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Fifteen meters ahead, turn right !
You got Banshees moving in your position, Team Two.
Bingo. Got it !
Package retrived; need immediate evac, over. Package retrieved. Roger that, Team Two. Warthog inbound.
Come on sucker !
Move, move ! Go ! Go ! Go !
Bravo Kilos moving west. Caution, incoming fighters. Come on !
Aah ! I'm hit ! Suck it up ! 9 00:03:31,300 --> 00:03:33,500 Command, we're not gonna make it in time ! 10 00:03:33,700 --> 00:03:40,750 Nearest Medic in Sector 6. Deviate from original course and move to Sector 6. Master Chief's re-entry is minutes away.
Okay, got it.
Proceed with caution. They're under heavy fire.
Sierra 117, search and rescue team is awaiting coordinates. 14 00:04:06,510 --> 00:04:11,000 Medic ! Hey, Medic !
Private ... ? I can do it.
You need to get that laser on the Chief.
Just get this thing out of me, now !
Can you do your job ? Yeah...
Hey, what's the situation ?
We're almost out of ammo, sir, we have to pull back !
Negative, we need to hold them off until Master Chief breaks through. I'll go round and pin 'em down. Make every shot coun't !
Hold still.
Go ! Go ! Go !
Hit their position !
He's gone !
Augh, Medic !
No, turn away !
Target... acquired.
That's it; we got him. Recovery team has his coordinates, touching down soon. Fall Back. Fall Back.
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Halo 3 - Landfall [Live Action 07' VOSTFR 720p]

387 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on November 26, 2016
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