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Tim, my dear son, this is going to sound strange,
but there's this secret that the men in this family
travel in time.
Tim, will you do my back?
Oh no! Okay, stop.
- How would I actually... - Go into a dark place.
Think of the moment you're going to and you'll find yourself there.
Tim, will you do my back?
- Oh, nice. - This is my area.
Any first thoughts?
It'd be really great if could help get me a girlfriend.
I'm Tim.
I'm Mary.
- Mary's my mother's name. - I remind you of your mother?
I should have thought this through more.
I love your eyes.
And I love the rest of your face too.
And I haven't even look further down.
I'm gonna go into the bedroom and put on my new pajamas.
And then, I mean, you can come and take them off.
I'm sure it'll be better next time.
My... goodness!
Well done.
Some people make a real mess of it the first time.
- This is Mary. - Good Lord, you're pretty.
Oh, no, I... It's just...
I've got a lot of mascara and lipstick on.
Let's have a look.
Oh, yes. Good.
You have to be very careful when you use it.
The butterfly effect thing, that's a real recipe for disaster.
- It's so good to see you. - We've never met before.
Oh, no!
Everyday up to yesterday is lost?
Just like for everyone else.
- What are you gonna do? - I don't know!
You have to use it for things that you really think that will make your life important or what you want it to be
- My son. - My dad.
- I hope I see you again. - You will.
My whole life depends on it.
Oh, no. It's not as dramatic as it sounds.
You can't kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy unfortunately.
Have we had this conversation before?
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About Time Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

84188 Folder Collection
吉兒 published on September 24, 2013    Anna Chiang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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