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  • The next generation of Google Maps maps is here.

  • Google Maps has been redesigned to be fully interactive and tailored to you.

  • Let's try it out by exploring restaurants in San Francisco.

  • First, pick a place that looks good. When you click, a unique map is built, highlighting

  • related roads and places, so it's easy to discover new spots and then get there fast.

  • As you search, star places, and publish reviews, the map makes smart recommendations specifically

  • for you. The more you use the map, the better it gets.

  • Let's explore more options by doing a search. All the results are labeled right on the map

  • so it's easy to explore your options.

  • Reviews from friends and recommendations just for you make it easy to discover new places.

  • As you compare your options, click between results. The map will adjust to show roads

  • and places related to each location.

  • If you find a place you like, just click to get more information.

  • When you're ready to go, directions are just a click away.

  • A variety of transportation options appear under the Search box, and on the map.

  • The best routes are shown by default, but you can choose to view driving, public transit,

  • walking, or biking directions.

  • If you're taking public transit, it's easy to compare trips based on number of transfers,

  • travel time, and walking distance.

  • So wherever you choose to go, getting there is easy.

  • But don't stop there. Explore your city with the immersive imagery of the new Google Maps.

  • Click any point on the map and an info card will appear, allowing you to get directions

  • or dive into Street View.

  • You can get a better view by opening the carousel. You'll see all the imagery Google Maps has

  • to offer, including Street View, Business Photos and Photo Tours.

  • For a real adventure, check out the new Earth view. Earth view takes the the 3D experience

  • from Google Earth and integrates it into Maps, so you can see cities rendered in 3D.

  • and get a whole new perspective on the world.

  • Meet the new Google Maps

The next generation of Google Maps maps is here.

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Meet the new Google Maps

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