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I'd like to ask you some questions about
keeping in contact with people.
How do you usually contact your friends?
I usually use cellphone to contact with my friends
'cause it's much easier and I don't have to visit them,
and I can just call them or text...
...send text message.
And do you prefer to contact different people in different ways?
Of course, I will concern about the...
...the situation of other people...
...the relationship with different people.
For business reason, I would prefer email contact or
But for more close relationship,
for example, families or friends,
I would just use text message or...
...or maybe videochat.
And do you find it easy to
keep in contact with friends and family?
I think it's much easier compared to past time
because of... as I mentioned before,
the technological devices enable us to contact
immediately to any situations.
So I can use internet or cellphone to
keep in touch with them.
I'm gonna ask you some questions about laughing.
What kinds of thing make you laugh?
Well, there's several things that makes me laugh.
For example, if... when I watch interesting movies or
TV programme...
...or maybe...
when I hang out with my friends
or talk with my families.
And do you like making other people laugh?
Yes, of course...
but I'm not really good at making people happy
...or laughing... make people laugh.
Maybe accidentally, I can make them laugh.
Hi, my name's Pete Jones,
and I've been helping people prepare for the IELTS test
for more than 10 years now.
I've helped students, doctors,
and, of course, nurses like Asaka,
who you've just seen answering some
IELTS Speaking part 1 questions.
Asaka got an IELTS Speaking band score 7.0
when she took a test
a few months before we made this recording.
She was really happy with her score,
and it motivated her
to continue with her IELTS preparation
and improve her other skills.
What I'd like to show you in this video
are two reasons why Asaka
got an IELTS Speaking band score 7.0.
Firstly, to get a band score 7.0,
it says in the official IELTS band score descriptors
that you need to be able to speak at length
without noticeable effort.
What this description means
is that it needs to look easy for you
to give extended answers to the examiner's questions.
If you remember how Asaka answered my questions,
I think you'll agree that
she was able to give extended answers easily.
It looked easy for her to answer my questions.
If you didn't notice how easy it was for Asaka,
have a look back at that part of the video later.
A second requirement for getting a band score 7.0
if you notice you and correct a mistake,
you need to do so quickly.
If you correct a lot of mistakes,
or if you hesitate for a long time
when you correct a mistake,
what you are trying to communicate,
the idea that you are trying to explain,
may become unclear.
Asaka corrected herself quickly
when she realised she had used the wrong word
and what she really meant was 'relationship'.
So, to get a band score 7.0 for your speaking,
two things that you need to do are
give extended answers to the examiner's questions easily,
and, if you correct yourself, do so quickly.
Just before I go,
I'd like to say thank you to
New Zealand Language Centres
for providing this great location
for making this video.
If you'd like more tips or information about
how to get a band score 7.0 for your speaking,
subscribe now
so that you don't miss any of my IELTS videos.
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IELTS Speaking band score 7.0 candidate: Asaka

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Ntiana published on October 10, 2016
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