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  • Donald Trump has surprised many by not only entering the race for the Republican Party’s

  • 2016 nomination for President, but quickly building a substantial lead in the polls.

  • So who exactly is Donald Trump?

  • Donald John Trump was born in 1946 in Queens, New York. He’s been wealthy his entire life.

  • His father, Fred Trump built a very successful real estate development business in the New

  • York area, allowing he and his wife, the Scottish immigrant Mary MacLeod, to settle their family

  • in the upscale Jamaica Estates neighborhood. There, Donald attended the private Kew-Forest

  • school before his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy when he was 13 years

  • old. Donald did well and eventually earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from

  • the University of Pennsylvania.

  • When he was 25 Donald moved to Manhattan and took a bigger role in the family business,

  • but within two years he and the company were in hot water, as Trump Management was accused

  • by the Justice Department of violating the Fair Housing Act by refusing to rent or negotiate

  • rentalsbecause of race and color.’ Though Trump eventually settled the charges out of

  • court, the company was still blasted asantiblackon the front page of the New York Times.

  • Donald became president of the company in 1974 and, after an investment from his father,

  • took on bigger projects in Manhattan with some notable successes including selling the

  • property to the City of New York that became the Javits Convention Center.

  • Around this time he began his 15 year marriage to the Czech-born athlete and model Ivana

  • Zelníčková. They became fixtures on the New York social circuit and their 1992 divorce

  • played out in the tabloids.

  • In 1993, Donald married the actress Marla Maples, the woman he had been cheating on

  • his first wife Ivana with for six years.

  • Meanwhile, bad business decisions -- like his acquisition of the Taj Mahal Atlantic

  • City hotel and casino -- had him deep in the red by the end of the 80’s, forcing him

  • to declare several businesses bankrupt, costing his investors hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • ButThe Donalddoesn’t stay down and out for long. With the help of about $75 million

  • in inheritance after his father’s death, his fortunes were buoyed once again. By the

  • early 2000’s Trump’s name began appearing on developments and towers all over the country

  • -- and world -- including across the street from the United Nations Headquarters and towers

  • in Chicago, Honolulu, and Toronto--though projects in Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans,

  • and Dubai failed to reach completion.

  • In 2005, Donald married his third and current wife, the Slovenian model Melania Knauss.

  • But what really put Trump on the map of American consciousness is his role as executive producer

  • and host of the popular NBC reality tv showThe Apprenticeand its spinoff, ‘Celebrity

  • Apprentice,’ in which contestants engage in competitive business endeavors before final

  • meetings in a boardroom set across the table from The Donald and some of his most trusted

  • associates, like daughter Ivanka. Trump has made out like a bandit from his involvement

  • in the show, earning more than $200 million over its 11 year run.

  • This year, Donald declared his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination in

  • a long-winded, completely off-the-cuff speech that was widely mocked by the American media.

  • Building on his xenophobic hatred of President Obama and unsubstantiated claims that the

  • Commander-In-Chief was actually born in Kenya, Trump’s main campaign pledge has been that

  • he would build a massive wall along the entire length of the US-Mexico border to keep Mexico

  • from sending itscriminalsto the United States, despite the numerous documented cases

  • of Trump employing undocumented workers in many of his building projects and hotels.

  • Trump’s unconventional approach to politics and brash statements have quickly established

  • him as the clear frontrunner of the nearly 20 major candidates vying for the Republican

  • nomination, even though he’s never been elected to public office and used to hold

  • fairly progressive political political positions like being pro-abortion and supporting the

  • establishment of a Universal Healthcare system.

  • After declaring his candidacy, federal election regulators released new details of Trump’s

  • wealth and financial holdings that strongly contradict his claims that hisnet worth

  • is in excess of ten billion dollars.” In fact, the government says Trump’s assets

  • are worth far less, at about $1.4 billion.

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Donald Trump has surprised many by not only entering the race for the Republican Party’s

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