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So beautiful.
It's easy to cook on TV.
There's talented producers, there's editors,
and there's all sorts of things that make you look good.
You know, before any TV came anywhere near my career,
I'd mastered my craft.
You'll see a side to me across this class
that I don't think has ever been shown before.
Knife skills.
The basics are so important.
Three fingers down, and this beautiful knuckle
is the guiding light across that knife.
Cooking salmon.
So the secret is to score the skin.
That stops the fish from buckling up.
You can't pick up the "World's Best Cookbook"
and understand it, you need to do it.
Everything that I've learned, understood, stolen, perfected,
is laid bare across this MasterClass, for the first time ever.
And you would learn how to cook those ingredients from start
to finish.
I've just spent the last 30 years
busting my ass off to get on the plate what
I'm about to show you.
And watch, but watch carefully.
I'm Gordon Ramsay and this is my MasterClass.
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Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking | Official Trailer

847 Folder Collection
勃祈歌 published on November 22, 2016
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