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  • Hey my name is Katalinia, I’m from Colombia

  • I like Edinburgh because it’s a not so big city and so friendly.

  • I think it’s perfect Edinburgh.

  • What I like about studying in Kaplan is the friendly atmosphere

  • all the people are very helpful and the teacher are very cool.

  • The teachers of Kaplan they are really good really professional

  • and the way that they teach us English is really really good.

  • We can learn a lot of things and you can improve your English really fast.

  • Most of our teachers have been here for a number of years so they know

  • the school really really well. They clearly really enjoy what they do

  • and I think that’s reflected in the quality of teaching here.

  • Often students comment on how much they enjoy the relationship

  • that they have with their teachers. The facilities in the college are excellent.

  • We have a very large student common room that students can relax in

  • outside their lesson times.

  • We also have a large computer room that students can use for extra study

  • or to use the internet to contact their family.

  • There’s also a study centre and in the whole building there

  • free wireless internet access which all students can use.

  • The location of Kaplan I think is really good

  • because its in the centre of the city.

  • It’s near Princess Garden and the Princess Street.

  • From the garden you can see the Castle.

  • I like enjoying my time with my friends.

  • Sometimes I go to one restaurant, its so famous in Edinburgh

  • the name is Hendersons. I like that restaurant because

  • it's a vegetarian restaurant so I can find healthy food.

  • The staff are really really nice with the students

  • and the atmosphere in that restaurant is so nice.

  • We can enjoy delicious dishes and at the same time they have a gallery

  • so we can enjoy art, it's really nice.

  • I stay at a host family and it's 25 minutes from the centre.

  • I can improve my English more quickly

  • at dinner time I spend with the family speaking and talking about what I’ve done

  • in the day and theyre very helpful and friendly with me.

  • There’s lots of things to do like visit the Castle.

  • I went to the Scottish Museum of Art. You can have a Scottish dance.

  • Every Tuesday there’s a Ceilidh at a place called the Lot in old Town

  • and it’s a really good way to learn about Scottish culture.

  • It doesn’t matter if youre not used to dancing everybody can join in.

  • I’ve made really good friends in Kaplan Edinburgh.

  • Edinburgh is really beautiful.

  • You can enjoy a lot of beautiful places so I think it's perfect.

Hey my name is Katalinia, I’m from Colombia

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English School in Edinburgh | Kaplan International Colleges

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