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"It's just a little bit more off court activity, but the preparation is all the same. I don't
feel like there is something that I have to change, especially when it's been working
for me. The preparation is the same. You know, of course you are more careful on some details
and you try to always improve and make things better. But preparation is always the same.
I still dance before my match. I still spend all my time with my coach before the match.
So it's all the same."
"First match. Just looking to get better and better. I think I played better against Giraldo
last year in US Open, but I think it was same of the sort of the same situation. Then I
came out better and better and better by the match. So happy to get through and trying
to make it better."
"No, the wind wasn't that bad, as bad as it seems. It was actually pretty okay to play.
I just wasn't swinging freely, and then just the wind seem a lot worse than it is. My legs
weren't moving, my arm wasn't moving, so the margin for error when I was swinging through
the ball was much smaller."
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Victoria Azarenka enjoys champion status

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VoiceTube published on January 15, 2013
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