,
when they come out, we must beg from them.
Like that
Like this means it’s theirs... if it is like this, it is ours...
Okay, prayer is getting over, clients will come out now,
let's do our business now.
Madam...madam....please give me alms.
Please give charity, sir.
Please give charity, sir.
No improvement.
Legs are swollen for 2 days and high temperature too.
Where are you, Arul?
I am sorry.
Hello, you don't know me.
A man you know got drunk and has fallen down here.
Yes, your number was in received call list.
Yes, wine shop near complex.
What's this, Mahi?
Just some child's drunken father, mother
Poor child would be waiting in home eagerly for this book, right?
You must every day with empty hands!
Please help me, sir.
Please offer something, sir.
Did you give when I asked?
I'm hungry, please give me something, sir.
Hey, wait.
Hey wait, there's police man at this signal.
I'll give at the next signal.
Got it, dear.
Arul, come to auto. Come...come...
Charles Diana!
Thank you, God bless me. - Thank you so much, madam.
Big sister, dollars!
Thank you...thank you...
How many dollars you want to exchange?
15 dollars
Did you count it properly?
953 rupees after deducting commission.
Take your first Rs.300, don't ask balance.
Shall we go?
Must buy a new shirt, this is stinking.
Arul, come this side. This is out flat, dude.
Come in...step in with right foot.
Don't hesitate, come in.
This is our shoppers shop! Is it good?
You asked for shirt, right?
This is our Chermas shop.
All these were worn by Navy men.
They're sold cheap on harbour platform.
What's your size?
How come you've so many...?
What's this, bro?
With what we get, after spending 40 or 50 for breakfast and lunch,
with the balance money, can we buy a flat?
Even then for our profession...
What do you think of beggars?
Would they've to keep on begging all through the day?
Would Doctors be busy 24 hours with injections?
Everyone hits wine shop after 6 and surrenders himself to home.
They enter into their personal lives, right?
Likewise beggars too have a personal life after 6 PM.
Check if this fits you.
Take whatever you want at anytime from this.
Okay, come let's sit and talk. - No problem.
Hey, I'm calling you to do ironing. Come and sit here.
Don't come tomorrow with this shirt to beg.
They won't offer a penny also.
For 2 rupee they offer, they expect us to be blind,
do we like to stink in these clothes and without bath to beg?
If we're clean, they don't feel like giving charity.
Does a beggar have only stomach? There's a heart above it.
It too likes to stay clean.
It too likes to live honourably.
At least after 6 PM, we'll live clean as our heart wishes.
You take bath and wear this dress, eat whatever you want to eat, go.
Trust me, I really hit this fly.
But unexpectedly...
You didn't wash your hand yet.
One small pizza, please.
What's this boss? Brother got us down here silently?
Not a penny in hand too. - Yes, buddy.
Bar is also open. My hands are shivering.
Look there!
If you have 1000 rupees, how much would you put in donation box?
I'll put Rs.10.
If someone is offering more than Rs.200.
How big shot he could be?
How much more money would there be in his pocket?
Hey, give me Rs.1000.
1000? I don't have Rs.1000.
Then, give me Rs.500.
Really I don't have any money, just now I put everything in donation box.
Are you cooking stories?
Putting all your money in donation box, are you going out to beg?
Yes, sir.
Hey! If I hit you... Are you making fun of me?
Sir, I'm telling you truth.
From what I get in begging, deducting my expenses, I offer balance as charity.
If not I'll offer the money to temple.
Yesterday foreigners gave me dollars. - Are you cooking tales for me?
Search him, boys!
Search him.
He says no money but keeps a beautiful girl's photo.
This beggar!
Isn't she dazzling?
You mustn't see girls like this.
Get up, man.
Oh no...mother! It's paining.
I can't bear it, get me out quickly.
Sir, my friend slipped and fell into dust bin.
Please help me, sir.
You came to hit our man but seeking our help now.
Pick him up quickly, garbage lorry may come at any time.
Is he your man?
It's paining!
It seems you got thrashed by a beggar.
It's the effect of food from many homes, it's paining terribly.
Fool, don't you've sense? Where were you seeing while driving?
Sir, you applied brakes suddenly.
Idiot! Why don't you leave some gap between vehicles?
Sir, I'll pay for the damages. - How much will you pay?
No, I'm just asking, how much will you pay?
What do you think of yourself? Do you want to settle it for 500 rupees?
Audi Company will give bill for Rs.25000, will you pay?
