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(Crowd Cheering) (Bell Ringing)
You know we have all had dreams and goals we've had at one stage in our life
But very few people ever start to live those
Because obviously obstacles come up
Somebody stabbed you in the back, something doesn't work out
And the frustration for most people
Becomes overwhelming
But then there's also just the fear, there's the fear of failure
There's the fear of getting your hopes up again
You know, you have to get your hopes up
You're gonna be disappointed so often in life
But, disappointment can be turned into drive
or disappointment can destroy you.
Everybody's afraid at some level that they're not enough in some context
Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not rich enough, not funny enough
I mean, you may not be feeling that right now in your life
but we all feel that.
People tell me I`ve tried everything, I say name the things you`ve try, well I've tried millions of things.
Name 'em.
Well, tens of thousands, name 'em.
Well, thousands, name 'em.
Well, these three things that don't work I keep doing
What's an area in life right now that you really wanna improve?
What's an are that's important to improve?
If your body's great
How about your career?
Your career's great? How about your relationship?
Intimate one, especially. Or your kids?
Or your relationship with your creator, the spiritual side of your life?
Or is it your finances?
Doing affirmation is not going to change your life
You've got to see where the weeds are and pull them out
My point is simple
You've got to see what the problem is but you can't make it so horrific
That you just give up.
Who you spend time with is who you become
And getting yourself in proximity with people that are suceeding
Even if you have to work for free for somebody, getting the environment around them
It rubs off on you
You begin to think like they think
You begin to see what the opportunities are
Our bodies
Are a reflection of our physical standards
They are not a reflection of our desires
Most people have a desire for more energy or better body or a stronger body or a more fit body
We don't get our goals we get our musts
Your income right now is a result of your standards as well
It's not the industry and it's not the economy
Evaluate where you are
Look at it, access yourself. Access yourself
Access the situation! What brought you there?
What has brought you to this point?
What did you learn from it?
Are you learning anything or are you doing it over and over and over again?
Somebody said that insanity is doing the same thing in the same way expecting a different outcome
Dont let this year be like last
And if last year was great still don't let it be that way
Raise the standard!
If your life is perfect and extraordinary you darn well know
You're not going to be happy unless you keep making it better
That's what makes us feel alive
It's not what we get that makes us happy, it's who we become.
And what we're able to give because we've become more
If you want to begin to move you've got to clear your mind of all the unnecessarily luggage and baggage
That's weighing us down!
You're gonna have people to do things to you, things are going to happen to you
And the most important thing to do is to harness your will and let it go!
And move so you can grow
So you can get on with your life
It doesn't matter matter about what happens to you, what matters is what are you gonna do about it?
If there's anything that'll shift your life, that'll get you to thrive in the difficult situation is
Take some massive action, try something else
Change it, try it, move it
Progress equals happiness
If you can start to make progress, if you can get yourself going, even if it's not perfect, if it doesn't work
You know what to do, just change your approach, if that doesn't work change your approach
So often in life people don't begin the journey because they're not quite sure what to do how to do it right, how to do it perfect
If you wanna change your body get yourself moving, don't wait for the perfect trainer
Just go out there and move! Put on your shoes and move and get momentum.
I'm gonna turn this situation around, I'm not gonna sit back and moan and cry over what happened
And what went wrong and who did what
I'm going to do something about this situation
The other thing is, take full responsibility for your life
Accept where you are
And the responsibility that you're gonna take yourself where you want to go
So once that we have two primary choices in life
We can either accept conditions as they exist
Or we can take the responsibility to change them
See a lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility, all they wanna do it talk about the problem
Every time you see them they'll tell you their story
Over and over and over and over again.
No, no. You want to take responsibility for your life
I got me here I can get me out of this
And I'm getting out
I'm not gonna be a volunteer victim
And so all you're looking for are new break throughs
Through practice and practice and practice, you'll get better and better and better
And there's still some things that'll happen to you that'll catch you on the blind side
That you did not anticipate
You'll get knocked down but you won't be knocked out
And I say to you it's possible you can live your dream if it's becoming a diamond
If it's haggling more, if it's achieving more, if it's being a better father, being a better mother,
Whatever it is, overcoming addiction, changing our society
It's possible you can live you dream
It's necessary that you have a plan of action
That you're resilient that you stick to
And you work with the system
That you work with people, that you give support
And that you be there for them, that you
have the vision and you never give up, that you
become creative and relentless
and keep on coming back
And that it's you that's gotta take personal responsibility to make it happen
And that it's hard; easy is not an option
And when life knocks you down jump back up and say
(Shouts and applause)
Forget about you past and make the best of your life the rest of you life
#I got a date with destiny#
#My heart says yeah, but can't convince the rest of me#
#I tried so hard to make it with no recipe#
#My selfish ways caught up and got the best of me#
#I need redemption, no need to mention my past#
#Cuz all that matters now is bigger than diamonds and cash#
#The glitz the glam and the lights the cam and the acts the stays the fans#
#And the speakers blasting, you know I want it, I need it#
#Don't doubt it I can't live without it#
#It is everything I dreamed of, it's everything I've ever wanted#
#(Ever wanted, ever wanted)#
#But is it really truly in my plans (plans)#
But the guy mix up my blueprints
(Piano starts playing)
Natural selection has put together, on this planet, and I would conjecture on rather a lot of other planets as well, something utterly extraordinary
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470 Folder Collection
published on November 10, 2016
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