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  • Hi guys. Welcome to ICONUK

  • I'm Jess from sunbeamsjess and today I'm going to be sharing some top tips to help you refresh

  • your makeup in an instant.

  • So, if your make up is starting to look a bit dull or you're going from day to night

  • then these quick ideas will help.

  • My first tip is for when you don't have a lot of time and your make up is starting to

  • feel and look a little bit tired.

  • Take a face spritz like this Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.

  • Spray a light mist all over your face.

  • Let it dry and it will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and restored.

  • Everyone knows that your lashes can start to lose their curl during the day, and adding

  • more mascara can sometimes make them look a little bit clumpy.

  • So, what you need is a mascara refresher.

  • This Mascara Resurrection from Urban Decay renews your mascara so you can apply more.

  • Coated over your existing product to soften and prepare the lashes, and then your ready

  • to add more of your favourite mascara to freshen up your look.

  • If you want to add some instant glam to your look, perhaps if you're going from day to

  • night then a lip gloss is perfect for this.

  • I love the pinky-nude colour of this L'Oréal Paris one.

  • And adding this to your make up can make you look polished quickly if you're in a rush.

  • If you have a bit more time then you can concealer to touch up your look.

  • Products with a dopher applicator like this one from Rimmel are perfect, as they are so

  • easy to apply straight to the skin.

  • Use it to cover any dark circles under the eyes and top up any base make up that you

  • may have rubbed off throughout the day.

  • Blend it with your fingers and your makeup will look instantly refreshed.

  • If you want to perk up your complexion a highlighter can add instant radiance.

  • A stick like this one from Topshop is really easy to apply if you're short of time.

  • Apply it to the tops of your cheekbones, blend with your finger and you'll have a lovely

  • glow in a flash.

  • So those were my top tips. Let me know if you have any of your own in the comments down

  • below.

  • Click here for more make up tips and don't forget to subscribe to ICONUK. See you next

  • time! Bye!

Hi guys. Welcome to ICONUK

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