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- It's back-to-school time, yay!
That's sucks.
Because many of you are back to school,
I decided that I wanted to share some advice with you.
When I was in school, there was a lot of things
that my teachers would tell me not to do
that research has since shown
to be actually beneficial for students,
so I decided that I wanted to share those with you,
in case your teacher ever tells you to not do these things.
Dis gon be one dem edu-ma-cational videos.
Texting friends is a waste of time!
Actually, research shows
that texting can actually improve language skills,
and the earlier that you start, the better it works,
'cause research shows that the better your texting skills,
the better your reading and writing skills,
and the reason for that
is because kids aren't texting these days
instead of writing short stories and poetry.
Kids are texting instead of not doing anything at all.
Let's be honest.
How many of you would willingly write stuff out
if email and texting didn't exist?
I would say probably a very small percentage of you,
you lazy (beep)!
Chewing gum in class is a distraction!
Actually, chewing gum helps you focus and concentrate,
as well as relieve stress and tension.
Believe it or not,
even the military uses gum
to help soldiers stay sharp,
and if that wasn't impressive enough,
gum can actually increase your memory
as much as 35%.
That means, if you're performing a tedious task,
like cramming all night for an exam,
you should have a mouthful of Bazooka Joe.
The gum, not the person.
I don't even know if there is a person
named Bazooka Joe.
It's not sexual.
(Clears throat) Moving on.
Listening to your iPod distracts from your studying!
Music can actually be used to improve your studying,
if you use it correctly.
The music doesn't have to be Mozart,
but it should be instrumental and moderately paced,
which should be pretty obvious,
because who's going to be able to memorize Shakespeare
when all you hear is
(Indian vocal music)
Really though, listening to music while studying
blocks out annoying distractions,
which increases performance
and helps you relax and concentrate.
Doodling in class is counter-productive!
Actually, doodling is the exact opposite
of what most people think.
By preventing the brain
from going into a brain-fart-type coma
during really boring things,
such as, say, I don't know, lectures,
it actually helps you to concentrate
a lot more than a non-doodler,
so, as it turns out,
that treasure chest full of dick pictures that you drew
is actually be beneficial for you.
(Latin music)
Daydreaming is a waste of time!
While daydreaming may seem like pure procrastination,
it's actually a very useful thinking tool.
You know how they say
we only use a small fraction of our brain?
Well, daydreaming actually helps unlock
huge chunks of the rest of our brain,
which can help with problem solving and breakthroughs,
'cause, think about it,
have you ever noticed that,
when you're concentrating really hard
and you're stressed about something,
that it just seems like nothing's quite getting through?
That's basically because
you're shutting down the rest of your brain
because you're thinking so hard.
Sometimes solving a problem
actually requires you to stop concentrating
on solving that problem
and just let your mind drift.
That's also why you hear a lot of people say
they've had breakthrough ideas
when in the shower or taking a dump,
which is actually
how I came up with the concept for this video.
(gasps) That's a great idea!
So, if you're ever in class,
and your teacher tells you
to stop doing any of those things,
just tell her to go educate herself,
you (beep) cow!
No, but tell her to check out the links below this video.
It's all true.
That's all for this video, guys,
and I will see you next Saturday.
Peace. (electronic fanfare)
(beep) (burps)
(gasps) That's a great idea idea!
(gasps) That's a great idea idea!
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5 LIES School Taught You!

1443 Folder Collection
ktyvr258 published on November 18, 2016
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