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My first feeling with the ocean was the possibility,
when you go on the ocean with a boat,
to travel everywhere you want in the world,
without energy, just with the wind and a small boat
you can go everywhere.
My name is Franck Cammas,
I am the skipper of Groupama Team France and I am a sailor.
I do races on the waves on the sea.
Long time ago I did many offshore races only,
but now I am involved in the America's Cup
it's a different type of races with very fast catamaran.
Every day in the morning I am happy to come here with my team
and to go in the office and to improve myself on the sea.
And every day I think I improve myself
and this is very important in life
because otherwise you are not an enthusiast.
It's not only a physical competition,
it's also a lot of reflection, it's like a chess play.
This is fantastic because when you go sailing you learn every time.
The America's Cup is the Everest of my sport,
the biggest challenge in our world.
My mission is to bring back the cup in France.
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Nikon KeyMission 360: Franck – I AM FULL SAIL AHEAD in full 360°

195 Folder Collection
alex published on October 9, 2016
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