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The demonstrations you are about to see are for educational and entertainment purposes
only, and are not intended to be duplicated.
Get out your container of liquid nitrogen, and grab a box of neapolitan ice cream. This
is the type of ice cream that has 3 flavors in one, so go ahead and separate the colors
into different containers, and give them a couple of minutes to melt. In the meantime,
we'll need to fill a bowl, with liquid nitrogen. This stuff is -321ºF (-196ºC), which means
it well below the freezing point, of your party guests. Now if you try dripping your
flavors in, one drop at a time, you'll notice they instantly bead up, and freeze solid.
When you've got all the flavors you need, simply scoop the tasty pellets into a serving
bowl, and voila! You've got a futuristic ice cream, ready to serve, and enjoy.
Load up a bowl with mini marshmallows, and sprinkle liquid nitrogen over the top. The
marshmallows should freeze instantly, but go ahead and let them soak for about 30 seconds
just to be sure. The end result is a sub-zero "chill pill", that's perfectly fine to eat,
and lets you see your breath when you crunch into it. Now, if you flash-freeze a larger
marshmallow, rather than eating it, try placing it on a plate and giving it a smack. It'll
shatter into a thousand pieces.
For this trick you'll need a glass bottle with a narrow neck, and a party horn with
a little hot glue, added around the bottom. When it gets placed in the bottle, it should
make a nice, snug fit. Now carefully pour the liquid nitrogen, so the bottle is a quarter
full, followed by a shot of hot water. You can see that when the horn is pressed into
place, it becomes a crazy noisemaker, that blows all on it's own. If you get a few of
these going, you can really make some noise.
When there isn't enough pressure to keep the horns going, try adding more hot water to
the bottle, and place a balloon over the top. There will still be enough pressure shooting
up, to inflate the balloons, all on their own. It will save you the effort, and the
gas inside is completely harmless.
Cut the top off an empty soda can, and fill it up with more liquid nitrogen. If you let
the can sit for a few minutes, the extreme cold, will pull oxygen out of the air, and
trap it at the bottom. Now try dipping a super strong magnet into the liquid, and when you
pull it out, you'll have liquid oxygen stuck to the bottom. At least until it warms up,
and boils off.
Blow up a bunch of little party balloons, and soak them in a container of liquid nitrogen,
so they shrink down to nothing. Then quickly scoop them all into a bowl, and stand back
to watch the magic. Rising from a layer of mysterious flowing fog, your little balloon
babies, begin to grow right before your eyes, spilling over and covering the table. They
grow up so fast, don't they?
Fill one of your small balloons with helium, and shrink it down in liquid nitrogen, like
you did the others. Scoop it out and place it down on a table to see what happens. You'll
notice that after a few seconds, it suddenly pops upright, then takes off like a little
UFO. Your friends should be impressed, to see your little creation grow up, and begin
to fly.
Well now you know 7 different party tricks, with liquid nitrogen. If you liked this project,
perhaps you'll like some of my others. Check them out
at www.thekingofrandom.com
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7 "Super Cool" Demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen

281 Folder Collection
Norman Liu published on October 11, 2016
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