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Do you mind if we ask you just a few questions while you run?
- What's that? - We're just making a short film.
Would you stand….
Ivo, a bit faster....
- Hi. - Hello.
Why are you running today?
Because I've got a hangover and couldn't make it to the gym.
I'm too hung over, I can't...
I can't deal with being filmed.
What's the most important thing that's happened to you?
- Ever? - Ever.
- The most important thing? - Yes.
Oh God.
Are you in love?
You cheeky boy.
Have you ever been in love?
That's too...personal.
Where are you from by the way?
Is this a joke or something?
is born to move.
And what do we do?
We get on a bus, we get on a tube.
We go to work.
We sit down for 8 or 9 hours a day.
You’re not using the muscles.

You’re not using the heart very much.
It’s arguable as to
how many people use their brain.
I have a lot of goals for running.
Like a 2:45 Marathon.
Which I think is achievable.
- What about the rest of your life? 
- My life?
Do you want to get married?
This is a really controversial topic.
I would like to...
...have a “best friend forever”.
So I think that can be marriage maybe?
Is it controversial because you’ve got someone in mind?
Yeah but they don’t want to marry me.
If I’m going to say here
for any amount of time more
It would be for a serious thing.
Otherwise I’ll just fuck off home.
And be with my friends. You know?
I mean…I have goals in life.
The third law of thermodynamics says
that everything gradually decays into chaos.
So the initial starting point of the universe
Must’ve been very ordered and structured.
I don’t think for one minute this could’ve happened by chance.
I believe it was...
...planned very carefully by God.
So, you know, Evolution is….
...a very big leap of faith.
Much more than Creation, I'd say.
I spoke to my husband before coming to the park.
Do you remember what the conversation was about?
If you really wanna know it was about having sex.
We made a commitment to have sex more than once a week.
Because I’m working away at the weeks.
So it’s an effort at the moment.
I suppose I’ve always just
compared myself with a male companion.
And they’ve always wanted more sex than me.
And I feel really guilty for being away during the week.
And not around enough.
It’s just my way of making an effort really.
I was fastest over 20 miles in the UK at 55.
At 60 I was ranked about 3rd.
I get slower every year I’m afraid.
What does it feel like to get slower?
But again it’s just another challenge.
I had a bad period of mental health in my late twenties.
It took me quite a long time to get over it.
Probably the best part of 10 years.
Don’t know I think I always had...
...clinical depression.
I just never realised it.
It just got to a point where….
You get so wrapped up in yourself
That you fail to see anything outside of
Your own issues, your own problems.
And the circle gets smaller and smaller.
And at the end you can’t really function.
That’s when what’s called a “nervous breakdown” comes in.
It’s really painful, actually.
I’m a tiny bit teary just talking about it now.
Because it’s an immensely painful thing to go through.
I’m a science teacher. A secondary school teacher actually.
See I don’t have my own children so
the children I work with
In a sense have more of me.
Would you like to have children? Was it a purposeful decision?
No no, it wasn’t at all. It just didn’t happen.
That was not easy.
Not an easy decision.
No, because it wasn’t a decision.
It wasn’t an easy situation to live with at first.
I mean my age probably...
...dictates that I’m not going to have one.
You know, that’s how life is sometimes.
Who’s your favourite person in the world?
It’s got to be my dad.
It’s because of him I’m here, now.
Talking to you.
At the moment he’s very ill mate.
He’s just had a stroke.
Just before the new year.
And he suffers from Dementia.
That’s why I’m running the Marathon this year.
For Dementia.
That I love him!
He’s the most important thing in my life, man.
And he’s not well.
I wish he could understand everything.
Because at the moment
He doesn’t remember fuck all.
And it breaks my heart.
I think inequality is getting worse.
Oh I certainly recognize that society
gives significant advantages to tall, white, male people.
The way things are at the minute in the world
And the way you often feel like there’s a hundred other people who
who would be willing to take on your place in a second.
It’s when you make peace with your parents
when you become a parent yourself.
You can be as aggressive as you like
but there’s always somebody bigger and better
That won’t have any problems stabbing you or something.
A bit, please....
A bit faster.... Even faster.
Don’t try to make excuses for the fact you’re feeling bad.
Don’t try and stop yourself feeling bad.
Just accept that you are.
And go and talk to somebody about it.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re sweeping the roads
or you’re chairman of Lloyds.
You’ve got to be passionate about what you do.
"Passionate about running...
...even at an old age."
That will be my epitaph, how about that.
Yeah, I’m really sorry Andrew.
Confiding in total strangers about our sex life.
You’re not supposed to look for signs.
You’re just supposed to let life happen.
Bear in mind the past and the future
but don’t ever let them rob you of the present.
Because it’s all you’ve got.
So what’s your next question?
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The Runners

1521 Folder Collection
golemant published on November 15, 2016
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