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  • Rachel?

  • Oh, God, Monica! Hi! Thank God!

  • I went to your building and this guy with a hammer said. . .

  • . . .that you might be here and you are.

  • -Can I get you some coffee? -Decaf.

  • Everybody, this is Rachel, another Lincoln High survivor.

  • This is everybody. Chandler and Phoebe. . .

  • . . .and Joey. And remember my brother, Ross?

  • Sure!

  • You want to tell us now, or are we waiting for four wet bridesmaids?

  • Oh, God! Well, it started about a half-hour before the wedding.

  • I was in this room with all the presents. . .

  • . . .and I was looking at this gravy boat.

  • This really gorgeous Limoges gravy boat.

  • When all of a sudden I realize-- Sweet 'N Low?

  • I realized. . .

  • . . .I was more turned on by this gravy boat than by Barry.

  • And then I really freaked out, when it hit me:

  • How much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head.

  • I always knew he looked familiar, but. . . .

  • I had to get out of there, and I started wondering. . .

  • . . . ''Why am I doing this?'' and ''Who am I doing this for?''

  • I didn't know where to go, and I know you and I have drifted apart. . .

  • . . .but you're the only person I know in the city.

  • Who wasn't asked to the wedding.

  • I was kind of hoping that wouldn't be an issue.


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