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Hey guys, Ranz here. Happy Halloween, so now, we're gonna prank my little sister, Niana, again.
- We now have my friend, Job. -What's up.
-My sister Sia.
They're gonna be dress up as ...
Scary Clowns?
Not kidding. Okay let's go.
Now let's go prank Niana.
Recording, it's prank time. Let's go.
So guys, there's clown one. Let's go.

Niana sees the scary clown.
-Niana. -Go go go go .
-Oh My God!!
-No! Lock the door!
-Oh my freaking way. No way we saw freaking clown.
-Can you just close the door.
-Just keep on going.
-Call the guard now.
It's a prank!
So that's it guys. The prank is done. Sorry Niana.
Hey the clown.
And thank you. We're watching this video, and give this video a liking finger.
We just did this for fun and for Halloween.
And again, I'm sorry. Guys thank you. Like and share!
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Killer Clown Car Prank On Sister | Ranz and Niana

9067 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on November 29, 2016    Angel Cheng translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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