She's talking as if she's from royal family.
Look, no use in accusing me.
Local like you and royal like are made to use the same road by this system!
I must accuse that system.
Go...go quickly to deliver your pizza.
With the tips from customer, eat and sleep, useless girl.
Have you insured this car? - Yes.
Then, why don't you claim it?
Don't rubbish others just because you've money.
Why did you ask her if she belongs to royal family?
Are you royal family if you own Audi car?
Do you know high end Audi car's price?
Rs.2.34 crores!
Your car...?
Just Rs.40 lakhs only! Are you royal family?
Registered car in Pondicherry. You're driving in Telugu states.
Just to save Rs.3 lakhs, using some fake address,
you got it registered in Pondicherry. Are you royal family?
If you pay just Rs.50000 extra, you can get fancy number,
you couldn't spend for that also.
You consider yourself as royal family and insulting that girl.
Okay, did you buy car with own money or got finance from somewhere!
Come on, show me your RC book.
You didn't switch on AC too!
Audi car man got shell shocked. Where do you work, sir?
You'll share with all of them, right?
Works in share market.
Oh that's why he talked about car market so elaborately.
You came to my restaurant.. Do you remember?
I don’t have phone.
We got beaten up by a beggar, promise us not to tell this to anyone.
Do you need promise for that?
Can't believe this cheat!
Brother is using us because we're goons.
If he comes to know we were beaten up by a beggar,
we'll lose our livelihood.
Promise not to tell brother, I beg you.
I can't promise till I've few pegs.
What do you want?
Give me money, I'll buy expensive liquor.
Give him money.
Beer for us. - What? Beer?
Why do kids having Beer come to wine shops to humiliate, sir?
Why don't you have water from Corporation taps?
Brother, give me half bottle expensive liquor.
Beer for these kids.
Promise me at least now. -Why should I promise?
You got beaten up by a beggar,
Not just to brother Rightu or I'll not tell anyone.
Promise me.
Then, buy me another quarter bottle.
I don't have money, if you want have this.
It has half Beer.
Look Siddappa, my lover can become your wife.
Your wife can't become my lover.
Got it, buddy?
Give me money.
Take it.
He bought a brand earlier, right? Give me a quarter bottle.
Look at the many marks on your face.
Next week getting married, why get beaten up by a beggar?
You're throwing party also for it.
They lost their respect.
You promised not to tell anyone but told everyone.
Tell me, dear.
Where are you? - With brother only.
Which brother?
Hey, you stole money I had kept to pay chit, you got thrashed by a beggar, right?
You're throwing a party for it, right? Come home, I'll take you to task.
Bloody rascals!
Without bothering she's mad, everyday some rascal comes for her.
Don't cry....come.
What? Gratitude?
You're not a good actor, right?
I can understand when people live a different life for some reason.
You're acting like hero, right? I'll take her to task tomorrow.
Signed it? Give it to sir.
Are you in-charge? - Yes.
Who's the person? - There, sir.
Okay, wait outside, I'll call you.
This is the only home they admit without taking money.
You can stay here free without any fear.
Exactly after 34 days you'll be in different and good place. Okay?
Till then be like the people staying here.
Matron is coming, be careful.
Attendee of patient Thulasi? - Yes.
Please come. - Come.
This is her bed, sir.
You can come here weekly once on Saturdays to visit her.
Okay, madam. this place...that girl...
That girl's father is a poor farmer.
When rains failed, his crops too failed.
Later her father committed suicide unable to repay bank loan.
To protect herself for life on footpath, she was acting like a mad girl,
few days from now, I'll take her to a better place.
No, you've helped her so much.
If so, I need to thank you first. - Why?
After passing comments on him, everyone walked away.
Though you knew he was drunk, you helped him, right?
After finishing my college, I didn't want to join MNC,
we friends together started a pizza shop but business is not promising.
Dough gets spoilt after 18 hours in fridge,
we used to offer free to centres like these.
We've decided to close down the shop this month.
Why are you closing it? - No business.
Chasing flies in counter, I hit customer too.
You like the girl?
There are photos of many other girls too. See all of them.
I don't want to see anymore photos, I feel she's my kind of girl.
Look Arul, Maheshwari! You won't believe me.
I wrote it earlier. I too liked this girl very much.
Forget the idea of closing the shop. I'll come there after 6 pm.
Over smart girl...
I'm over smart girl...
Why have I become like this?
You walked in.... pinched my little heart...
You took over me...
