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Just something else to keep in mind when you're doing dribbling is you want to, like I said earlier,
throw the defense off, keep the defense on their toes. And one thing that you can use
to keep the defense on their toes is called, what I call an in and out dribble.
The in and out dribble is basically moving the defense, moving the defense from one side to the other
and possibly shaking them free, shaking them so that you get yourself to free to either make some decisions.
You can either take a jump shot off the in and out dribble or you
can pass it to someone or check and see if other people are open. So when you're doing it
it's just basically to create space between you and the defense. So when you're doing the in and out dribble
you come down court, you step hard one way and then you use your hand,
you don't want to carry, you don't want to carry, but what you want to do is you want
to use your hand like this and move the ball to the other side. So when you're doing it,
let's just try to show you at full speed. If I'm coming down the court and I have a defense
I want to go into the defensive man and back out. So its like this, it looks a little something like this
And stepping out. So the quicker you get at it, the more effective it will be.
So something for you to use during the game to kind of throw the defense off.
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Basketball Fundamentals : The In & Out Dribble in Basketball

503 Folder Collection
Paul Huang published on October 24, 2016    stevenhsu0608 translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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