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  • 00:06 COMM: Lions are supposed to be kings of the

  • jungle, but no-one told this plucky little mongoose, who dramatically took on these four

  • lions and escaped with his life.

  • 00:16 COMM: When photographer Jerome Guillaumot

  • came across the pride in the Masaai Mara National Park, it looked like it was all over for the

  • small mongoose they were surrounding.

  • 00:25 COMM: But it soon becomes apparent that this

  • mongoose has no intention of becoming a lion’s lunch.

  • 00:33 COMM: After screaming and shouting at the

  • predators, the brave mongoose actually attacks one the lions.

  • 00:40 COMM: This surprise created by this attack

  • buys the mongoose enough time to escape to a nearby hole in the ground.

  • 00:48 COMM: But rather than staying safely beneath

  • the surface, he re-emerged, even more determined to take the fight to the lions.

  • 00:57 COMM: Stunning them with its ferocity, the

  • mongoose easily outruns the bewildered lions and lives to fight another day.

00:06 COMM: Lions are supposed to be kings of the

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Lion Vs Mongoose: Mongoose Fends Off Four Lions

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    Caurora posted on 2016/10/18
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