What happened to me? I'm losing myself...
After your arrival, this distress started in me...
The dust under my feet on seeing you...
It raised over 100 feet into air...
If you go a feet away from me, I get agitated...
You're a stealer of virgins... you stole my heart...
Before I could ask seeing eyes, you stole my sleep also...
I wish to get wet in rain along with you...
A small wish is become great wish... It is sweeping earth under my feet..
Madness is soaring...
Wherever your hand touches, I'll kiss there a thousand times...
If I find a piece of paper, I'll fill it with your name...
Your eyes have the expression of thousand poems...
Just a word from it is enough to create magic in me...
When we walk together under an umbrella...
When our little fingers touch each other...
Hey stop...stop...pull over. Have you got license and insurance?
Meet sir there!
Stop...pull over the vehicle.
Oh no! I forgot to renew insurance. - Hey, switch off the phone, get the papers.
Don't get tensed. I will come back now.
Pay Rs.100 and go.
Sir, really I don't have any money.
How much ever I may ask, you say no money.
Where do you work?
I beg, sir.
Making fun of me? me, I'm a beggar.
You won't come to my way.
Come to station, pay fine and take your vehicle.
Hey, Constable! - Sir...sir...believe me...
I've begged from you also many times, sir.
From me? - Yes, sir.
You visit Lord Ganesha temple near bus stand every Saturday.
You offer clarified butter lamp to Lord Hanuman.
and sesame oil to Lord Saturn.
As respect to both Gods, you prostrate on ground.
As you look left with face touching ground.
On the left entrance of the temple,
just next to your brown shoes, I sit and beg shouting sir...sir...
When you're wearing shoes, I call you loudly sir!
But you offer money a hand less beggar next to me,
as if God had ordained you to offer charity only to him,
offering him charity you go relaxed as if CM's motorcade has passed away.
Who is she standing there?
My girl friend, sir.
Girl friend?
I'm 45 now, I've govt. job also. Yet not a girl looked at me.
Go...go, live happily.
Bye, sir.
How did he leave you? What did you tell him?
I told him the truth.
This is Arul's small factory Rs.140 crores.
This is big factory, behind. That is Rs.247 crores.
Both are up for sale.
I'm buying it from my brother's son. But Seth will be my proxy.
I will buy it on his name.
Okay sir, I will sanction both loans from my bank.
Don't sanction both loans on the same day.
First sanction loan for this roadside small factory.
For the big mill, cite some reason and keep postponing till the last.
I own all the land surrounding that factory.
Entry to big mill is from small mill only.
If we buy the small mill,
if anyone wants to enter big mill, they need a helicopter
Then, I will decide the price of big mill.
Sir, I will do as you say but yet to receive commission for earlier loans.
Should I pay full commission to him?
Give this to him. - Okay, sir.
Why your face is dull?
Oh lord... glasses....sir...sir...
When my younger brother was on death bead,
he was ready to sell his mills and home for Rs.10 lakhs for medical expenses.
Now, that dirty woman who is dying in hospital, Arul's mother!.
She stopped the sale.
If she hadn't been then I would've got their entire property.
Now, it is not too late.
First mills and then I'll usurp entire property.
To register it, I don't know where he is!
Don't you know?
One day his friend said share market business.
But I'm not sure.
I think he's a pizza maker in some other restaurant.
You're right.
No Mahi, looking at his beard, I think he's a reporter.
Yesterday my friends told me to ask, where you work?
Look, I'm not asking you this, they asked me.
Do I've to know what do you do?
What would I do knowing it?
Come tomorrow if you're free after six, okay.
By the way, what do you do?
What was his answer?
If I answer it now, you will ask more questions.
For the present, leave it.
Why am I unable to understand him?
If someone likes the job he's doing,
he'll say I'm so and so openly, would've given his card too.
but I feel he didn't find a job suitable for his education,
and managing with a job he has.
Whatever he may be, would be doing something for livelihood,
He wouldn't go begging, right?
Hello uncle! I've a doubt. - Go ahead.
Milk supplier is milkman. - Yes.
Paper supplier is paper man. - Correct.
Then, one who gives alms is beggar, right?
Why are we called as beggars?
Is this tight okay? - Okay...enough.
Aren't you ready yet? Getting late, come fast.
I'm not coming, you carry on.
You're fair, decent and handsome like Vijay Antony.
If you go decently ahead, we'll follow you, right?
We are ready.
Look, I've raised their hopes with you. Let's go and come back quickly.
