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Away from the mounting tension ahead of the Australian Open - a chance for Novak Djokovic
to enjoy himself - and keep the sponsors happy of course.
Don't scrutinise those pictures of the 'man vs. car' contest too thoroughly - the Serb
definitely beats the Audi Q8 'to the draw' at the start line.
It was another 'draw' though, that grabbed the headlines on Friday.
Djokovic's bid for a third consecutive Australian Open title received a boost when number two-ranked
Roger Federer and US Open champion Andy Murray both landed in the other half, when the official
draw was made.
The World Number 1 insists he isn't looking that far ahead just yet in terms of the Austrlian
Open, but he already has the French Open in his sights.
"It's a two-week long event. It's a Grand Slam and all the players who are participating
in this event have an extra motivation to do well. So it is not going to be easy. I
have got to take every match at the time and try to go as far as I can. The challenges
in front of me won't be easy, I am sure about that."
"There are things to still achieve. I really want to win the French Open. I have not won
that Grand Slam so that is one of the top of my priority list for 2013."
Top-ranked Djokovic will face Paul-Henri Mathieu in the first round, hopefully with a normal
sized racket though!
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Novak Djokovic serve vs Audi R8 car

1599 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on January 18, 2013
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