Collection holiday for closing temple.
Sunday is another holiday.
Can we give holiday to stomach?
Don't get scared. They'll not ask us anything.
Come bravely.
Come...come in, brother.
Are you fine? Why are you shocked, brother?
When did you come from out station? Is your mother fine?
Fine. - Happy to hear it.
Looks like you've come with friends.
Please do enjoy the feast.
Auspicious time has arrived, please come in.
Go...go... go inside, sir.
We are from bride's side. - Groom's side would be better.
Hello, no sweet in this plate, please serve him.
Please eat well.
No Vada that side, serve it.
Why are you indifferent, bro? Come on, push it in.
I've seen him in my place.
I think he owns Nuzvid oil mill.
Who? He? Is he Nuzvid mill owner? - Yes.
You'd have seen him at Mother Mary's church entrance.
Don't you remember him?
He's our cousin.
No sambar is served here, check it.
Eat well!
I'll send pudding.
Do you know who he is? - Don't know.
Without forgetting take photo with bride and groom.
All of them are beggars, sir.
We mustn't encourage them having food with us.
How many of you are here?
Tell your people to get up.
They started eating, sir.
If you get up on your own I'll not kick you guys.
Please wait...
Can't you understand if I say?
You've crowded the hall!
If we allow you may even tie the knot.
Bloody beggars! - What did you say?
You cheats! Why are you staring at us?
What they did was wrong, sir!
Mother, father, sister, brother,
all close relatives join together to create new relationship in this function.
Cheated by one such relative they have been left as orphans.
They have been reduced to become beggars.
Is it their mistake to eat a meal with you, sir?
For you, a day is just a day.
But, for them three times, unsure of getting a meal or next meal
Though he's elderly man, you thrashed him like your enemy.
Understand one thing, sir.
For you, me and everyone in this world,
there's only one enemy!
Permanent enemy!
To make friendship with this enemy for few minutes,
they enjoyed your feast.
What they did was wrong!
Please forgive them, sir.
You are...?
I'm also one of them! Beggar!
Sir, they had created problem that day.
Today, they have brought me to you.
It wasn't my fault at all. Please tell them, sir.
I will ask.
Hey, why did you bring him here, boys?
I ordered them to thrash and bring you to me.
I wanted to know who sent you. So, I got beaten by them.
Did you send them?
I'm not here to thrash them, but to thrash you as they watch!
Sir just told he'll thrash me as you all watch!
Let's see who will thrash whom! All of you go back.
Go! Go back, boys!
Our good luck, Brother went alone!
Are you human?
How could you laugh when my men got thrashed by a beggar?
Get him, boys.
I can't...I can't stop laughing.
My stomach is paining.
He would be working at some place. Would he be begging?
Hey calm down girls! She may hear it.
Don't laugh.
Mahi, he thought you were a pretty girl moreover you're running own business.
If he manages to trap you, he can settle in life, bloody beggar.
Okay, forget him.
Take it as you lost a strand of hair while combing.
Don't feel for it.
To get direct opinion from people,
like how Prime Minister has started a new website,
this is a program in our FM radio to know people's opinion directly.
Today's topic is, How to do away with poverty from India?
In our studio we've famous economist Dr.Krishna Rao as special guest
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
To drive away poverty from our country...
Thank God!
Sir, a listener is on line, let's see who it is!
Oh no! Amidst people who call as We've a listener who calls madam.
Let's see who it is! Hello, please tell your name.
Bloody FM! It is always busy.
Sir, your line is connected, please be careful with what you say, sir.
Sorry madam, was little disappointed for not getting the line through.
You're showing it quite vocally.
Anyway you know what we are going to talk about today.
I know all the topics you discuss on your FM radio.
Do you catch up with all our programs?
Catching is my job.
Don't call me madam, sir. I'm not yet married too.
This madam is for my client not you.
Are you calling from office?
This is our FM's specialty.
People like him enjoy at work the songs we play.
We work while listening to songs.
Listener is not giving up calling madam.
Please tell me your name. - I'm Raja Rammohan.
What do you do? - What? Didn't hear you?
I asked in which sector you work.
Finance sector.
Don't change it.
Investment banker Rammohan is talking.
Okay Rammohan sir! What's your idea removing poverty from India?
Look madam, to make India free of poor, ban Rs.1000 and 500 currency notes.
What's this, sir?
I'm asking you to way forward but you're going backward to Rs.50 and 100 notes.
Okay, if we ban 1000 and 500 notes, how can it put an end to poverty?
The reason for India's poverty is corruption, black money, scams, illegally earned money.
Stashing it away in 1000 and 500 denominations.
Only 20% of people in this country use 1000 and 500 notes.
Rest 80% of people go in search of change with one or two notes of 1000 and 500.
Got it?
Wow! You're giving great information.
Tell in a way our listeners too can understand.
As if you've understood it?
He's crossing the limit.
Listen carefully!
Look, if 1000 notes are valid, you can hide 100 crores in two suitcases.
If that is 100 or 50 notes, you need a big bungalow.
No security, there's always fear of robbers striking and police problem too.
Fear of income tax too.
Can't invest in gold because of fluctuating prices.
If invested in realty, fear of confiscation if Govt. changes.
With no choice but to deposit in bank.
If deposited in bank, one must pay tax.
If rich in India pay their taxes properly,
not just poverty, India will be devoid of beggars!
What's your opinion on him, sir?
I think he would've studied in Oxford University.
Such people must become Prime Minister of this country.
Try to find where he is! Get him immediately.
Okay.... please!
Asking sambar, serve him.
Heart feels content after having stomach full, right?
Are you just feeling content?
But I feel like I've married Nayanthara and living in a posh bungalow in Jubilee Hills with kids.
Are you my new resident opposite my flat?
Nayanthara...Jubilee Hills.... good to hear!
Poorna Market. - No, will not go.
Koti, come.
Madam, give them a rupee or two, if not they'll not move.
What are you looking at?
I must go angrily and you must follow me.
But everything is going in reverse.
Your dress shows you're a... As you told me.
If you want you can work in my restaurant.
You can sit in cash counter also.
If you don't like that, I can find you some other job.
But please don't do this thing. Please!
Won't you do any other job?
Why? Won't you tell me the reason also?
Nobody must know who you are under any circumstances.
I mustn't tell anyone.
Am I not that close to you? I'm a fool.
Without knowing who you are or what you are doing,
Gave my heart...
I mean I said my good friend.
No problem! No need to tell me anything about you.
Are we friends from school days?
Are we from same college? To tell me everything.
I mustn't tell anyone about it.
You're CBI officer, right?
Any secret assignment?
Take it, man.
You said no, right? Pick it up.
This is Karthika month so crowds throng Tirupathi.
This month, if we go to Tirupathi. We can fill the coffers.
Fill it to the brink.
Let's meet few devotees!
Actually they're coming from Nuzvid near Vijayawada.
Relationship between workers and owner is strikes and talks.
But this is entirely against that tradition.
But a group of mill workers are walking to Tirupathi from Nuzvid as vow for the welfare of their owner.
Tell me madam, fulfilling this prayer for your owner is really surprizing.
Please tell me about your madam.
She has taken vow of silence. - Okay, you tell me.
What am I to tell about her? Her son studied in foreign.
Today my younger brother is studying in the same place.
Our benevolent madam Bhuvaneshwari is responsible for that.
Did she personally help your brother to study there?
Granny! Do you've to take this ordeal at this age for your owner?
Who is owner? She's my daughter.
To save my daughter, I don't mind losing legs also to fulfill this vow.
That's okay, but I see only women in this group.
Didn't men from your mill join you?
Our boss' son Arul is not in town.
Till he comes back, our men will work in factory without taking leave.
Did you see how devoted workers are towards their company?
Tell me.
I saw mill workers on TV...
We mustn't leave them for our selfish ends.
We must do something for them.
Good idea.
What shall we do? Tell me.
Priest, come. - Greetings.
Boy, take change from Priest.
Are you fine, Pries? - You?
While coming out of temple,
if you offer a rupee or two to us, you can recognize us!
Are you those people?
Collection is too poor outside, how about inside, priest?
Can't you see it?
You're having sweets with your collection. I'm buying broken sweets with mine.
Can't even have a bite!
What's it, Seth?
Did you offer prayers to complete registration quickly?
Yes, sir.
Lord's mercy!
You're going to get wads of notes as commission.
Ensure at least this time there's no shortfall of notes in wads.
Yes Rajesh, tell me!
Seth, my nephew Arul is begging here.
I'm telling you, why are you silent? Who was on phone?
Arul's friend Rajesh talked to me.
Arul has told him not to sell the mills.
Did Arul stop the sale of mills?
Arul is here only. Keep this in car.
I saw him here only. - Where did he go?
You search for him that side. - Okay, sir.
Go man.